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DestructDez1 Aug 23, 2013 @ 3:00pm
Dezcraft: A new Minecraft server by Dez
Server Info


Recommended Resource Pack: Sphax Purebdcraft[]
All of the admin made stuff, like the spawn area, was built to match a certain look this resource repack provides.

New Changes to the server! We now have one IP. This means that both the Vanilla server and MMO server are linked through a portal near spawn. Items and EXP are separate per server. You will also spawn back on the server that you logged off on. Chat is global so you can talk to anyone currently playing.

The server is White List ONLY. If you would like to get on the whitelist you will need to leave a reply with the following information:

Minecraft Username:
Project or Intent: *This is optional but it is nice to know what the community has to offer.*

Remember that these posts are public and would help influence the size of the minecraft community. For intent you can simply say "Looking for a dedicated server to explore" or "want to play with friends". Lets keep the server fun and friendly. This server is regularly played by admins.


Live Map for Vanilla Server[]
Live Map for mcMMO Server[]
Global Statistics[]
MMO Wiki for Players[]


-I'll update this as needed-

How do I register to chat on the live map.
In-Game type: /dynmap webregister
The game will give you a code to input into the live map login screen. Fill in your username and pass along with the code. You will need to do this per server.

How do I get on the whitelist?

Are there any commands for stats?
In-Game type:
/stats book - Receive a book with your statistics
/stats help - Lists all the Statistics commands.
/stats scoreboard - Displays a scoreboard

Can I play on your server with a cracked version of minecraft?
Disclaimer: We do not condone the use of pirated software. You are responsible for any moral and/or legal repercussions caused by your actions. That being said our server is running in 'Offline Mode' due our config settings requiring it.
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