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June 22, 2016
ABOUT Ullrs Bane

This is the Public Group of the Ullrs Bane Community

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Who We Are
We are an English speaking EU Viking clan with Norman allies for the game Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. Created at the beginning of 2017 by a group of committed players of the original and renowned game Mount & Blade: Warband. We are a clan aiming to provide fun events as well as competitive events for those wanting to improve their skill and make a name for themselves in battle. We try to maximise what the game offers, and we wish to provide the chance to play as infantry, archers, cavalry, in the guard company the most skilled of our members, or to even play as an engineer operating siege equipment or artillery. Additionally, we aim to play other games within the community like Europa Universallis IV, Civilization V & VI as well as older games like Rome Total War, Age of Empires and Stronghold.

What We Do
We play Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord as a clan in large scale events and in competitive events as well as participating in tournaments both as a clan and individually. We aim to have fun and enjoy the game, so if you’re looking to play competitively with friends or casually, we might be the clan for you.

About Us
The creators of Ullrs-Bane were primarily from the Mount & Blade: Warband scene, with players who played Napoleonic Wars, Native and Persistent world, This means we have a large variety of skill and historical preference with what we do. We try to keep as much of what we do historically accurate as possible, within the way we do things, however since it is a game there are certain limitations of what we can do. Ullrs-Bane is not a historical clan originally rather Ullr was one of the great viking leaders and his bow which was well renowned was called Ullrs Bane, and thus the name Ullrs-Bane for this clan was formed.

Joining Us
If you are interested joining either the clan or the community, there is a link above titled “join us” if you click that tell us a bit about yourself and then you access the forum as well as be introduced to our members. If you wish to join the clan itself however your application must receive admin approval before you can fully join but that is just a precaution. Our teamspeak is public however, so anyone can join it, just speak to a member when you join, poke them or send a pm asking for tags so you can move freely.

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