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August 25, 2015
United Kingdom (Great Britain) 
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Cheryl Aug 25, 2015 @ 6:56pm
uMod (Main Information about the project)
This mod seeks to improve the game with many bug fixes, improvements, rebalances and to aid in the creation of an SDK for Aliens vs Predator 2000. Because Rebellion don't seem to care enough to release the seource code that means we must fix these matters ourselves.

It is a very ambitious project that will need the help and support of as many people as possible to make it become a reality.

With the fixes, improvements and rebalances complete the game will be more enjoyable for everybody.

We also plan to do what Rebellion refused to do and that is to try combat cheaters and this will involve attempting to add anti-cheat stuff into uMod. So it will scan the game looking to see if your opponents etc are using any cheats and report them to you.

With the SDK complete or working it will empower modders to create even more impressive things (maps included).

There are many goals to this project some may be possible some may not be we are going to try figure things out as we go long.

We will keep you updated on the progress if we feel it is something worth showing.

You wish to help? Here is what we need:
* Alpha/Beta Testers to play test our work and find bugs and offer suggestions.
* Long time players (perhaps back to AvP Gold times) with extensive knowledge of the game and can offer good insights into how it should be balanced.
* Good coders who are capable of Assembly the largest majority of our work involves Assembly since we don't have the source code to the game and must reverse things step by step.
* People with knowledge on creating SDKs and can help us find the APIs in the game for use in our mod.
* People with knowledge of reverse engineering games who are capable of creating complex injections/code changes to fix bugs and add new features to the game.
* Good graphics designers who can make banners, logos and other artwork.
* Map designers who are capable of making maps and would be interested in having scripting in the maps (from the SDK) to do all kinds of extra things they never could before.
* Donators who wish to throw money at the project to give the developers encouragement and support and help things move along at a faster pace.

If you wish to help us out let me know!.

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