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July 28, 2016
ABOUT Top or Flop

Gametests for Early Access Games and More

We will help you to find the ones you should definitely buy! 

There are some recommendations and game descriptions that aren't even coming close to the facts, like someone posted that Stranded Deep would have an awesome underwater world,, where?

We do not just repost or link to reviews from steam or others people videos on YouTube, no one needs that.That is lazy reviewing and unfortunately almost all curators do that! (Some curators don't even write any reviews at all, just post a like instead.)

We will write detailed about the pro and contra and try to stay as objective as possible, but also aim to not spoiler too much. 

Unfortunately there have been some early access games on steam that stayed unplayable or abandoned, so the customers are careful meanwhile. Early Access games pop up constantly and if you don't have any help to find out if they are worth buying, you might just never buy early access.

Top or Flop is going to test games while they get developed and keep an eye on them instead of posting expectations, speculations or personal taste opinions.

We will also sometimes test released games but our focus is on the early access games. We want to encourage people to support games that are worth it! 

You are developer and would like to have some more advertisement for your game? Send me a curator connect request by steam.

For the reason that we go on testing during the development a game that got a bad rating can improve this or get it also worse. We don't know any page in the net that does this work for a fair rating of early access and it is definitely needed.

You can be part of our team and help rating games by your comments in our group and pointing out games you love or hate and posting why. You might also make us test then more games and look into it. We are still small, but big things always start small ;)

Help us to find the real gems and the real trash out there, join us now!

And here is the link to our review page:

And a link to my YouTube channel with Reviews and Lets plays:
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"We do game tests for early access!"
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MiroMark Apr 16 @ 4:41am 
Hi TopFlop) How to contact you?
Chris1996 Aug 22, 2018 @ 8:06am 
I like what this group is about. Not lazy. Very helpful towards gamers/consumers to find the right game for them-.