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TheEuropeanAlliance TheEuAll
May 23, 2013
ABOUT TheEuropeanAlliance

The Europan Alliance is a group that focuses primarily on European Gamers, but is also a home for gamers all around the world.

The Alliance exists in multiple games, as a clan, but is also meant as a way to find co-op parters/teammates for the games that you enjoy to play. The level of the players vary from more casual gamers to hardcore gamers who are looking to compete seriously in certain games.

The rules that applies for the group are the following:

1. You have to mainly play on the EU servers if you choose at startup. For games where you can see servers from all around the world, or games that allow you to change servers while in game, you can play primarily of other servers, but when playing with The Alliance, try to stick to the EU ones if they have some activity

2. In private in game chats with friends who are part of the alliance, it doesn't matter, but when you post in threads relating to the group, or at clan boards, or in larger group chats with members of the alliance, you have to use English, as majority of members probably will not understand you otherwise.

NOTE: Number 3 through 5 relate to the old initiation procedure, it was simply to check if people were respectful and fun to play with.

Can now join without initiation.

3. When you apply for membership in the group, you have to do an initiation in a game of your choice, with me and Rick Blood (or a possible stand-in if one of us aren't available) where we look at your experience and your attitude, as we want gamers with a good attitude and who don't spend entire games camping, or using cheap tricks or tactics to win. We also don't want gamers who yell at others or put the blame of losses on their teammates, or show a lack of respect towards the other gamers. When you join the group, please post in the Initiation Test thread with what game you want to be tested in.

4. If you pass the initiation test, there will be a trial period, where we continue to look at the same things as in the initiation test, to see if we did make the right decision. The length of this trial period will vary, depending on how much you play with us.

5. If you pass the initiation test in your game of choice, and also play any of the games where we have a clan set up, you have to join the clan in that game as well, unless you are already part of a clan that you have close ties to for some reason. If that is the case, please contact either me or Rick Blood and let us know the reason why. Id it is a clan run by either you or one of your friends, it could become an affiliate, so we could still work and play together.

List of games with official clans:
APB Reloaded
Worms Clan Wars

Planned Clans:

For a full list of games with co-op/team multiplayer, played by the various members of the alliance, please check the forum
Alliance Update
Player of the Week, Week 30
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TrasHSWE Aug 13, 2013 @ 1:38pm Just follow the link, read the rules, then make your own thread
xN01R Aug 10, 2013 @ 8:24am 
Hey, hi everyone, I've just joined the group, but I can't find the Initiation Test Thread, is it just me?