Tallahassee United Gamers \TUG\
Tallahassee United Gamers \TUG\
November 14, 2010
United States 
ABOUT Tallahassee United Gamers

Bottom Basement Gaming!

This group was founded to help organize events, outings, community LANs and group tournaments in the Southeast States. Gaming is for fun, Winning is for snobs. This is a Public Group to any player in the area. Please join our group to communicate and game with others in Florida and Surrounding States.

Tallahassee United Gamers is a group that focuses on the original Bottom Basement Gaming! You know, the BYOB *Bring Your Own Box* LAN Parties?

Bringing back the original Non-profit events for enjoyment of getting together with friends and co-workers alike. Nothing beats a Frag Fest like in the token-ring network. The Internet is a privilege and must be treated as such. Event's may have limited or no connectivity to the internet due to technical or poor pockets. We can get patches and fixes with a mobile connection but you're SOL if you are only going to sit there at your box playing MMOs. Plus nobody likes you for not being fresh meat in a good fragger.

With all that being said, I (Skylancer) started this event/group with good intentions. I have successfully founded and admin'd several events small and as large as 350 users. Being non-profit I would love to see other gamers contribute or donate as much as they can. That might be as much as server boxes, switches/cables, tables/chairs, food/beverages (for sharing or reduced cost) to as little as just attending to be a good sport. No Pros here, just loads of awesome gamers! Contributions during the event or through the donation section are reinvested into equipment, supplies and server rentals. Nothing is ever kept for profit.

Please feel free to join and help assist with the event(s). We would love to hear your input and such to help make this a successful endeavor! Check out the discussions for requests and services \TUG\ Offers.

PayPal Donation[]

To all the members of the community, We offer many services and help to everyone without ever asking to be reimbursed! Any Donations we receive goes right back into /TUG/ and the servers! It's a life long goal to provide help to the community to better the lives of many people. More importantly to have fun with technology!

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Disclaimer: Any and all Bots, Trolls or Hackers; misuse of our services, sites and servers will be an act of misconduct and/or criminal activity that will be pursued to the fullest extend of the law. Nobody needs to harm, mislead and/or abuse a Public Event and Service Provider.
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