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ThatGuy4878's Occasional Tourney Group TGsOTG
May 31, 2015
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How to Join a Tournament
I figured how since this group is mostly targeted at newer players to the Lethal League competitive scene, I should really get around to writing this groups own version of how to sign up for tourneys, how to get into the group chat, tourney rules and regulations, and anything else that applies to how stuff works.

Joining a Tournament
The first step for participating in tournaments is to join the group via the green join button at the front page of the group. Although this is not 100% necessary for joining the group chat and ultimately participating, it will allow you to access the group chat for the group from your Friends window instead of having to go back to the TG Tourneys page to join it.

You can find tourneys to join via the announcements page.

Most the tournaments for Lethal League competitive events are hosted on Challonge[], which is an online bracket generator and tournament organizer. Once you make an account with Challonge, you can sign up for various tournaments either by looking at the special sign-up page for a tourney, or by looking at the linked bracket page. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll then see yourself on the bracket. Just remember that your position on the bracket can change without notice until the tournament starts, so who you’re paired with is irrelevant until it is all organized and the tourney starts.

Checking In
Check-ins are a way to make sure that the people participating in a tournament are actually ready to go and aren’t MIA. Once the check-in period opens, you’ll see a blue button the bracket page that is invitingly “Check-In”. Failing to do so will cause you to be kicked from the tourney, so checking in is very important!

Joining the Group Chat
So joining and checking into a tournament is one thing, but all the action happens in the group’s chat. This is where all the participants will be hanging out, and where you can easily join your current match-up. You can join by one of two ways – the first way is by joining off of the TG Tourneys page. The button to join chat is located under the members counter.

The easier way is to join the chat via your Friends window. If you open that up, right under the search bar you’ll see two tabs, Friends and Groups. By clicking on groups, you’ll see a list of groups that you’ve joined. Double clicking on the TG Tourneys profile picture will open up the group chat.

Picking Fights
So you’ve signed up, you’ve checked in, and you’re in the group chat. Awesome! Chill out and talk to people just before the tourney starts.

Once an event organizer starts the tournament and the bracket if finalized, you can then find the opponent that you’ve been paired with on challenge. It’s important that the name on steam is the same as the name you’re listed as on Challonge. If need be, you can change your name on the Challonge bracket by checking out the options panel on the left side.

Tournament Rules
The rules for this group are not at all different than the standard rules that most Lethal League tournaments have. The settings and special stipulations are listed in the description of the bracket on challenge. Usually tourneys are "Best of 3" for all matches except the Winner's Final, Loser's Final, and Grand Finals. Those are "Best of 5". If in doubt, just ask.

In terms of stuff getting you DQ’d from the event, there’s not checking in, failing to be in the group chat when the tourney starts, and not responding to your opponent’s requests to fight within an acceptable timeline (usually 10 minutes for your first match, 5 minutes for matches thereafter). So if you just do all of the above and not be an asshole in the chat, you’ll be fine.

In terms of stage picking, there's three things you can do. You can just hit random stage, you can agree on a stage together, or you can stage ban. Bans start by one player eliminating one stage from the list, then the other eliminates two more from the list, then back to the first player who eliminates two more, then the second player picks from the reminaing two stages. For each match thereafter, the winner elimiates only one stage, and the loser can pick any stage they want out of the rest.

You cannot change characters after a win. Random counts as it's own character, so if you chose random last game and won, you choose it again for the next fight.

Once your set it done, update the score on challonge. If you have an active match open, there should be a green ? besides your two names. Just but the final score of round won, such as 2-0 or 2-1.

If you guys have any other questions about tournaments, feel free to ask!
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