SydneyMOD for PAYDAY 2
SydneyMOD for PAYDAY 2
November 18, 2016


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New updated and fixed version here:


You are now able to download the SydneyHUD Modpack from ModWorkshop!
Use the following link below for more information and download SydneyHUD.

You can also join our Github Group to receive news on future updates and receive mod support!
Github Organization[]

SydneyHUD is an "All-In-One" Modpack made for the best user experience while playing PAYDAY 2, it includes mods which add and enhance features in the game which were not implemented in the standard game, but also adds many fun and useful enhancements for your pleasure.

You can see the current list of all the mods added in the pack by visiting the link below, This also gives credit to all of the content creators that have helped to build SydneyHUD

Mod List[]

If you are a content creator for one of the SydneyHUD mods and have been missed out in our list then please do not hesitate to contact BangL via steam to be credited fully.

Many thanks also to our Official SydneyHUD PAYDAY Team Team Blood Money

If you wish to join Team Blood Money then please check out the Steam group using the following link
Team Blood Money Steam Group

SydneyHUD 4.1.1
  • Added Music Tweaks
  • Updated Assault Banner code to BAI r67
  • Optimized Kill counter
  • Fixed "Press to Hold" not appearing
  • Removed duplicate timer waypoints on certain heists
  • Fixes to interaction text
  • Fixed an issue where Sentry Guns don't automatically change ammo to AP rounds
  • Fixed an issue where enemy health bar is visible when you are in custody
  • Fixed crashes related to HUDTeammate

Music Tweaks
My newest addition to the SydneyHUD is Music Tweaks. It lets you change how music should behave in the game. For example don't silence the music on opened Steam Overlay or change music when an assault ended (like in PocoHUD). I will expand this feature in the future releases.

BAI r67 and SydneyHUD
This version of SydneyHUD also updated Assault Banner code to the latest BAI version. It also includes new features (for example: more accurate "Time Left" info) and bugfixes.

Kill counter
By default the kill counter change it's visibility during a kill. It's not noticeable, because it happens really fast. But you can also experience FPS drops when you kill a large number of enemies in one shot. I told him that it is a bad idea and he promised me that he will stop doing it.

HUDTeammate.lua in the crashlog
This crash happens when you install other HUD mod (for example: Restoration Mod). These crashes are fixed in this version, but you will not see Down Counter, Risk Counter, etc. If you are still crashing with HUDTeammate.lua being the culprit, send me your crashlog so I can fix it.

Special thanks to Github user hexco321 who added fixes for waypoints and interaction.

Keep those helmets flying!

Post edit
I forgot to mention that this release should also fix update problems in SuperBLT. If it still happens, let me know so I can look into it more.

SydneyHUD 4.1.0
  • Added language autodetection
  • Added "Throwables in Team Loadout" mod (Made by Snh20)
  • Added Health Bar enemy names for "Solomon Garrett" (Breakin' Feds), "Female Cop" (Reservoir Dogs Day 1), "ZEAL Sniper" and "Boat Crew" (Alaskan Deal)
  • Added "AI Inspire Cooldown" to HUDList
  • Added "Show Trade Delay" option
  • "Hold to pick" option has multi-language support
  • Updated HUDList and GameInfoManager
  • Updated mod logo
  • Removed DelayedCallsFix
  • Removed "New Icon Types" option
  • Reworked "Chat Info" option and added multi-language support to it
  • Fixed wrong "Time Left" in the Holdout mode in the "Build" state
  • Fixed orange "Build" state in the Holdout mode
  • Fixed Assault Banner update to different Assault State during Captain siege
  • Possible fix for "mods/SydneyHUD/lua/HUDManagerPD2.lua:172: attempt to index a nil value" crash

HUDList and GameInfoManager
One of main feature of this release is updated HUDList and GameInfoManager to the latest version available. With updated HUDList I also added "AI Inspire Cooldown" buff when AI inspires you or your teammate. This cooldown is only visible to host and vanilla host doesn't send this info to client. However, I found a way to display this cooldown on clients. Whenever this cooldown was started and host is running SydneyHUD 4.1.0 or later, this info is also sends to clients. The only requirement is that you also need SydneyHUD 4.1.0 or later so it would show properly on your screen. Versions 4.0.9 and downwards can't show this buff at all and will ignore any requests from host when the cooldown was activated.

With this release French and Russian languages got updated to reflect all changes I've made so far. The only languages that didn't got any update are Japanese and Portuguese. If anyone wants to volunteer to fix the translation or add another translation to SydneyHUD, simply make pull request on my Github or add me on Steam.
This release also improved language handling and added "Autodetect" language option. You can still force in SydneyHUD your preferred language if autodetection wrongly detected your language or simply doesn't like the translation.

BAI and SydneyHUD
During the beta I've released 4 new versions to my BAI mod and SydneyHUD was left behind. This release fixes that and 4.1.0 has the same main features as BAI62 and plus bugfixes, of course.

Hold to pick
During the beta I've also noticed that this option only works when the game language is set to English. With 4.1.0 this option also works when the game language is to French or Russian.

Chat info
When I removed DelayedCallsFix from SydneyHUD, people started reporting weird crashes I couldn't reproduce on end. Nevertheless those crashes should be fixed now and of course I added multi-language support for that feature.

Dom's Discord[]
If you want to contact me, you can also do that on my Discord as well. You can also there report crashes, request new features, test Beta versions before they go live or just say "Thank you for your hard work".

Special thanks
Kudos to these people who reported crashes or simply helped me in the Beta period:
  • PoorpocketsMcNewhold
  • Sylvanas Windrunner
  • w0rdvirus
  • =UNREAL= Widowmaker
  • The Silent One
  • and others who wish not to be named


PoorpocketsMcNewhold Jan 11 @ 4:20am 
@KiLLeR-1337 Игра имеет настройки по умолчанию для этого, просто используйте их для уменьшения громкости.
KiLLeRoK Jan 11 @ 3:53am 
я умаляю помогите... Как убрать музыку?
katabame Nov 12, 2018 @ 10:40am 
Standalone version of payday2 main menu ads remover which included in SydneyHUD
Arazthoru Nov 9, 2018 @ 11:38am 
Now that PD@ is finally ended is there a chance to update the HUD? this one is awesome
RaGGa Jun 28, 2018 @ 7:25pm 
this hud best of the best from existing :p
Mmatan921 Feb 24, 2018 @ 8:29am 
I got a problem again So i had to accept the rules of payday2 and then I dont have the sydney hud I downloaded the latest blt
it didnt fixed
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November 18, 2016