Swamp Buzzards Clan [S.B.C.]
Swamp Buzzards Clan [S.B.C.]
August 4, 2011
United States 
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Cheaters or flamers (or bleeding-heart liberals, and other such whiners) are NOT welcome here. GO AWAY!

"You can't fix stupid!" - Ron White

Just a bunch of old Swamp Buzzards playing Counter-Strike and Condition Zero, and Day of Defeat... and maybe Combat Flight Simulator 2, Counter-Strike 2D, DOOM I/II, Quake I/II, StarCraft and Brood War, and Unreal Gold as well. We play for FLAGS, not FRAGS!

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Let's Play Some Combat Flight Simulator 2 (Download Links Included)!
Let's Play Some Combat Flight Simulator 2 (Download Links Included)!

OK, Folks, here ya go... EVERYTHING that you need to fly (scroll down for downloads)! :steamhappy:

Usually me ("Rich ¥Weeds¥ Nagel"), "DocSmity", or "SoS | Gary_m" will be hosting... look for us in the Steam Swamp Buzzards Clan™ chat room ( steam://friends/joinchat/103582791432297530 ) or in Steam private chat ( ) when we are playing for the current game host's IP address. Of course, you can also host games yourself as well, or simply play the numerous single-player missions and campaigns that are included with the game :steamhappy:

Note that you will need to select "Protected PC Game" (or "Weeds Protected PC Game") for the CD burning scheme within the CloneCD utility in order to successfully burn the CD images to a CD (download links for the CloneCD utility, and the two CloneCD Combat Flight Simulator 2 disk images are listed below).

Also, to minimize problems when running Combat Flight Simulator 2 under newer Windows operating systems: After burning the two CDs using CloneCD, here's a copy 'n' paste about actually installing and then running the game under Windows 7 through 10, directly from this message thread -> :


In Windows 7-8-10 you should *NOT* install the game to the default location.

I recommend custom installing into a different folder: e.g. "C:\Combat Flight Simulator 2", or simply "C:\CFS2".

Again, Do *NOT* allow it to install in the newer Windows versions to the default "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Combat Flight Simulator 2" location on your hard drive.

Also, once you install, get the "NO CD" CFS2.exe executable, and replace/overwrite the original. The above with the NO CD crack will save you LOTS of headaches which the newer Windows create for CFS2.

P.S. NOTE: Lastly, open "File Explorer", right-click on the "C:\Combat Flight Simulator 2" folder (or the "C:\CFS2" folder, if you installed the game there), go to properties, and modify the permissions to give yourself FULL CONTROL of all folders, sub-folders, and files. THIS WILL ALSO SAVE YOU LOTS OF HEADACHES AND PROBLEMS.

P.P.S. Run CFS2 in windowed mode (press ALT+ENTER while actually in your cockpit in the game).


AND, without further adieu...

Combat Flight Simulator 2 Downloads

Let's get some intense World War II Pacific Theater combat flight and dogfighting started... come on in, and get shot down, Ace! :steamhappy:

Camouflage Weapon and Equipment Models Pack for Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Condition Zero!
Rich ¥Weeds¥ Nagel Jan 6 @ 9:21pm 
Ahoy, Mateys! :)
Rich ¥Weeds¥ Nagel Jan 2, 2017 @ 10:24pm 
Let's play some Combat Flight Simulator 2 (download links included)... Surf here -> for full information and downloads!
Rich ¥Weeds¥ Nagel Jul 13, 2016 @ 2:23am 
The AEstats results of our Counter-Stike: Condition Zero scrim last night are now live :)
Rich ¥Weeds¥ Nagel Oct 30, 2015 @ 9:27am 
Get 'em while they're hot... ALL of the EarthSiege/StarSiege/Tribes games (spanning the years 1994 to 2012) are now available as freeware downloads :)
Rich ¥Weeds¥ Nagel Mar 25, 2015 @ 4:39am 
Some nice pics -> :)

Swamp Buzzards Clan Fly-In/Flight Rally 1
Date: March 24, 2015
Time: 21:30 GMT
Departure: Henderson Field, LAT S9* 26.00', LON E160* 2.56'
Destination: Espirito Santo, LAT S15* 31.35', LON E167* 13.46'
Simulator: Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 2
Aircraft: Boeing 737-400


Captain Rich "TumbleWeeds" Nagel
Captain Robert "DocSmity" Smith
Captain Gary "Mad Murdock" Murdock

Flight Plan:

From / ID / Type / Freq
Henderson Field / HEND / NDB / 215

To / ID / Type / Freq / Head / Dist / ETE / Fuel / Alt
Espirito Santo / SANTO / NDB / 210 / 119 / 557.1 / 81.5 / 1570.7 / 10000


Clouds moderate, winds nominal, visiblity 15 miles

#flyin #flightrally #sbc #swampbuzzardsclan