SIH (Inventory Helper) SIHelper
SIH (Inventory Helper) SIHelper
30. září 2014
O SKUPINĚ SIH (Inventory Helper)

Steam Inventory Helper

This is an official group of Steam Inventory Helper extension.
Official website -

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Where to free download:
You can download our extension here - Chrome Web Store []

Please be aware:
● Any discussions, comments that are not related to the topic on groups (begging for items, spamming promotion codes for betting sites, spamming links...) will be deleted and banned permanently without notice.

● Please remember that SIH exists to help you with your Steam experience, but does not make absolutely all processes automatic.
Be sure to re-check your items that you send to market in mobile confirmation app in order to avoid some possible price differences situations.

Our contacts:
● Technical support -
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Download (Chrome WebStore)[]
  • Added Buff163 Price Provider
  • Changed style of hover notifications
  • Fixed a bug with bookmarks. When there were a lot of them, the display of the bookmark list was partially "cut off" on some items

    And 16 more optimizations in design and functionality...
  • Now, when creating a trade, you can exclude items that are already in a trade. Also, they are again marked as "In exchange"
  • Total CS:GO inventory value can be calculated by two more providers - SIH Steam Median and Buff163
We are now on Discord, Join us! -

Buff163 и закладки в обменах

  • Добавлен провайдер цен Buff163 для CS:GO
  • Изменён стиль всплывающих по наведению уведомлений
  • Исправлен баг с закладками. Когда их было много, то на некоторых предметах частично “обрезалось” отображение списка закладок

    И еще 16 оптимизаций дизайна и функционала…
  • Теперь, при создании трейда вы можете исключить предметы которые уже находятся в обмене. А также, они снова помечаются ярлыком “В обмене”
  • Общую стоимость инвентаря CS:GO можно посчитать ещё по двум провайдерам - SIH Steam Median и Buff163
Теперь у нас есть Дискорд, присоединяйтесь! -

1.17.100 - 1.17.101
  • Added search and filter for Inscribed Gem for Dota 2 . Functionality is still in beta testing and is only available for the English version of Steam.
  • Added and lis-skins prices
  • Updated Bitskins and TradeIt APIs
  • Emproved algorithm for picking up cards to raise the level
  • Renewed the following languages:
    - Polish
    - Chinese (Traditional)
    - Chinese (Simplified)
    - German
    - Portuguese (Brazil)
    - Turkish
  • We've moved to a new server. Now links to the markets are opened 2 times faster and without interruptions
  • Added sorting by gems in the Steam tab


Поиск по расписным рунам в Dota 2, новый алгоритм подбора карточек и обновлённые переводы

Страница предмета
  • Добавлен поиск и фильтр по расписным рунам для Dota 2 . Функционал пока на стадии бета тестирования и доступен только для английской версии Steam.
  • Добавлены цены и lis-skins
  • Обновлены API Bitskins и TradeIt
  • Улучшен алгоритм подбора карточек для поднятия уровня
  • Обновлены следующие языки:
    - Польский
    - Китайский (Традиционный)
    - Китайский (Упрощённый)
    - Немецкий
    - Португальский (Бразилия)
    - Турецкий
  • Переехали на новый сервер. Теперь ссылки на маркеты открываются в 2 раза быстрее и без сбоев
  • Добавлена сортировка по гемам во вкладке Steam

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21 Buy/Trade/Sell>Katos před 3 hodinami 
★ Ak Case Hardened - Na'Vi (Holo); ESL Wolf (Glitter)
★ Ak - LDLC (Holo); Reason (Holo); NIP; Clan-Mystik (76k$ Stickers)
★ Ak - Na'Vi (Holo); HellRaisers (Holo); LGB; NIP
★ M4 - Dignitas (Holo); Virtus Pro
---> All stickers are non scratched, meaning that they have 100% condition.
---> All stickers are placed on the best position giving you max value.

★ Offers
★ Operation Skins
★ Upgrades (No matter the size)
★ Downgrades (No matter the size)
Upgrades can be extreme as it gets, also accepting 100:2 downgrades as long as the profit is right.

[TL] -> for tradable goods
aneko před 5 hodinami 
(★) Karambit | Ultraviolet (Factory New)
(★)AK-47 | The Empress (Well-Worn)
𝐊1𝐌𝐎𝐓𝐄 před 7 hodinami 
I want cases, I am not going to lose and I will not exchange $ 2 in the skin, do not send me if you whant free

and i have steam gems and i can trade my steam gems for some skin or case

Trade link:
∀ ƒ⊕r ♛❧ 29. čvn. v 15.25 
:insanegasmask:(★) Shadow Daggers | Slaughter (Factory New)
:insanegasmask:(★) AWP | BOOM (Minimal Wear)
:insanegasmask:(★)AK-47 | The Empress (Well-Worn)
mq 7k clown 29. čvn. v 8.42 
★ StatTrak™ Skeleton Knife | Forest DDPAT (WW)400$ on csm
[W]any offers
[SP] (you can check my full inventory her)
mq 7k clown 29. čvn. v 8.42 
★ StatTrak™ Skeleton Knife | Forest DDPAT (WW)400$ on csm
[W]any offers
[SP] (you can check my full inventory her)
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