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January 8, 2013
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GogoVan Sep 24 @ 5:50am
Please revert the changes that disallow downloading old versions of games.
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tyl0413 Sep 24 @ 9:46am 
stuff Sep 24 @ 10:46am 
I hope they revert the change, that move is stupid. Changing version is an advantage over the other stores since a dev can make their game broken at any time and there's mods problem every day on Steam. Just make a dedicated button on the Steam client if the problem is a fear of third-party stuff.
Agreed, this seems a strange move, removing options is almost never a good thing, and given the built in instability of PC game releases for totally unknown hardware combinations this is potentially a cause of huge frustration.
Wait, this is serious? Please no. One loved function of PC gaming that Steam has given legitimate avenues for is keeping older versions of games around. Don't remove this feature - it gives an edge for Steam over other PC storefronts. Apparently, even GOG only keeps a few previous versions of the game, while Steam's depots contain literal treasure troves of game history for PC gaming.

EDIT: re-worded a phrase to make the content more understandable
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Kloakk Sep 25 @ 5:46am 
This is so stupid, theres no reason for this, atleast give us any reason. Steam was made on modding, now its gone, ♥♥♥♥ you, Gabe.
Used this feature in the past for modding and reverting to working versions of games, what's the benefit in removing it? Seems quite a daft move.
Astraeos Sep 25 @ 7:12am 
This is almost a disaster, and a completely terrible move. Tons of games are absolutely ruined because of this.

New updates break mods, they break saves, they break games entirely. And now we can't download past versions at all?

Valve, you need to revert this change immediately. You will lose customers, and create millions of pirates with this move. We absolutely NEED the ability to download and switch to previous versions of games. There's literally dozens of reasons why we need this.
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Tharon Sep 25 @ 7:33am 
It can even be worse.

If Steam "ensure" that every installed game is syncronized this can be lead to massive slowdown for user with a large number of installed games (there are already some report about unresponsible libraries at start) and if this mean the games not syncronized are verified and redownloaded, this will BREAK every game that rely to community fixed to work.

I don't know if this is the case, there should be some investigation to understand, and maybe (i hope) Valve is only talking about saves, but in the worst case scenario this can truly be an apocalypse.
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Hopefully it was an unintended move. But if not, on top of games which have updates breaking performance and mods or simply preventing the game to launch for some, I'd add my own two cents as examples I used downgrading for before:
- PAYDAY 2: downgrading to the old patches which still allows to play with anyone who has the same patch online (was useful for some time after a backlashing mtx update);
- Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition: once a new update rolls in (the game is updated once several months these days), all the old replays get broken. It is quite huge for a remaster of a 20 year old competitive game, and, AFAIR, two S-tier tourneys in 2020 were casted from replays viewed from the downgraded version of the game to avoid broken balance/instability of the new update.
Jeeves-2 Sep 25 @ 10:20am 
Seconded, many game have communities such as speedrunners and modders who rely on being able to access older versions of games for many valid reasons. Downloading older versions of games should be a feature to be expanded upon, not something that needs fixing.
100% agree, this change was a mistake.
Korbeld Sep 25 @ 1:44pm 
I have plenty of games set to a certain beta in order to get the best experience for myself. This change would make my experience with Steam significantly worse.
Tharon Sep 25 @ 1:53pm 
Beta versions are unaffected, only old manually downloaded depots.
It's baffling in 2021 we are still having these issues with forced updates not even consoles are forced to use patches
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