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January 8, 2013
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Steam Client Beta - March 11

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Scratch Mar 13 @ 4:36am 
did you just say "artifact"?
EarthBoundX5 Mar 12 @ 7:11pm 
In-Home Streaming
Improved automatic bitrate algorithm to rapidly handle changes in available bandwidth

After this update, In-Home Streaming became unusable, artifacts and blocky images all over...near unplayable. Even after the Mar 12th update this persists. I'm all in with In-Home the point where my main gaming PC is in a rack in the this update effectively renders playing games impossible for me...(and right when I started having time again! haha)

Based on the other noted change, I tried disabling Broadcasting on both the client and server. No change.

Also the Steam Service asked me to re-install 2x times so far, for what it's worth mentioning.
Ears Mar 12 @ 6:00pm 
Remember when steam ios was a thing? oh wait... it still is? Steam guard? huh..

Groovy Ayu Mar 12 @ 4:24pm 
This update made picture quality on Steam Link horrible, I'll post a thread with more details.
SeansShow Mar 12 @ 11:44am 
Can you guys work on Steam taking focus from other apps whenever a Steam announcement is made. I've seen others posting about it but do we need to explain to you how annoying it is to be doing something else when the client suddenly forces its way into the foreground. You'll end up with people just disabling notifications completely. The small popup in bottom right was sufficient.
оctane Mar 12 @ 10:44am 
"Fixed 1 on 1 broadcasting between Steam clients"

Worked before, now crashes the host reliably every single time.
Be1st Mar 12 @ 9:00am 
please update pictures in steam app on mobile.