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Steam Client Beta SteamBeta
January 8, 2013
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Steam Client Beta Update - January 31

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Adventure Square Feb 10 @ 1:15am 
what's new must die.
Robbie Feb 9 @ 12:28pm 
Please allows us to see news from games we haven't played in a while/before library update by right clicking them "See news/hide news", currently i can't see news from games unless i download and start them. :lunar2019shockedpig:
DG | Tom Da Bomb [S] [D] Feb 5 @ 7:35pm 
seriously Steam? ADD THE OPTION TO HIDE / DISABLE LOADING OF THE WHATS NEW SECTION SO WE CAN MOVE ON, or make it its own Shelf so users can organize it the way they want or remove it

at this point its obvious your purposely avoiding it cuz there is a benefit in it for Steam / Devs that the info shows up for everyone which is just BS, this is not a consumer friendly action Steam and its already insulting to us as consumers and patrons

or at least i hope you know how much ill will your generating, users arent just going to let it go and forget about it (even if you like the new UI look that doesnt mean it still doesnt have technical issues and no options, you should also have a better modern UI with options and features, as should ppl that like it more practical)
nimhz Feb 4 @ 12:46pm 
first world problems
ค.§๓เᵺ™ Feb 4 @ 11:11am 
Reduce cpu / gpu and memory usage for steam webhelper
pheobewitch Feb 3 @ 8:57pm 
Please fix overlay
isomorphic_projection Feb 3 @ 6:08am 
Still not fixed, i have a nvidia card i need a directx 12 version of the UI. Not a version with the new opengl vulkan 1.1 that only runs smooth on amd radeon rigs.
Kitchener Leslie Feb 3 @ 5:23am 
I wish comments in this thread were hidden by default.
Dip Feb 2 @ 8:37pm 
Fix doc chats in steam overlay
Realityhack Feb 2 @ 8:01pm 
Alphabetization is done by the first significant word in a title (disregarding a, an, the, etc.). There's nothing wrong with Steam's library sorting.