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January 8, 2013
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Steam Client Beta Update - Jan 25

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Claude Feb 12 @ 7:27am 
Another regression: the library tab forgets which view it was last in.
Claude Feb 12 @ 7:20am 
oh, also in case you don't know there a problem with the l4d2 servers in Australia since last week. The servers are up but the game doesn't find them (broken matchmaking).
Claude Feb 12 @ 4:16am 
Current beta is super super buggy.

1. crashes when u AFK then come back and right click on someone in the friends list.
2. Windows transition animations... why? They are an artificial delay which only reduce the responsiveness of the program. Please disable it or give us the option in the settings to turn it off.
3. Regressions - (A) the green bar that asks if your email is still current doesnt go away for good like it should when you X it or click cancel or click yes.
(B) download bar moves off centre. It used to behave itself when you moved your mouse near it. Now It doesnt care. xD
rampaging bunny Feb 10 @ 5:17pm 
Ugh as much as I love how everything looks (FINALLY) properly scaled on my HiDPI screen, this lagginess is too much. Delays on redraws everywhere
Ancient & Feb 6 @ 3:15am 
Regarding the new Windows transitions animations, *please* adhere to the global Windows setting for disabling animations. It is found in "Control Panel...Ease Of Access...Make the computer easier to see...Turn off all unnecessary animations (when possible)". And I think the registry key is:


It can be quite frustrating when software (including some of Microsoft's own!) does not adhere to this setting. Thanks.
C4pM Feb 5 @ 5:19am 
This update was a joke. Regressions all over the place.
i0nTempest Feb 2 @ 5:51pm 
Window positioning is bugged in this version. On Windows the main Steam window resets to my main monitor rather than stays on my secondary mornitor every time I launch it. On macOS all menu items are not clickable.
B3L13V3R Feb 2 @ 11:39am 
Wow sorry for the awesome spelling. Keyboard is actually missing keystrokes as I type this
B3L13V3R Feb 2 @ 11:37am 
On 4K monitor Scaled to 125% Win10 CU:

- Text is pretty bad outside of the native aspects of the UI. Anything inside the of "browser" is worse than the Release version (relatively). Definitly not scaling yet in browser in other words (this may not be ready, so I get it). I'm thinking Discord is doing something really good with thier scaling. I know it's differnt code, just a looksee might be in order.

- All (so far) screens cause mouse curser to drag expecially immedialty after Steam Client starts and is on screen.

- As I type there is a half second lag per keystroke.

More later... :)

Janq Feb 2 @ 8:25am 
I've noticed two bugs to do with window positioning and/or sizing. Chat windows open slightly offscreen but can be brought back onscreen by resizing them. If the main window is maximised it doesn't correctly resize the content (it seems like it might be resizing it to size/dpi_scale which is 1.5 for me) - resizing by dragging the corner works fine. Other than that it works fine for me and is a big improvement!