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January 8, 2013
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Steam Client Beta - August 9th

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The-Roger Aug 18, 2019 @ 2:13pm 
Veldrik Aug 14, 2019 @ 12:13am 
sorry shake bunny, I think we got our wires crossed. I was under the impression that you were responding (before I responded to yourself) to my comments about multiple connected sessions which would only support one local session and the rest RDS/RDP desktop or Remote app sessions (ie for the purposes of connecting to Steam which is GUI based). Looks like we were talking about different things.

Regarding testing this thing, got updated again and it can still have the reg link performed to it :)

shakeyourbunny Aug 13, 2019 @ 7:03am 
Vekdrik, allowing multiple concurrent logins is the defining feature of a multi-user system, which Windows (NT) always has been, but not necessarily "multiple desktop sessions at once".

You can have as many users isolated from each other as you want and you can do multiple logons on every Windows machine as you wish if they just access their respective file shares and this does NOT break any EULAs. There is even a switch in the advanced computer settings where you can choose the OS optimization either for "Desktop" or "Background Services / File Sharing".

If you wanna have multiple (remote) desktops on one computer, get the Server variant of Windows and you are mostly set. CALs are only needed to license remote connections, NOT to technically enable them. In addition, if you run a Terminal Server, you may have to set the server in an "install state" before installing software properly (and setting it back to "Normal mode").
shakeyourbunny Aug 13, 2019 @ 7:01am 
It is possible via RDPWrap to enable this on the normal desktop edition, but this is a third-party hack and gets ugly really fast.

And no, Remote Desktops sessions are not meant for gaming.

There is another possibility to have multiple users on one machine playing games, but this involves additional hardware, especially one graphics card and one set of mouse, keyboard and at least one monitor for every user.
Veldrik Aug 13, 2019 @ 4:01am 
Regarding multiple simultaneous remote logins to a systems: yes you can modify a standard windows desktop build to perform this, but you are breaking the licensing agreement if you do this.

The correct way to perform this is using either RDS CALs or the future multi session windows 10 (my guess is that will align with the enterprise edition).
Русский Мясник Aug 12, 2019 @ 7:16am 
Vǿłćăņőqűąķё//AsZp Aug 12, 2019 @ 3:56am 
After a system restart, steam asked for my password. That's pretty suspicious.
mihaiedrisch Aug 12, 2019 @ 1:24am 
Wtf, why am I constantly being nagged to install this update, even after I've installed it? Why have my Steam chat settings reset? Ignore the stupid games media hyperbolising 'exploits' for clicks. Tell them to bugger off. This isn't something that required fixing and you've clearly broken something else in the process, hence I wouldn't be being nagged to update.
FEИRA Aug 11, 2019 @ 10:56am 
ok nerd
shakeyourbunny Aug 11, 2019 @ 8:59am 
just a side note regarding that for (a functional) multiple logins (on a consumer Windows) you need a server variant of Windows: this has never been true.

Every Windows in the NT variant has functional user management and separation of user files in their own profiles. If you don't count Windows NT4 for a consumer system, this was for available for consumers since at least Windows 2000 which was released in its original form late 1999.

And yes, I switched then from Windows 98SE to 2000 in a hurry, enjoying greatly more stability. Gaming compatibility was a non-issue, also with a standard user account (Yes, even then were was the Compatiblity Assistant available).

You never had to resort to some obscure "app virtualization" stuff or something to keep games running or do something funny things.

As already mentioned, just install your game clients somewhere like C:\Steam or C:\Games\Steam (alongside C:\Games\GOG, C:/Games/ ....) and you are set.