,.,๑ﭥ ๑ﭥ Robotics~
,.,๑ﭥ ๑ﭥ Robotics~
July 2, 2017
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Partner / Featuring / Sponsorship
As some of you may know, TradeBots.TOP now has a featured section.

We are now accepting Partnerships and Sponsorship's, If you have a service you'd like to feature or advertise on TradeBots.TOP let us know!

What can Snail Robotics and TradeBots.TOP Offer you?
TradeBots.TOP opened in July and has quickly grown to over 100,000 monthly hits which continues to grow with every passing week. Individuals who visit our site are trade ready and more importantly looking to trade items.

Featuring is monthly:
(What you choose to feature is up to you!)

Streamers, Youtubers
Individuals of status can get featuring by producing content using TradeBots.TOP in a positive, honest manner.

Trade Bot Owners
Owners of trade bots can purchase featuring at the following rates:
1. List Featuring: 6 keys
2. Moderator Featuring: 7 keys
3. Player Of The Week: 9 keys

Each rate inherits from its predecessor. Purchasing package 2, will attain you package 1 featuring as well.

The Trade Offer.
The following must be in the trade offer comment/notes otherwise it will be considered a donation!
Bot SteamID64: Package(1,2,3):

  • Monetary donations and purchases are currently only accepted as CSGO Keys.
    (Paypal will be added in the future.)

  • Bot feature sorting is based on rate.
    (We will not accept payment to place one bot above another!)

  • If a bot is already Player of the Week then that package (3) is closed.
    (We can only serve this package one bot a time!)

  • Do not add me regarding featuring. Everything you need to know was outlined here.
    (I'm too often asked the same questions on subjects answered here.)
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