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December 22, 2010
EvathCebor Jul 12, 2020 @ 7:28am
Valve has no right to change a language (french is being murdered)
I'm talking about the french translation, which is improper and a political move, and does not follow the rules of the french language. Plus it's impossible to read for dyslexic people.

Yes, we said it MASSIVELY on the french forums (more than 3000 messages and it's going on). Nobody wants that. The community does not want that. The moderators know, but they are powerless. The french translation team knows, but they just don't respond since weeks and continue to change the ancient and correct translation for the political one with dots everywhere and words cut in three parts. They took the responsability to change the rules of the french language. This is our mother tongue, our culture, and not your toy to play with. Please respect it. Please respect dyslexic people. Please respect the french language. This political crusade must stop.

We did everything we could, nobody wants that, yet they continue. You don't own the french language and can't change it following the trends you like.

The french language and the french speakers are clearly disrespected by steam since two weeks. This must stop.

Please apologize my english.
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Froh Jul 13, 2020 @ 6:48am 
Indeed, there's an issue with how things are :

- STS French group doesn't answer at all. Nether do they care about the issue (it seems).
- French language interface is now NOT translated in "official" french. But a political one (with very little basis).
- There's a veeeery long thread about this.
- It cause serious lisibility issues which EXCLUDE people with dyslexia, and vocal tools for nearly blind people.
- It's pretty hard to explain the issue to a non-french speaker. Therefore making the french community as a whole a bit angry about how things evolves.

We kinda don't really know who to adress anymore, as there's no official stance on the matter.

French STS seems to be now completely detached from the french community and do what they want, without any way to actually do something about it.

Link to the french thread (200+ pages) without any answer from STS :
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I changed to english because i can't read that shit
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