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December 22, 2010
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italian Counter-strike Global Offensive
Here i've found more missing translations into italian language of this game, please re-translate your game into italian language.
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Hello etms51,

Thank you for your interest. We are aware of this and we are currently working on it.

Have a great day!
etms51 Nov 25 @ 5:09am 
@Tummarellox i want to help your team to translate your games into italian language :)
etms51 Nov 26 @ 4:31pm 
Hallo today i've finished all issues which i found in this version, i hope which the valve devs fixes these issues :)

1)[Missing translation]: The titles on the Deathmatch on DUST II
2)[Wrong text]: "Search for matches with other prime players"
3)[Missing translation]: Operation Shattered Web
4)[Missing translation]: Storage Unit
5)[Missing translation]: "Preview" - Canals Collection
6)[Missing translation]: "Aug Navy Murano" - Rewards
7)[Missing translation]: "Scar-20 Stone Mosaico"
8)[Missing translation]: "Negev |Boroque Sand"
9)[Missing translation]: "Revolver R8 |Canal Spray"
10)[Missing translation]: Tec-9|Orange Murano
11)[Missing translation]: P250|Dark Filigree
12)[Missing translation]: AK-47| Baroque Purple
13)[Missing translation]: G3SG1|Violet Murano
14)[Missing translation]: P90|Baroque Red
15)[Missing translation]: MP9 Stained Glass
16)[Missing translation]:Mac-10|Red Filigree
17)[Missing translation]: Nova|Baroque Orange
18)[Missing translation]: Mag-7 Cinquedea
19)[Missing translation]: AWP|The Prince
20)[Missing translation]: "triple-monitor UI mode" description
21)[Missing translation]: "Delay sniper rifle un-scope after shot" - Items -. Game's Settings - Settings
22)[Missing translation]: "Always center the radar on the player" tooltip - Radar/tablet - Game's settings
23)[Bug]: Truncate text long names of particular items - endgame

Here you can see the right file with each problem/issue on the game.
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sappy Nov 27 @ 1:22am 
A decent amount of what you've posted are new additions to the game which are being worked on by the Italian team. Ergo the spreadsheet for the most part is useless.

You wanna help? Great, here you can apply to the STS (Steam Translation Server):

which handles the translation of Steam (desktop and mobile), Valve games and any related websites (for games, Steam, community etc.).
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