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SSSM - Visual Novel Group SSSMVNG
July 31, 2018
ABOUT SSSM - Visual Novel Group

A Legion of Weebs Dedicated to VN Waifus Everywhere

We here at the SSSMVNG love our Visual Novels. They've brought us joy, sadness, love, and more pango images than we care to admit to. But there's always been something missing. None of us could find the best VN waifu.

Which is why we formed the SSSMVNG; a group of like-minded individuals who will track down and find the best waifu in every VN, and compare them against eachother to find the worlds best VN and waifu combo.

Only through many trials and countless hours can this goal be achieved. But we will not let that stop us. For the waifus wait for no one, and we wont either.

Our Review Format
Unlike some other curators, we at SSSMVNG take our reviewing process strictly. A 5/10 is considered average when compared to visual novels of a similar price point or calibre. We take into account how much the Visual Novel costs vs. the amount of hours you can get out of it (reasonable is ~$1USD an hour), the quality of the game, and many other factors when giving our reviews.

We look at 5 major categories when reviewing our VN's:
- The story. Story is a huge factor on what makes a VN good. Points are gained for a well written story, with twists, turns, solid pacing, good selection of choices and unique elements such as setting, mechanics and other things. Points are lost for poor planning, timeskips, and plotholes.
- The characters. Characters make or break a story. However, a story can be good with terrible characters, and vice versa, which is why these are seperate. Points are gained for great character arcs, reasonable motivations, chemistry and feeling like people. Points are lost for cookie cutter molds, no character arcs, or being a Mary Sue.
- The art. Art is one of the reasons VN's are so popular. Whilst subjective, we try to treat this as objectively as possible. Points are gained for CG's, unique sprites, animation, resolution and UI quality. Points are lost for lack of sprites, reusing CG's too often, and inconsistent art.
- The soundtrack. Music helps to build an atmosphere, and can make or break a VN. Points are gained for how the tone is set in a scene, and the overall music quality. Points are lost for not including a soundtrack, or having a lack of one.
- The enjoyment. The most subjective one, but probably the most important one. A game can be badly made, but still be fantastic if it's enjoyable. Points are based entirely on a reviewer by reviewer basis, but will take into account things like easter eggs, comedy, engagement, and other unique things.

After all this, a score out of 10 is represented, with the following being meant by them:
10: The best of the best
9: Incredible
8: Great
7: Really good
6: Good
5: Average
4: Below average
3: Bad
2: Horrible
1: Unplayably bad

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