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October 13, 2015
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[FnF] PvP Rules Of Engagement. 2.0
Rule #1. (Squad move)
Live as a squad die as a squad. There are two seperate Squads on either side. These are clearly labelled. ALL Rilfes MUST move with their squad. Use your map and regroup with your Squad in every instance. When you hear the Radio you are too far from the Squad. Regroup.

Rule #2. (Smoke shoot)
You may fire into smoke. Do NOT throw nades into smoke.

Rule #3. (Nadespam)
Do not throw explosives into areas where you have not seen or heard an enemy position IN YOUR CURRENT LIFE. Room clearing is ok if pushing in IMMEDIATELY.

Rule #4. (Badjump)
Do not jump from unrealistic heights (higher than your character). Jumping from anything much higher will cause death (you've been warned)

Rule #5. (Ledge)
Do not stand on ledges or objects that make you appear to be floating on air.

Rule #6. (Exploit)
Do not use exploits or graphics flaws in the map to gain an advantage.

Rule #7. (Camp Rule)
You must not camp an area. If deemed to be camping you will be given a BEACON. Move position to remove it.

HQ have reinstated the Radio. This is for a couple of reasons. To allow fresh spawns a means of comms with their squad, what route to take back to the squad etc. If you are hearing Radio chatter from your Squad you are too far away. Tighten it up and get back in formation.

I expect certainly ALL Officers SNCOs and NCOs to take a leading role in herding their Squad together and keeping them together. Any LONE WOLF actions will result in a warning and or a kick.

*YOU DONT WANT YOUR TEAMMATES KICKED. Tell them to pull their heads in, let them know when they break a rule.

*Obviously there will need to be a strong self control utilised. We must monitor each other, the better each of us can adhere to the Rules the better our collective experience. HQ hope to provide a Tactical and tense firefight between two squads of 1st Rifles.

*Admins are expected to take a leading roll in enforcing the Rules. So all read up and get talking to each other about this exciting change.

*Credit (These R.O.E. have been pilfered in part from an excellent tactical community a few of us Rifles found back in COD 2 days online. 82nd Airbourne)
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Tempy May 19, 2017 @ 6:21am 
I just think there wasnt enough listening of the higher commands and some of the higher command not using enough comms for the rec/pte. I had too run a team of 2 pte and a lcpl with the other squad being really disjointed (no disrespect to the other squad members). tbh made me feel like the other squad didnt really follow leader objectives and the team ultimately failed. (this isnt to dicredit the leader of the other team but if there is no comms how are we supposed to function as a team).
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Slatery May 19, 2017 @ 6:42am 
Originally posted by REDi1R PTE Choccy Milk:
I just think there wasnt enough listening of the higher commands and some of the higher command not using enough comms for the rec/pte.

Gotta agree with Choccy, there's no real chain of command and outside of a few instances, few people actually listen to orders if given. I feel like part of this is the lack of ability for one person to lead everyone given that we have the ability to split into 2 squads, and since everyone will want to try to get the role they want at least one person will usually end up outside of coms. While great for when they are full, the squads rarely are and it does lead to communication issues. Perhaps limiting it to 8v8 instead of 16v16 and only having one squad would make it easier

LCPL Slatery last week we had 32 in server for 3 hours. HQ will not be reducing the Squad number. It just takes an extra moment of planning to organise players into correct Squads. I am more interested in changes to the ROE. Not so much in what your team could do better.

(Radio Setting) Many players have issues with 'Radio Chatter'. Do we drop the Squad Radio same as we have in Coop? Or encourage players to use more discretion in com's. Setup an Overwatch and an Assault Squad. who move together, then Squad Radio Chatter would be somewhat more relevant.

(Smoke Shoot) (Nadespam) Smoke Rule is OP for a reason, to offset the slow movement penalty, particularly crossing Streets. However we still have instances of Blind Fire into smoke. Should the rule be changed to allow Primary weapons fire into Smoke, but no Blind Ordnance as is currently setup?

(Run) Does Move Rule need tweaking? Should we allow run across 'Open Ground', when no cover is present, when crossing a Street etc?

(Camp Rule) Should players be allowed more time to 'Camp'? Or should the rule be amended to something like: No time limit until you make your first kill from the location, then 1 minute to relocate as soon as contact with enemy broken post kill? Allowing Defenders some more flexibility.

Ace I agree with dropping squad radio and making the same as Coop. I myself get very frustrated with babble you would not do it normally in conflict so dont do it here, are we not trying to obtain some form of reality here.
using smoke this to me is bit of a pineapple as the smoke reacts differently when used, I myself got zipped by admin for shooting thru smoke but on my screen I could clearly see the persons legs.
maybe we should allow single fire into smoke but not mg or automatic and yes we should allow running across open ground because I never once used smoke then crept across open ground, it was get from a to b as quick as possible with assistance cover from other members of patrol.
camp rule this really to me is a no brainer as you get to attack and defend in the same map so it really comes down to who can get organised the fastest and stick to a plan.
Finally you all play coop and you dont get any eal advantages there they come from everywhere they will spawn anywhere and you deal with it so do the same in PVP.
rant over......,,
HQ have decided to amend the Smoke Shoot Rule.

Smoke is now fair game to all small arms fire into, through or out of it.

Ordnance is still considered 'Blind Fired' if thrown, fired into or out of Smoke and is not allowed.

You can only use 'Blind Fired' Ordnance if IMMEDIATELY pushing into a room to clear it.
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bananas212321 Jun 7, 2017 @ 12:16am 
How about if you are holding a weapon with a laser sight and you are about to breach into a room, you are allowed to walk in without sights up. This could give the laser sight some use and allow for quick breaching tactics to surprise the opponent.
Ping Law Jul 28, 2017 @ 1:23am 
I reckon that it's fair game to sprint when breaking cover and moving to another nearby piece of cover (eg getting from one side of an alleyway or street to the other), especially when you're confident that a hostile/s have eyes on your position. There are many moments when you're out of smokes and other resources. I'm pretty sure that no soldier would slowly peek out of cover. In addition, by the time that you actually start to take fire, although with current rules you can run, 9 times out of 10, it's already too late.
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bananas212321 Sep 29, 2017 @ 5:38am 
(Thoughts on Rule #10)
Before I begin, I quite enjoyed the need to stick together. It created structure, which allowed for some much more exciting and team-based battles, rather than one-sided matches (mostly)

However, I believe that it's not perfect yet. Although it overall enhanced the game, it restricted some of the squad's ability to manoeuvre and react according to enemy movements. Sometimes we want to send a 4 man fire team to flank enemy positions, but this would cause them to leave the normal comms range.

Furthermore, there were spacing problems. Since a squad leader cannot send a fire team to a different route, there were 8 soldiers that had to be close together. Sure, they could be spread out in different rooms, but in choke points or CQB areas, this becomes terrible. Having a squad packed together not only makes it less effective at times, but also does the opposite of minimising casualties.

Therefore, I propose that squad leads may have one fire team leader, that leads a 4 man fire team while they lead the other four. This does NOT mean that the two fire teams are now seperate. Instead, the squad leader can use the extra fire team to flank enemy positions or have them advance ahead of them to scout the area out when needed. In normal situations, they should stick with the squad, but having 8 soldiers moving through 1 single choke point gives the enemy a huge advantage.
Great discussion , any movement away from pre-emtive attacks with either c4 or grens or mollies would be welcomed in all facets of the game. Break the routines and try something different.
VARG Nov 2, 2017 @ 6:13pm 
Okay so one suggestion i have is no nades rpgs ieds mollys or incends on points to make it a bit harder, Way i like to see this is that there is a hostage or intel in there in a real life situation you wouldnt throw nades and rpg the position because you have seen an enemy there. I myself am one for doing it and cleaning a whole room out and taking the point is good for my team and myself but not the other, i feel everyone should have a fair and fun game.
SlankyMcDukes Nov 14, 2017 @ 12:30am 
It's my opinion that running to a point that is being captured should be allowed. If more than one member is on a point it is captured quickly, and spawners have very little time to get back to the point to defend it.
STOP. its server side hammer time...
Originally posted by REDi1R LCPL SlankyMcDukes:
It's my opinion that running to a point that is being captured should be allowed. If more than one member is on a point it is captured quickly, and spawners have very little time to get back to the point to defend it.

that comes down to discipline mate , no one should be on point without CO's order.
eLaztic Sep 9, 2018 @ 11:56pm 
Questions || Rule #10 > "Live as a squad, die as a squad." Say if you're last man standing on your mini crew, what happens in this scenario, do you just regroup with squad no. 2?
Acki Sep 10, 2018 @ 1:37am 
If safe to do so. Or hold your ground and move up as the other squad moves or wait for your squad to respawn.
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