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October 13, 2015
selly Jun 24, 2017 @ 6:58am
Retelling of the Saturday Op
ION Security Forces set out to investigate some contacts in Houdan linked to the Cartel, they achieved a rescue of hostages, a raid on an ammo depot and the arrest of Cartel members. One General had escape via helicopter but thankfully the team found intel on the location of the Kingpins Villa. Upon arrival of the Villa, ION Security Forces swiftly took out all opposing force, including said escape General and stopped the Kingpin from escaping.

Congratulations guys you all played well, Zeusing for 16 people trying to keep stuff churning is quite a task so thanks for your patience!

At the end of the op, itzjake & pyroV turncoated, took the Kingpin on a wild journey, with remaining ION Security Forces chasing them.

it's a big mess of bullets and flashbangs after that.
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Even though I had to mess around for about 2 hours to get Arma going again, when I did finally get it to work and managed to get into the half finished op, it was bloody awesome!. Vehicle checkpoints, IEDs, rouge civys, sniper attacks, great variety. I particularly liked the strong use of civy and hostage intel throughout which made for a fantastic interesting mission. Looking forward to the next one, excellent work LCPL Winter soldier.
I have changed my ACE mod version and got it working. today its outdated again?
selly Jun 24, 2017 @ 7:04pm 
Yeah Ace this has been my bad, i use my ace files for the server and mine wouldn't update, so everyones version was new and the servers old! I've manually placed the latest version on the server, so a quick resub on the workshop should fix!
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