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Project Aeternum ProAter
July 12, 2015
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Crystal Legacy
Story: Play as the orphan hero Koshin who was raised in the forests of Nyaza with his two friends Rose the fairy and Ivo the wolf nyazu. Save the world from a mysterious adversary looking to bring doom and destruction to the world of Aeternum with ancient magics and foul spells or become lost in the mysterious world of the Hallowed. Remember to explore the world well and find all of the hidden equipment and quests to help you through your journey!

Animated sideview battle system.
Active battle system.
Alternate ending.
Optional side quests.
Controller Support.

How to play: Follow one of the download links and once the download has been made simply run "Crystal Legacy.exe" Google drive will be a faster download if you do not use megasync

Download Links: v1.10

Updating the game: When a new version of the game is released with new bug fixes simply download the new version and copy your save folder into the new games folder.

Known Issues:
-Status effect icons do not display correctly for some animated enemies.
-Flying enemies are unable to use floating animation.
-When downloading the game sometimes it will pause at 99% if the download page is not the selected tab in browser(mega only)
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Can i even download this?
yes, you should be able to. Its only one gig, your internet speed should not be that big a deal because it can't download all that fast regardless :P
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