Otome Sekai 乙女世界
Otome Sekai 乙女世界
October 30, 2018
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We are dedicated to reviewing Visual Novels, Otome, Yaoi, Yuri, 🌈LGBTQ+ Games and Dating Sims 🏳️‍🌈, and JRPGs on Steam, to inform you about upcoming releases, and to bring Visual Novel, JRPG and Anime Addicts together.

This is the right place for you if you love Visual Novels, Otome, Yaoi, Yuri, 🌈LGBTQ+ Games and Dating Sims 🏳️‍🌈, JRPGs and Anime Games!

Fellow Anime Lovers, Visual Novel Addicts, Fujoshi/Fudanshi, Shipper, and Waifu/Husbando Hunter are very welcome to join us! ^o^/ In fact, we'd like to encourage you to hit the Join button!

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀What Do We Offer to Our Members and Followers?⠀

We are aiming to unite people with the same interests to create a place with an active, welcoming, and friendly community. (>ω<)♡

We inform you about upcoming and recent releases of Visual Novels of every genre, JRPGs, and other anime-related games we think could interest our members.

We review these games to point out great titles you might have missed otherwise, or to warn you before you waste your money and precious time on bad apples. We think there's nothing worse than generic and biased reviews that lack personality, so we approach each review thoughtfully while taking our time to play the games we're reviewing as thoroughly as possible to deliver comprehensive, honest, and interesting reviews that are fun to read. Follow our Curator Page if that sounds good to you! ( ´ ▽ ` )♡

We also host giveaways exclusively for our members and there are always some running: from regular to very special ones, and giveaways on Steamgifts[]

Our forum has several lists that can prove very useful and convenient for you: Kickstarter projects, list of anime adaptations, list of demos, list of adult patches, and recommendations of non-steam games are just a few of them. You can participate in our discussion threads and the group chat.

Consider following the personal curator Drugoja In The Dreaming of our admin drugoja for more narrative game reviews!


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Kickstarter Campaigns Update
:bluestar: Running Projects :bluestar:

Who Am i where am i what am i why am i -- Visual Novel Horror Story psychological horror 2d many endings horror psychological Anime Emotional rich plot

Lovecraft Academy, a BL Visual Novel -- A visual novel about gay 1920s schoolboys and eldritch abominations.

Oh Mai Tiara - The Road For Love -- A Yuri / Romantic Visual Novel With a Twist (18+)

Till Death Do Us Part -- A short horror visual novel about unearthing the buried secrets behind your previous wife's untimely end.

That Which Rises -- A mechanically deep, dark fantasy, adult RPG about cultists, knights, and cosmic horrors.

Virtual mutual country -- TCG + multiplayer online pet catching and raising MMOSRPG

Revenge Story -- A visual novel with mature stakes offering as much freedom of choice as variety of gameplay in its various mini-games.

The Newton Mystery -- A cartoon platforming action adventure. Solve puzzles, make friends, and explore the town of Newton and it's many secrets.

SandOS: A Turn Based Sandbox RPG -- Open-World. Fully Destructible Environment. ~Senncreative Studios.

Hauntii - the world of ghosts -- A quirky, lo-fi, twin-stick shooter game following a ghost's journey through eternity.

Private Dick: Lipstick & Lies -- An erotic neo-noir visual novel

Skinwalker's -- A RPG Horror Game Made For PC

RaidKids -- Just think about saving.

Chasing the Horizon -- A strategy role-playing game inspired by over 30 years of genre classics.

:bluestar: Funded Projects :bluestar:

Passing Waters -- Collect Millions of Randomized Fishies, Customize Your House's Interior and Enjoy the Kawaii(∗•ω•∗)!

Shangri Enfer -- An psychological Yuri/Lesbian visual novel with multiple choice and ending (18+ patch available)

The last Sun -- An adult harem visual novel with a rich erotic story and multiple choice*More than 200 screens+4 differents ending*(+Nude patch reward)

J-Town: A Visual Novel -- A friendly crash course into Japanese American culture!

Absinthia -- A sapphic jRPG exploring heartache and trauma, starring an LGBT character cast

Sinister –- An immersive 2D horror game set in an alternative Victorian London, with a horrifying fourth wall breaking twist

The White Raven - Shamanic Tactical RPG -- Wage tactical war, Solve otherworldly mysteries, and Romance your enemies in this shamanic open world turn-based tactical RPG.

Little Nemo and the Guardians of Slumberland -- Explore a dream world as Little Nemo, armed with toys, candy, and stuffed animals in this colorful platforming metroidvania adventure.

Rōnin Trail -- An open-world adventure game about a wandering samurai.

Dumbo: Midnight Ride -- An adventure action game where you play as a peep named Dumbo adventuring through different lands to stop a train with huge secrets!

Good Luck Baby! -- An adventure/mystery yuri visual novel about falling in love, saving the world, and finding your place within it.

Dungeons and Passion -- A hentai RPG videogame in a furry setting with visual novel touches.

Song of the Prairie - Experience the Freedom of Farm Life -- A 3D perspective farm management simulation game that combines classic fun with creative content. This magical and free land awaits you

:bluestar: Failed Projects :bluestar:

Twice Reborn: a vampire visual novel -- An almost completed project needs help to offset costs in order to launch.

Innocence Or Money V 0.05 -- Adult Visual Novel with sandbox elements and a female MC, available for Windows / Linux / Mac / Android

Poky Drivers -- Poky Drivers is an adventure game for all ages, developed for iOS & Android devices.

Mystery of Balocava -- A Role playing game for pc, It follows the story of Kadia a detective who is investigating a fog covered land!

Under Contract -- A high-skill match 3 arcade game set in a demonic office environment, rescue your soul and coworkers from damnation!

The Outlaw and The Newcomer - - A narrative suspense exploration game of mobsters. Combining exploration, collection, and visual novel elements.

Realm of Divinos: A 3D adventure with visual novel elements -- Explore the magical Realm of Divinos and engage in an epic battle between Light and Darkness. Become the hero OR the villain!

Rainbow Heartbeats -- A wholesome LGBTQ+ visual novel-style dating simulator!

Underdogs: A Visual Novel -- Anyone can fight. Only one can win.

Noodle Boy -- Wholesome, ambient, physics-based ramen noodle cooking simulator

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Otome Sekai reviews
"We cover all kinds of Visual Novels, JRPGs and Anime games, including but not limited to Otome, Yaoi, Yuri and LGBTQ+ inclusive VNs. E-Mail:"
Here are a few recent reviews by Otome Sekai
Aniva 3 hours ago 
Aksys just announced that they'll release English Switch ports for Norn9 Var Commons, Norn9 Last Era, Radiant Tale and Shuuen no Virche in 2023! :sclovestruck:
Drugoja May 17 @ 1:43pm 
Also, I don't know any big-ish curator that regularly reviews BL games, as in writes full reviews for them. So it's slim pickings for BL groups that recommend games instead of compiling them, I'm afraid. And as Aniva said, we steadily review Otome games, be it with mini or full reviews. This is a Visual Novel and JRPG group, but with emphasis on Otome, Yaoi, Yuri and other LGBTQ games. Says so right up there.
Aniva May 17 @ 1:20pm 
We are not an Otome-only group/curator and I don't think the tagline says otherwise. However, I don't know what makes you say that we review more BL games than Otome; out of the 25 last reviewed games on the curator, there are only three BL VNs and five Otome (plus mixed dating sims)?
uvtears May 17 @ 12:45pm 
I feel like you recommend more games that aren't otome than otome lately. Shame. If I wanted BL I'd sub to BL groups.
D𝐞𝓈𝐏𝔸𝒾Ř May 6 @ 3:11am 
epic group :)
Jennayye Apr 18 @ 5:20pm 
Feel free to add me
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