Ordo Imperialis ✠ Ordo
Ordo Imperialis ✠ Ordo
July 9, 2014
ABOUT Ordo Imperialis

Ordo Imperialis Gaming Community

Ordo Imperialis is a future roman inspired and structured gaming community founded to provide organization across all interests. Founded in 2006 and supported by years of organized gaming, the Ordo combines its standards and experience with this strong sense of community and professionalism carving a path for success. With great players and leadership ready to grow, we are always on the lookout for great talent and group interests.

We are seeking members of all levels, from your basic player to officers and leaders. We provide a great environment, every tool you can think of incentives and rewards in recognition of your accomplishments and contributions throughout the community. Your position in the community stands universally and displays testament to your achievements and dedication. The Ordo supports many games, divisions and projects to help maintain and administrate the group for those who are inclined to pursue, explore or lead them.

This group was made to allow the members of the Ordo Imperialis gaming community to get together and play Steam Powered games. If your interested in finding a great group to get involved with and never feel the need to start over, Join on our public Teamspeak server and check us out on our website. Join us today, become a comrade, not another number.

(Games not included in the associated game list: Diablo 3, Guild Wars 2, Minecraft, Star Citizen)

✠ Discord[]
✠ Guilded[]
✠ Teamspeak[http//ts3server]
Conan Exiles - Server Launched!
Exilium 18+ PvE/P, Mature Roleplay, Conquest, Survival, Exiled Lands
A new (Nov 2021) Dedicated Server in NA. Mature, adult only, roleplay aimed for community engagement and interest with no planned server wipes or seasons.

Ordo Imperialis Gaming has opened a new Conan Exiles server. Join us in the Conan realm with adaptable and universal lore allowing players to bring in any level of fantasy they desire. Help build a story and write history as you guide it's path, where we offer reflective change as it happens. Face challenges of all types, including simply surviving the harsh realm. Our focus is Medium Roleplay/Survival with reactive developments to the world and it's direction.

Website[] (Lore, Rules & More).
✠ All players of any experience or interest welcome.
✠ Rich RP Text/Voice Systems with PvE/P Conflict Resolution Options
✠ No Planned Server Wipes or 'Seasons'. No starting over!
✠ Lay claim & conquer lands or regions. Rule, ally or serve your domain.
✠ Staff/Player Engagement letting players direct server decisions & new ideas.
✠ Multiple & Universal Character Customization Options
✠ Character Transfer Options (conditions/limits apply).
✠ Afflictions, Curses & Blessings refine your character.
✠ Restoring the lost challenge & survival of Conan Exiles within the RP setting.
✠ Few starter items, Hub and merchants to help you get started.
✠ Arena, Battles & Bosses to fulfill your blood lust!
✠ Acquire new items, gear, abilities & more as you grow your characters.
✠ Coming Soon: Custom Dungeons & Quests driven by player stories.
✠ Unique title for our newest players, only available until 2022.
All settings are subject for change or adjustment depending on interests.

Mods & Settings
✠ Level 300, 2x XP, Purge. No Avatars, or Sleepers.
✠ Purge, TW, AoC, & EEWA, to bring new challenges
✠ Building damage disabled.
✠ PvE with PvP flagging and RP focus.
✠ 2 hour equal night/day cycle.
✠ KO Death Alternative with No drops to support continued RP.
✠ Vanilla settings for most everything else!
Currently growing and looking for new experienced players and staff members! Join us today to be part of a great server and rewarding experience, backed by an elder gaming community.

Starbase Launch / Company
Ordo Imperialis reviews
"Gaming centered around community and replayability."
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🪐 new future 🪐 Mar 25, 2020 @ 10:37am 
Hi, I have been playing star citizen for a long time and I would like to give you a hand if you are starting or want to start the game. Ask me whatever you want. Add me as a friend and we talk in discord. A big hug people.
Exxoduss Aug 8, 2018 @ 7:02pm 
Hello everyone! thx Xoza for the invite, I hardly ever join a steam group unless it is a good one. This one would be one of them.