Opium Pulses $avings 〖Op$〗
Opium Pulses $avings 〖Op$〗
July 25, 2013
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OP Store Being Stripped Back

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Pug Sep 17 @ 11:07am 
SlipSlot Sep 17 @ 8:18am 
@Pug number of sales wasn't really an issue, we had plenty of legitimate customers and that side of the store was never really an issue, it's the fraud and abuse that comes from growing in popularity that is hard to fight for such a small team with limited resources and free time.

We've seen a few comments that come from the angle of how we could have made more sales, but that was never part of the issue, and not one we share in any of our announcements or communications, so I have to admit, I don't understand where that sentiment is coming from lol.

But I thank you for the feedback too, we know we didn't do a lot of work in promoting the store, but that's actually more because the bigger we grew, the bigger the fraud did along with it, and making tons of money was never really the driving incentive for anything we do.
FiatLux Sep 17 @ 6:29am 
Thank you very much for the feedback SlipSlot, and of course , though I forgot to add that earlier, then you and the rest of the 'crew' have my best wishes for your future with 'Opium Pulses $avings' :hee:
Pug Sep 17 @ 6:26am 
This group has had only two other announcements over the past two years...OP isn't featured/crawled by any gaming deal websites that I've seen/use...and (more hard to hear feedback coming) I honestly forgot your site even existed. I don't think I had even loaded up your site in the past 4 years.

If you've got a game that's better than the Steam store price, put it out there...maybe a random weekly post or something. Not trying to tell you how to run your business, but I never saw any emails from you, and the group is utterly silent, so you can be easily forgotten.
You don't have to spam the group, but if you feel like you've got a good offer, you got to get the information out there.Whatever your plan might entail, I hope it works out for you. :successchip:
SlipSlot Sep 17 @ 5:03am 
We certainly don't plan on going away like others have, profit never has been and never will be our focus, but we want to focus more on our core strengths and getting back to doing things we love rather than what might appeal to the broadest set of people.

We hope you'll stick around in any case <3
SlipSlot Sep 17 @ 5:03am 
I appreciate you sharing that perspective FiatLux even if some of it is a little hard to hear, honesty is always more appreciated than friendly falsehoods.

We've always been pretty proud that we outlasted those that appeared to have such bright futures, like you mentioned, the likes of Indie Royale and Desura having such a swift downfall was always a shock to me.

You're right about the business being cut-throat and intensely competitive, when we started the store it was more a reaction to there being what we felt like a healthy gap in the market and having left unethical "businesses" like Hookups, we thought we could do something better that put our audience at it's core. And to be fair, we had some wonderfully high moments that we'll never forget, but the industry has outgrown us and we're not too proud to admit that.
FiatLux Sep 17 @ 4:02am 
With respect to the "OP Store Being Stripped Back" then that is most likely a very wise decision. I personally never got to comprehend "Opium Pulses $avings" group as more than that and never as a general gaming store. Back when it started "Opium Pulses $avings" had 'deals' once in a while where one could get on-board which I took some of but after that I hardly bought anything.
Having Warren on my friends list then of course it should be obvious that I don't mean to be rude or ungrateful but that's just how it was/is. Most of this selling computer stuff , like games , parts , whatever has become cut-throat business that takes a lot social media work and tenacity for selling and seeing how more probably 'bigger outfits' (Indie Royale, Desura and at latest Groupees)(Groupees were sold by owners and after that mangled) have closed then it's nothing to be ashamed of to either scale back or throw the towel into the ring !