Opium Pulses $avings 〖Op$〗
Opium Pulses $avings 〖Op$〗
July 25, 2013
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What do you do!?

We have a great team of Mods and Admin that actively seek out the best gaming deals across the web and on our own site to save you precious pennies. Video games, computing equipment and other gaming related savings will be announced here reguarly however only Steam redeemable and DRM-Free games will be announced.

How do you save me money?

Steam is great, but it's not always the cheapest. There's a lot of other sellers out there and we announce deals on games that can be directly activated on Steam, such as bundles and sales on sites like GreenManGaming, Humble Bundle, Amazon & Opium Pulses.

Wait, what? Opium Pulses sells too?

Yeah, cool huh? After announcing other site's deals for so long, we figured we could do better at getting the great Steam games you know and love but for even cheaper prices! We'll still announce all the other great sites though don't worry, we'll just occasionally remind you that we exist too. Check us out :)[]

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Referral links are occasionally used in our GreenManGaming deal announcements. Which is used to help fund the giveaways in our sister group Opium Pulses Giveaways.

Opium Pulses - Pulsing Through Your Games.

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Fanatical: Dollar Classics Bundle
Feast your eyes on some awesome retro-style indie games in the Dollar Classics Bundle!
For just $1, you'll have access to 21 games - delivered as 14 Steam keys - filled with action adventures, strategy sims and many more. From sc-fi shooters where you take down alien creatures to controlling a ghost and bubbles through a series of mazes - there's plenty of games to keep you occupied in this bundle, so don't miss out!
Please note: The Great Escape, Last Rites, Pushover, Where Time Stood Still, Tunnel B1, ELF, Sleepwalker and Central Intelligence are delivered as 1 Steam key.

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IndieGala: Monday Motivation Bundle #51
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Opium Pulses $avings reviews
"Dirt cheap games that feature trading cards, allowing you to make even more of a saving!"
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ColloseusX | Jun 11 @ 11:38am 

My name is Lee, and I'm from

We are a new bundle site and we are launching our first bundle on June 15th

We will be launching 9 games for £1.49 at 90% off, we do discounts for multiple purchases and we do lucky draws for AAA games to be included with your purchases

Please head on over to our website at and signup to the mailing list to be notified of when we launch our first bundle and also join our Steam group here:


CRAZYDIAMOND Jun 20, 2017 @ 1:29am 
Hello, I'm one of the developers of a rhythm game called "LoveBeat".

I would like to introduce our game to you :)

LoveBeat is an F2P Casual Rhythm game that
1. You can interact with players around the world through Fam, Couple, and other community systems.
2. You can customize the own character by thousands of fashion items.
3. New events are updated in every 2 weeks.
and 4. Contains various genres of indie music

It would be very grateful if you give a trial on our game and give feedback through reviews.

Here is the link to LoveBeat:

Thank you for your time, and hope you have a nice day!

Ykredfield Feb 21, 2017 @ 5:28am 
Hi Witty Name, I've forward the issue to the team and we'll be looking into it. At the meantime, can you please submit a report with screenshots of errors(if any) here in order for you to follow up: . Thank you. And sorry for the inconvenience.
<Witty Name> Feb 19, 2017 @ 3:55pm 
hey I'm having problems on the opium website, I've made an account and had to confirm my email, which I've done, then when I try to log in it again says you need confirm your email and sends me another confirmation email, and it does it every time so I cant log in. I've done it on another browser and still the same
✪ Silver Haze Jan 26, 2017 @ 7:39am 
Ok Ykredfield .
Ykredfield Jan 26, 2017 @ 7:14am 
Hi HExagon, impersonating an admin is not something to do out of boredom. Despite your intention of doing so, one should understand that impersonation has a long history of it being used to conduct crime and it is an act that should always be avoided. Besides, simply asking for fake +rep is not acceptable.