The Onward March of the Bundles OnwardMarch
The Onward March of the Bundles OnwardMarch
April 14, 2016
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weirdfish Nov 16, 2018 @ 5:33am
IndieGala Friday Special 76 - until 07/12/2018
  • Tier 1, $1.0 minimum:
    • Super Blasting Boy (store)
      Rating: 93%; Reviews: 15; Bundled: Never.
      Released: 27/10/2018.
      Full price: $4.99, £3.99, €3.99. Historic low: €0.95 (76% off).
      Super Blasting Boy is a logical platform platformer made in the best traditions of retro games of the late 80's and 90's.
    • Super Potato Bruh (store)
      Rating: N/A; Reviews: 4; Bundled: Never.
      Released: 19/9/2018.
      Full price: $3.99, £2.89, €3.29. Historic low: €3.29 (0% off).
      Super Potato Bruh is a difficult platformer that uses some elements of the bullet hell genre to create an intense platforming experience. Potato Bruh is on a journey to save Princess Lechuga from Mr. Ladle. Play through 5 worlds while dodging tons of projectiles, flying "Beef Moocows", and more!
  • Tier 2, $3.99 for the first ~24h (may vary):
    • Ancient Planet Tower Defense (store)
      Rating: 80%; Reviews: 401; Bundled: 4 times[].
      Released: 3/2/2015. Has: {Cards}[]
      Full price: $4.99, £3.99, €4.99. Historic low: €1.24 (75% off).
      Ancient Planet is classic tower defense game. The stronghold of an ancient civilization has been invaded by hordes of alien raiders. Use powerful technologies of the Ancient and repel the attack of the enemy's armies!
    • The Signal From Tölva (store)
      Rating: 69%; Reviews: 527; Bundled: Twice[].
      Released: 10/4/2017. Has: {Cards}[]
      Full price: $19.99, £14.99, €19.99. Historic low: €4.39 (78% off).
      The Signal From Tölva is an open-world first-person shooter set on a distant, haunted, future world. Unlock savage weapons and recruit robots to fight alongside you as rival factions struggle to discover the source of the mysterious signal. What you discover will decide the fate of a world.
    • Exotic Matter (store) [Early Access]
      Rating: 69%; Reviews: 13; Bundled: Never.
      Released: 6/7/2018.
      Full price: $19.99, £15.49, €19.99. Historic low: €14.99 (25% off).
      A blend of Metroidvania adventure and procedural survival game, in Exotic Matter you will explore, craft, fight, solve puzzles and survive. As the sole survivor of a last-ditch expedition to an alien planet, your duty is to find a powerful alien material that could save Earth from destruction.
    • 35MM (store)
      Rating: 70%; Reviews: 2,733; Bundled: 8 times[].
      Released: 28/5/2016. Has: {Cards}[] {DLC: 1}
      Full price: $8.99, £5.99, €8.99. Historic low: €1.79 (80% off).
      Post-apocalyptic story about two travelers who set out on a long journey in the wasteland, left by people after the global epidemic.
    • 25 Cadre of Death (store)
      Rating: 77%; Reviews: 22; Bundled: Never.
      Released: 22/10/2018.
      Full price: $7.99, £5.79, €6.59. Historic low: €3.95 (40% off).
      The dead city of Time Beach, in the American state of Misuri, generates a sense of fear and loneliness. This city and its districts are completely cut off from the real world. The main character is Caleb Ridus, having got there for not understandable reasons, it is necessary to understand what happened in this city.
    • Astrohazard Solutions Ltd. (store)
      Rating: N/A; Reviews: 5; Bundled: Never.
      Released: 11/12/2017.
      Full price: $5.99, £4.79, €5.99. Historic low: €1.79 (70% off).
      Astrohazard Solutions Ltd. is an interstellar and interspecies corporation dealing mainly with removing and redirecting asteroids and other cosmic junk that threatens their Clients.

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