The Onward March of the Bundles OnwardMarch
The Onward March of the Bundles OnwardMarch
April 14, 2016
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RPS Forum shutting down & The Onward March
The thing just hit me between the eyes like Lucille bashing my skull in. Needless to say I am in shock.

The most important thing to begin with is that **RPS Forum will be shutting down on October, 1st.**

I know some of you relied on the thread as they can't always access the Steam group, so I'll be looking into possible options for the future.

Since there is no agreement at this time on whether the forum can be moved elsewhere and kept alive, I would kindly ask to [bring any conversation that doesn't belong to the official announcement, on the Steam group discussions for the time being.](

[Here is a link to the official RPS announcement](

Please post here any comment and conversation that doesn't belong specifically to the official announcement.
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I'm thinking the thread will have to be transitioning to a blog format of some kind, most likely.

I thought about a static site (Hugo?), but I wonder about limitations?

Wordpress would seem the most obvious choice, I'm guessing a ton of people will already have accounts there, which cannot hurt, although it's kind of old-school by now.

It should probably support notifications by e-mail since that's one thing the thread could do, that the group cannot.

Asking for suggestions?
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I don't know if this is Kosher, but what about another forum? I think it'll be hard to get discussion going on a wordpress, but a healthy forum should be possible. I've found this one to be pretty good, - vibe similar to RPS but slightly more active, and I guess american. Not sure what Hugo is - I'd be up for supporting a patreon with a standalone rps expat forum as well.
Thanks for the suggestions.

I'm not very sure about moving the thread to a forum managed by others, as it would mean having to deal with the forum runners, whose disposition may be variable. Also, there'd be a compatibility aspect to think about, not saying incompatible with quartertothree, rather I don't know.

I'll keep that in mind, though.

As for the forum itself, the big Q right now is whether RPS would be willing to support us moving the existing forum to a different site.

That would probably be less traumatic than having to start a new one from scratch.
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Color me bummed. The forums have been messed up since the tech update though.
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gussmed Sep 1 @ 7:28pm 
Well, to be honest, the RPS forum was pretty low-traffic when I was around there last. So it’s not surprising they’re pulling the plug.

QuarterToThree - the problem there is Tom Chick, who owns the site and moderates the forum. It’s remarkably easy to offend him and get banned. Just disagreeing with him about a movie has gotten some people banned in the past.

Full disclosure, I was banned there years ago for commenting on the weekly post-episode preview clip for The Walking Dead. Tom doesn’t like watching previews, or anyone mentioning anything they saw in a preview.
The low traffic thing is kind of a neutral argument, IMO, few users mean little resource usage, since they must have servers anyway, and the poor thing hasn't been updated once in 4 years, it's hard to argue that it's putting a dent in their books by requiring tons of dedicated resources.
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gussmed Sep 2 @ 5:59am 
That’s a fair point. I wasn’t really thinking about how they’ve got the servers for the website anyway, so there’s no minimum cost for running the forum software.

I guess my main point is that I can see how they didn’t have a lot of incentive to keep it going, if a discussion ever came up. Even if the argument boiled down to “it’d be a bit tidier not having to worry about the forum at all,” that was enough.

I’m assume that the main reason for a site like RPS to keep a forum is that it encourages traffic for the main site, and hence ad revenue. Without a lot of eyeballs in the forum, they didn’t have a lot of reason to care.
Sure, not having unmaintained software running, would at least reduce the attack surface.

I agree a forum is generally conceived as a value-adding part of a larger picture; however, for it to do this job well, it needs investments, and what RPS Forum got instead was years on end of neglect, like it was some kind of unwanted heirloom.

Apropos, it's easy to focus now on what's missing (big numbers), and miss what's there instead.

The forum has simply refused to die, no matter how little care it received, and still now it has a dedicated, albeit small, core community that wishes for it to go on.
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I was planning on doing a joint Discord/Forum Advent Calendar Guessing Game this year. Guess that will have to be discord-only, a community that has previously shown little interest. Really bummed.
gussmed Sep 2 @ 6:29pm 
I think it’s pretty clear the forum was always a neglected stepchild, even when I visited regularly. Yet I don’t think that was the root reason why it was never popular. To be honest, I have no idea how you make a forum popular. Sometimes I feel like it just happens, regardless of how good or bad the forum software is.

“Popular” doesn’t always mean “nice,” either. I left Octopus Overlords a long time ago because of the toxic culture there. It was, at least at the time, a place where WoW griefing was the norm, and if you expressed a dislike for that, you got bullied as a “care bear.” I assume it hasn’t changed.

It seems pretty active even today, but what drives people to a site like that? It’s not associated with a gaming news site, and I believe it’s entirely funded by forum members.
@Aerothorn Have you been following the Closing thread? A good number of people have expressed a desire to continue this forum experience somehow. Perhaps something will come of that.

@Gus when I joined in 2011 RPS Forum was pretty popular, no way I could've caught up with everything that was going on. It was also a lot less nice, although this wasn't down to just size. By 2015 it was still a handful to run with several moderators.

Smaller communities tend to be nicer, on average.

To date, there are still many healthy communities that are centered around a forum, in spite of the boom of social media and the subsequent effects on the audience.
Baines Sep 22 @ 6:59pm 
Some RPS users moved to, the board recently formed in the wake of the closure of the Eurogamer forum.

It may be the best bet for starting something new at roughly the ground floor, as it hasn't quite settled its identity yet. Mind, that also means it has yet to establish whether it will have any longevity, particularly if it doesn't draw enough ex-Eurogamer and ex-RPS users to sustain a community.
I am aware of Font Geek: thanks for the heads up, though.

For the time being, I'll be taking a break; better for me to recharge my batteries, let the world spin on, and things play out.

As for bundles, the group will carry on the torch for a while. It was meant as a lifeboat all along, anyway.
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