The Onward March of the Bundles OnwardMarch
The Onward March of the Bundles OnwardMarch
April 14, 2016
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What Have You Bought?, Weekly Recap and Chat - Sep, 20 >
Welcome to our new weekly recap and discussion thread; have you missed any of this week's bundles? Find all deals released in the post that follows.
  • What have you bought this week?
  • What were you favorites?
  • Thinking about getting a bundle but not sure?
  • Want to recommend and highlight a particularly sweet deal or one that surprised you?
We're waiting to hear from you. General chit-chat welcome.

Humble Book: Harry Potter Film Vault Series by Insight Editions - until 11/10/2021
Go to Deal[]

Humble Tropico 20th Anniversary - until 06/10/2021
X-Ray View - Go to Deal[]

Humble Dream Teams - until 08/10/2021
X-Ray View - Go to Deal[]

Fanatical Tower Defense Reloaded (ReBundle) - until 05/10/2021
X-Ray View - Go to Deal[]

Fanatical Learn Japanese to Survive Complete (ReBundle) - until 05/10/2021
X-Ray View - Go to Deal[]

[NSFW] Groupees Anime Games 12 - until 27/09/2021
X-Ray View - Go to Deal[]

Fanatical The Game Creators - until 23/09/2021
X-Ray View - Go to Deal[]

Fanatical Backstage BYOB - until ?
X-Ray View - Go to Deal[]

Fanatical Pumped Up - until 07/10/2021
X-Ray View - Go to Deal[]

Fanatical Mochi - until 23/09/2021
X-Ray View - Go to Deal[]

Fanatical Dollar Bounty - until 25/09/2021
X-Ray View - Go to Deal[]

Fanatical Showcase - until 08/10/2021
X-Ray View - Go to Deal[]

IndieGala hidden art 2 - until 15/10/2021
X-Ray View - Go to Deal[]

Fanatical Square Enix BYOB - until ?
X-Ray View - Go to Deal[]

Fanatical VR Thrills - until ?
X-Ray View - Go to Deal[]

Fanatical Simulator BYOB - until 27/09/2021
X-Ray View - Go to Deal[]

Fanatical VR Adrenaline - until 11/10/2021
X-Ray View - Go to Deal[]

Groupees Shadowman Comic - until 12/10/2021
Go to Deal[]

Groupees Dreamhop Music 2 - until 14/10/2021
Go to Deal[]
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Anyone have any experience with PGA Tour 2K21 (Humble Choice)?
I gather from its description its essentially an update from The Golf Club 2019, which I own, so torn on whether it's likely to be worth the upgrade.
Whoa, tough one for me to answer but I'll try. Most coverage for the game seems very casual and superficial; this YT Video and accompanying Reddit discussion is the most insightful comparison I was able to find.
That's what I'd found so far. Thanks for the link, hadn't seen that one. Might just be my own perception skewed, but he seems to have a bit of cognitive bias going on in how much he's talking up minor and some cases imperceptible differences. It does help reinforce I definitely wouldn't want to spend _more_ than a Humble Choice sub on it.
My main take-away is that 2k21 is generally a more polished, more accessible version of 2019, with better graphics and some additional licensed content.

There's also the matter of microtransactions, which some reviews mention and others do not.

Putting a price on that seems a largely individual assessment, but if you're not dying to play more of it, I wonder how long before the next refresh?

Sometimes publishers put a game in a bundle as an appetizer for a sequel that's out or about to arrive.

BTW Polygon has a relatively short piece[] written by someone who has played 2019, which in itself is somewhat of a rarity!
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Went to skip a month and they must have known I was on the fence - only time I've been offered a discount out of all the times I've paused. What the hell, working from home tomorrow so won't be spending money on :2018bestcoffee: or lunch.
Just call me sucker. :guppy:
You've got the $4 coupon? That makes it really hard to resist!

Some have reported getting it almost every other month, guess they must really high skip rates.
Blackice Sep 27 @ 7:00am 
I've played a few hours of 2K21 and I'm quite enjoying it. It has a decent range of difficulty options so I've tailored it to suit my needs/compensate for my incompetence. The newly added putting line and swing strength indicator do make it a bit too easy, but these can be turned off or in the case of the putting line, limited in use per round. Definitely worth a play in my opinion anyway.
weirdfish Sep 27 @ 11:46am 
Thanks for chiming in, Ice.

Personally, I'm leaning more towards skipping - Not for Broadcast, Roki, Narita Boy and Atomicrops all look good but there's literally too many games in the world, for me to buy everything that look good.
BTW I just tried Narita Boy's demo. It does look VERY COOL, however my first impression was like it could be someone's "first real video-game", meaning it's trying way too hard without accomplishing much about making a good first impression to get that damn player hooked.

The beginning of a game is one pretty long intro video, followed by a ton, and I literally mean A TON, of exposition, with very little game play: I'd estimate it takes upwards of a dozen minutes in order to get to the first sliver actual game-play, which consists of fairly traditional precision, though not hard, platforming.

Sadly I felt increasingly tired, first of going through box after box of text (so I started skipping the dialog) and quit after I died few times: there seems to be no real checkpointing inside levels, while OTOH there is a fairly long (by contemporary standards) delay before respawning (possibly not even to mask loading).

Besides the aesthetic, the game wasn't really doing anything for me, and I couldn't be bothered to go on.

Too bad as there might be a viable game afterwards, but I'll never know.

Yes, thanks Blackice. Figured I'd customise the assists to balance challenge/fun.

Given I'm playing with a mouse, it seemed odd with the swing/power bar horizontally along the bottom rather than vertically, but maybe because everyone I saw seemed to be reviewing it on console none commented on it as unusual or a change to the previous version. Sounds like I'll get used to the changes from what you say anyway.

Used to play a ton of Links LS 1998 way back when.

Unusually, not a single one of the other games in the bundle grabbed me this month as something I would even bother trying. Not in my wheelhouse from the descriptions/videos and I'd rather watch someone interesting play Not for Broadcast rather than play it myself.
Originally posted by Thermal Ions:
I'd rather watch someone interesting play Not for Broadcast rather than play it myself.

For many games, I don't quite seem to get as much out, per minute, from watching or reading, as I get from getting my hands dirty. (There are exceptions to this rule, obviously, but nothing compares to direct experience, for good or bad.)

Perhaps this is because writers and video makers strive to make their output interesting per se, which adds one more layer, besides tastes, perspective, attitude, etc, that must be extricated to arrive to a useful assessment.

For this reason, I appreciate spare keys: regardless of what I think about the game, they give me hands-on time which might be useful for writing my posts and providing advice.
Spent some 20 minutes with Not for Broadcast: Prologue essentially a demo by any other name, that is listed as a separate game on Steam.

I'm not quite sure about the angle - the premise is that what's essentially a radical Communist party has just been elected and is out to get the wealthy and their money etc

Now, the most accomplished and famous criticism of authoritarian regimes is Orwell's 1984 which nonetheless was written as a satire of the Soviet Union, as Orwell was ferociously anti-Communist.

Nevertheless, and given the general political drift towards extreme right-wing ideologies, leading to a rise of Fascist-like leaders and parties, it does seem like a ...uhm... odd choice, although I played too little to be able to tell whichever way the game is going.

The Polygon Early Access review[] mentions that "it gets weird fast" and adds:

The game is set before the era of Brexit, but with the recent British election, I expected some kind of relevant, modern commentary on politicians like Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson. It never arrives.
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