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October 8, 2017
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Lia Jul 11, 2018 @ 4:36am
Lilipalace full review
Since steam won't let you publish personal reviews until the game releases, I'll post it here for now:

Lilipalace is a first person dungeon crawler RPG made by the japanese developer TUNNEL no.73 and published along with Kagura Games.

The game is set in a world of fiction where we will help Seria and her comrades uncover the truth behind the labyrinth as we get closer and closer to its depths. There's a few tips you might want to know before you start playing it, first and most obvious, make good use of the map, and the most efficient way to do this while you play is, instead of the arrow keys, moving using WASD so you're more comfortable holding the mouse with your right hand to open the map with the right click instead of using the in-game menu. That's all you need to play the game, WASD and the two mouse buttons.

The game features CG mode and replay as usual, there will be a free uncensor patch, but don't expect the mosaics (these are really low in fact, and in some scenes you can see the female genitalia as if nothing was there) to be gone since they're mandatory in Japan, and while the game is being published outside, personally I always preferred the mosaics since it looks lewder that just looking at the uncensored art, specially if the rework is made by a cheap artist drawing like a five year old. But that's my personal opinion.

Going back to the gameplay, carefully manage your healing supplies, making good use of leveling up healing and recovery circles. Even if you can't fully control level ups since the enemy encounters are fixed, so don't use a healing item after a level up, since you'll fully heal in this game, and even if you're at full heal the item will be consumed. When you reach a certain floor, you'll be able to purchase healing items, gear and other goods.

The game features some puzzle solving situations where you'll have to be a bit clever and make use of either your items or skill to overcome some levels, both while exploring and during the fights. Talking about these, don't forget to equip status immunity accessories when needed, as the results of not doing so would be fatal -well, we always want to die the first time for the juicy reward anyway- if you forget to equip these after enjoying the reward and retrying the fight, don't be afraid, since you can change equipment during fight consuming one turn, this works only for weapons and accessories, and won't work for the armor.

There'll be some places where you can point and click to find some useful rewards, or go through a bunch of documents -and a chikan tale- to find some useful stuff. The ero scenes are great, I specially enjoyed one involving a mirror, and they just get better the more comrades and deep you reach in the labyrinth.

Now, there's only one minor issue I've found and that's the fact the action text passes too fast, light-speed fast during the fights, which can make some bosses where you need to buff yourself or protect to certain attacks a bit frustrating. Since it's really hard to notice when a buff wears down, or which kind off attack a boss killed you with so you could protect, for instance a time where you must use levitate to protect from a ground attack. Also, during single enemy fights and self buffs the game won't confirm the target before executing the action as usual on every RPG. So you must be careful as one mistake could be fatal, when you chose an action there isn't turning back and sometimes it could be a bit confusing. But these are really some minor things you're now aware off that have a really little weight compared to all the fun and lewdness the game has to offer.
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