Neogenesis Trading NGS Trade
Neogenesis Trading NGS Trade
July 7, 2016
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TheXeon Jul 13, 2016 @ 12:55am
Donator Perks
We work hard to keep NGS enjoyable, but we need all the help we can get to keep it running. Donations are a great way to help us out and in exchange, you'll receive some donor commands to gain further enjoyment from our servers.

There are some rules for donors though! You operate on a 3-strike system, 3 strikes and you lose your privileges, no refunds or anything.
  • You are only allowed to damage/kill in self-defense when any portion of your body is resized.
  • Addendum to the above: When killing in self-defense, you must have been damaged that same life. No after-death revenge.
  • You may not use resize to get into or escape fights.
  • You cannot recolor yourself as the opposite team or black.
  • You may not use your bumper kart to intentionally bump players.
  • You may not use your hook to obtain advantageous spots to kill.
  • You may not use your hook to escape fights.

Here is the full list of every command and perk you get.
  • The ability to use bumper cars !kartme
  • Resize your player models !resizeme !resizemyhead !resizemytorso !resizemyhands !resizeresetme
  • Get a somewhat cool but kinda lame donor tag next to your name /tc to Enable/Disable
  • Turn yourself into a robot and spook ThunderMRK !robot
  • Make your arrows explode! !explarrowsme !explosivearrowsme
  • Explore the realms of the skybox !skybox
  • Tired of not having enough unusual hats? Then get some for your buildings. What's that?
    Engineer your least played class? Then that's too bad! 50% chance
  • A colorful trail shooting out your kneecaps (we really tried to position it there, chucklehead). !trail <optional color by name or hex>
  • Recolor yourself !colorme [color/normal]
  • NO LOUD ADS (hurray!)
  • Taunt at the speed of light! !tauntspeedme
  • Halloween footprints! !footprints !footsteps
  • A Laser hook! bind [key] +hook
  • A reserved slot on all our servers. Connect from the TF2 in-game console using connect . Please note that it's currently working only intermittently, there's some weirdness afoot.
Tired of having other people see your commands? Well then instead of doing !, try /[command].
Ex: /kartme
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