Microbrush 3 Mb3Ak
Microbrush 3 Mb3Ak
June 13, 2010
xaGe Nov 21, 2015 @ 7:10pm
HOW TO install in WINE under Linux
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xaGe Nov 21, 2015 @ 7:30pm 
Microbrush 3 requires dotnet installed to configure and use the program. Here is a small guide to help those on Linux desktops to setup a new WINE prefix with dotnet4.5 to use for Mb3Ak. This is one of two methods that work for me under Manjaro Linux (Arch based). This requires you to have a current version of winetricks (3rd party helper application script) and WINE installed provided by your distribution, repository or however. If you're running a 64bit Linux OS then you will also need to have your lib32 drivers installed for your graphics card if you don't already. Open source graphic drivers may work, but I haven't tried them.

WineHQ[] suggests dotnet4.5 installs best in a new WINE 32bit prefix and I would agree. Open a terminal window and paste the following line:
WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=~/.Mb3Ak winetricks -q corefonts dotnet45

That line makes a new 32bit WINE prefix named .Mb3Ak in your home folder followed by running winetricks in quiet mode to install required corefonts and dotnet4.5 without user input. Depending on the speed of your internet and PC it can take 10 minutes or more, maybe less. It downloads and installs the needed fonts, then does the same for dotnet 2 through dotnet 4.5.

That 1st part is the longest part of this.

OK so this next part dealing with downloading, installing, and running. You can just copy/paste all at once the following in your still open terminal windows or a new one, doesn't matter.
cd ~/.Mb3Ak/drive_c/ && wget "" && unzip -d Mb3Ak && rm "" && cd Mb3Ak && WINEPREFIX=~/.Mb3Ak/ wine start First\ start\ and\ tasty\ fresh\ cookies\!.bat

This line changes into the "C:/" drive of the WINE prefix we made, downloads the program zip from the official Mb3Ak website, unzips it in a folder named, "Mb3Ak", deletes the zip file, changes into directory, "Mb3Ak", and then runs the configuration batch file. A Windows (WINE) command/dos prompt window will appear, just read and follow the prompts which just take a few seconds as it compiles Microbrush's plugins and models as it would in Windows.

After that's finished your pretty much done. You can run Microbrush 3 from a run command or terminal window with:
WINEPREFIX=~/.Mb3Ak/ wine start C:/Mb3Ak/Microbrush\ 3.exe
You could also use it in a shortcut in your program menu, desktop, launcher, dock, etc, etc...

-Updated on 11/25/2015:
Changed to reflect recent build that has added undo [Ctrl]+[Z] & redo [Ctrl]+[Y] operations along with some instruction based on this post for Linux users wanting to run Mb3Ak in WINE.
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xaGe Nov 21, 2015 @ 7:52pm 
This is just a guide and you can change it up or use just parts of it. Anytime there is a new update you can also just change all the url/file references above from:


To the new url/file name and location.

Also to note once you made a successful WINE prefix for Mb3Ak you don't need to make another for a new release, but just keep using the same one. You can follow just the 2nd part above, but first you need to either delete directory, "Mb3Ak" inside of ~/.Mb3Ak/drive_c/, rename it to something else or change the directory we made above inside the prefix to something else. You can keep multiple builds in different directories if you wish.
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Hai λ Nov 22, 2015 @ 1:59am 
Cheers! :D
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