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July 7, 2017
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HaTcH Jul 17, 2017 @ 2:11am
PvE Server Rules
(update: 03 / 02 / 18)


2) MANNERS: they are free and easy. No racism, bullying or toxicity at Maelstrom. Physically in game, simple manners such as emptying Beaver dams after collecting certain resources and not removing unwanted Wyvern/Drake eggs that are outside of their respected nests can ruin the respawning of said items.

3) FOUNDATION CLAIMING; or any other structures to stop players building. Please clean up after yourself: campfires, taming pens and random items. Scattered landscape claiming can negatively affect the respawn rates of dinos and resources. If found they will be deleted without warning. WARNING - Repeat offenders will face a destroytribestructures cmd.

4a) Non-passive tames; do not hit the players tame or kite wild dinosaurs to fight the unconscious dino.
4b) Passive tames; if you do not have any food on the dinosaur you wish to tame, then you have no claim over it and is still fair game to anyone else. These dinosaurs are first come, first served and "I saw it first" is not a viable argument for claiming ownership.
4bi) Spooking a passive dino in the middle of a tame is also not allowed, and can be classed as trolling.

5) LOOT CRATES: are the same as passive tames, "I saw it first" does not apply.

6) EGG COLLECTORS / ITEM COLLECTORS / ELEMENT CATALYSERS & CHARGE INJECTORS: all must be placed within the confines of your walls, in your base/platform, or on dinosaur platforms. Placing small buildings with them in falls into not complying with rule #3. If found they will be deleted without warning.

7) BASES - We like to see creativity at Maelstrom but there some things we do not like to see.
7a) BLOCKING; access for players to: Explorer notes, coastal areas and bridges to travel through/across. You can grant all players access via Behemoth gates, left unlocked, so all players can still get their dinos through. If this is done please place large signs up so players will know that they still can get through when you’re not online.

If it’s found that an area is completely blocked from getting through or past an area the tribe/player will be asked to grant access or to make alterations. If things have not been changed after 48 hours admins will make alterations for the tribe AKA Behemoth size holes.

7b) TAMING PENS: and items left on the ground is not acceptable (see rule #3). Please clean up after yourselves. If an admin comes across taming pens that players are not using, they will be deleted without warning including. This includes Wyvern pens.
7c) OBELISKS: please never build anything on the obelisks, as this can create problems for players wanting to use them for bosses and ARK to ARK transfers. Structures can, and will be, deleted without warning.
7d) WATER VEINS, OIL, GAS & CHARGE NODES: please do not claim all the veins and nodes on the maps. 1 per tribe is more than enough. Excessive claiming will lead to the removal of the structures with no warning, to once again free up the nodes. Double veins are exempt as they are too close together, it is okay to claim both (SE and Ragnarok). Charge nodes (Aberration) are not to be blocked and all players must be able to get to the nodes at all times (see rules 3 & 7a).
7di) - Side note. Due to the ECO mod installed, Water Veins may be crafted and placed where desired.

8) INCUBATORS & UPGRADE STATIONS - These are set to player and tribe advancement incentives.
8a) INCUBATOR: these are to be used for your tribe only. Never to be sold or passed to another tribe to use, including alliances. If ignored, admins will delete anything hatched from it without warning. We receive full logs of all dinosaurs hatched, bred, tamed and killed.
8b) UPGRADE STATION: players that are not in the same tribe cannot use another tribe’s stations. This is a player incentive.
Both rules do not apply if the players are in the same tribe as they can work together to use anything that the tribe can make.

9) WYVERNS & ROCK DRAKES -+-+- The alphas of the skies and the caves -+-+- This is a tribe only activity in gaining eggs or to get Wyvern milk. Wyvern and Drakes are also NOT claimable by anyone at any given time outside of your tribe. Making a temporary alliance is also a breach of the rule. At hosted events, that are in designated areas, there will be trading events to allow the sale of Wyvern and Drake eggs and the sale of fully grown Wyverns and Drakes. A breech of this rule will result in the Wyvern or Drake being euthanised and removed from game.

10) TAMING PENS: Once used please pick them up or they will be deleted (see rule #3). We have seen a growing trend to bolt a base to a taming pen, if this is not your main base this will still be deemed a “Taming Pen” and deleted. WARNING - Players or repeated offences will face a destroytribestructures cmd. In conjunction to this, taming pens on rafts with pens on are okay on The Island, The Center and Ragnarok, but not on SE or Aberration due to the relatively smaller sizes of those maps.

11) TEK TEIR: to give or sell Tek outside of your own tribe is not allowed, nor is the use of Tek i.e. the use of a Transmitter for any reason. This goes for all Tek items with any function.

The Maelstrom Rules are here to help players have a clean map and for new starters to setup. So when they get a little more advanced than the newest player they don’t get bombarded with requests on giving them game changing items and dinosaurs with little to no effort involved.

Anyone experiencing Trolling or any other form then please let an admin know as we believe no one should suffer alone. We are community of like-minded players, many of us are here to help.

Thanks for keeping our servers clean & fair, and sorry for all the boring rules.


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