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July 7, 2017
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HaTcH Jul 17, 2017 @ 2:11am
PvE Server Rules

1) NO CHEATING, GLITCHING, HACKING, DUPING, or TROLLING. If you are found to be purposely doing any of these activities, you will be immediately banned.
1a) Do not kite wyverns, gigas or any other dinos into someone’s base. This also will be an instant removal from the servers.
1b) multiple accounts, if your using a fighting account and or a crafter account with the same Steam ID, and yes we can see if this is a shared account. One will be removed. (This applies across all maps)
1c) Begging, please do not continue to ask for things for nothing, if your wanting something make a trade. Continuous requests for things will be classed as begging.(edited)
2) MANNERS: they are free and easy. No racism, bullying or toxicity at Maelstrom.
2a) If you loot a beaver dam, take everything from it so it is destroyed and can respawn. Drop the items you do not want.
2b) Do not drop unwanted Wyvern/Drake eggs - it will prevent eggs from spawning in nests. If it is one you do not want, eat it so a new one will spawn.
2c) Do not build a new base right next to someone - if you want to build close by, be courteous and ask first.
2d) Do not leave tames on wander or aggressive outside your base. As this can cause your dino to accidentally attack someone’s tame, if they do they will be removed.
2e) Loot Crates, whoever gets there first can loot it. "I saw it first" does not apply. Again, good manners can go a long way. If you get there first and don't want some of the items, try offering them to the other person.
2f) Supply drops and element veins on Extinction, whoever gets to them first has rights to them. you can invite people to them or let others know that you would like this with just your tribe. Once the tribe has requested this please leave the area.
2g) Stealing is the opposite of Manners, so this is not allowed. Timers are not for players to take it upon themselves to loot and steal Anyone caught looting/stealing in anyway what so ever will be removed from game
2h) WATER VEINS, OIL and GAS NODES, please do not claim all of them, two per tribe are more than enough. if you do have more than two make sure they are unlocked.(edited)
3a) Non-passive tames: Do not hit or try to steal another players tame or kite wild dinosaurs to fight the unconscious dino. If someone is actively taming a dino, let them finish. This also includes Titans on Extinction.
3b) Passive tames: if you do not have any food on the dinosaur you wish to tame, then you have no claim over it and is still fair game to anyone else. These dinosaurs are first come, first served and "I saw it first" is not a viable argument for claiming ownership. Spooking or attacking a passive dino in the middle of a tame is also not allowed and can be classed as trolling. This includes titans on extinction.
4) BASES: We like to see creativity at Maelstrom but there some things we do not like to see. We allow one Base per tribe member so you can be creative.
4a) BLOCKING. Don't block access to resources, Explorer notes, cave entrances, Charge nodes, terminals, coastal areas or bridges to travel through/across. If passage is being blocked an admin will remove the items from the area for clear passage without warning.
4b) TAMING PENS. If you set up a taming pen, take it down when you are done. If an admin comes across taming pens that players are not using, they will be deleted without warning. A taming pen bolted to what is a "Resource shack" is still a taming pen, same outcome applies. Taming pens on boats same applies.
4c) OBELISKS: please never build anything on the obelisks, as this can create problems for players wanting to use them for bosses and ARK to ARK transfers. Structures can and will be deleted without warning.
4d) BASE SPAMMING, we like bases but when placing multiple small huts (resource shacks and bed boxes) around is not fair and does also apply to foundation claiming with the same outcome as foundation claiming. Resource shacks or bed boxes can also be made out of more expensive items, this is still "base spamming".
4e) LAND CLAIMING, We have a maximum size for a base and this is the range of the s+ trough (including height).. Range does not stack in any way. multiple tribe bases have to be out of render range (epic) to warrant a separate trough range.
4f) FOUNDATION CLAIMING: Placing pillars, torches or any other structures to stop players from building. This includes placing a foundation with just a bed on it or some other random item. If you need an outpost, build a proper building. Scattered landscape claiming can negatively affect the respawn rates of dinos and resources. If found they will be deleted without warning. WARNING - Repeat offenders will face a destroytribestructures command.
4g) all mods and tek have to be placed within your base and not outside of your base as this will be classed and foundation claiming with the same outcome.
4h) NEW STARTER spawn areas, please do not build large bases in these areas... its a new starter area.
5) TEK TIER: all Tek gear and structures
5a) Tek tier items are considered end game. It is illegal to give, sell, share or loan Tek items outside of your own tribe. This includes the use of a transmitter for going to a boss fight. If you have players from another tribe that are attending a boss fight, you must go to an obelisk to enter the boss arena. This goes for all Tek items with any function. Excluding Cryopods & Cryo Fridges as they can be crafted in any drop or Obelisk.
5b) Element since the changes in the s+ mod element is now classed the same as Tek. Only time this is allowed is when tribe band together to take on bosses and element can be shared then or in Extinction with either joining in with Supply drops or Element Veins.(edited)
Any active circumvention of the rules are considered as breaking the rules and the same punishment will apply
Anyone that that joins Maelstrom-gaming servers, automatically agree to these terms.
The Maelstrom Rules are here to help players have a clean map and for new starters to setup. Anyone experiencing Trolling or any other form or harassment please let an admin know as we believe no one should suffer alone. We are a community of like-minded players and we are here to help.
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