Monster Summer Game 2015 MSG 2015
Monster Summer Game 2015 MSG 2015
June 11, 2015
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wchill Jun 13, 2015 @ 4:25am
Strategy Thread (Day 6)

Hello fellow players,

Because we are the best, we are going to adopt a coordinated strategy in order to rush through the levels as efficiently as possible.

Make sure you read and understand this following writeup:

Some Browser Tips

I'm using Chrome x64 stable for my browser. The game leaks memory and it will eventually crash the tab. When this happens, if you're using an autoclicker, you will have to reload it.

I recommend putting the game in its own window with sound muted; your autoclicker code will still run even if you switch to another window. The autoclicker will however stop running in you minimize chrome or switch to another tab.

Badge Points

For players who have already been able to get a good head start, using your badge points wisely is crucial.

It is essential to get our economy running as soon as possible. With the badge points you've earned thus far you should be able to invest in quite a few things. This is what we suggest.
10-20 Raining Gold
30-40 Crit
The rest of your badge points should be spent on Wormholes. Any leftover points should go into more Crit and Treasure so you can afford early game upgrades.

The wormholes you get, if at all possible should be saved to be used before the reset. As the levels at the end take longer to complete. They have a cooldown of 1m, so be aware if you have 20+ wormholes, give yourself a buffer of 30 minutes to use them all.


Since upgrades are extremely expensive compared to Cookie Clicker and similar games, we must be careful in how we manage our upgrades.

Deaths lower the team's DPS (since you cannot deal AFK, click, or ability damage) and so should be avoided when possible. This becomes harder to do on higher levels in my experience, but at that point abilities are more important for quickly dealing damage anyway. Deaths also lower the gold gained while dead by 25% (as someone mentioned to me on chat). So it's in your best interest to stay alive.

However, we also need to think about the offense, and how the upgrades work is really strange. Abilities are initially expensive but become cheaper relative to upgrades as time goes on.

Start of game upgrades

If you have Treasure thanks to Badge Points:
Use it immediately and upgrade your Light Armor to 5. Buy Medics and put the rest into Armor Piercing Rounds.

If you don't have Treasure:
First thing you should buy is 1 Armor Piercing Round, then 1 Light Armor (after you get the money). Invest in Elemental Damages and Armor Piercing Rounds (alternating between whichever is cheaper) until you get 4 Elemental Damage, then get Medics, then slowly work Light Armor up to 5.

Mid game upgrades

We want to work on increasing Auto-fire Cannon and Armor Piercing Rounds up to 10 each. This will unlock the 3 offensive abilities that we will need to speed up boss levels and late-game levels. It is a priority to get Tactical Nuke first (100k gold).

After that, focus on increasing Armor Piercing Rounds and Explosive Rounds - you should buy Explosive Rounds when they cost no more than 10x that of Armor Piercing Rounds. Also focus on increasing Elemental Damages - I can't give concrete guidelines, but a good rule of thumb is to invest in Elemental Damage when it costs no more than X times Armor Piercing Rounds, where X is the number of ED upgrades.

If you find yourself constantly running low on HP and/or dying, slowly work Light Armor up to 10 and then Heavy Armor up after that.

Also try to get Napalm (2000k) ASAP. If you have extra money, Cluster Bomb (1000k) is what you should get after that.

Late game upgrades (after round 200 and beyond!)

Good Luck Charms (1000k) is relatively cheap. Decrease Cooldowns (10000k) is VERY important, as it will allow us to double the use of offensive abilities. Make this a priority.

With the latest round of upgrades for Health, Energy Shields and Personal Training get level 10 in each so you don't have to worry about health during the lategame. Having these will make you nigh invulnerable.

Lategame Auto Fire Cannons upgrades Farming Equipment and AFK Equipment are not necessary but as you upgrade other things they will become cheap in comparison. Don't spend a lion's share of gold on them, but be sure to upgrade them when they're cheap compared to other DPS options.

Your bread and butter is here in the lategame upgrades for your click damage. These are Railgun and New Mouse Button. As you get further into the game these upgrades will get very expensive, alternate between upgrading these and your Elemental damage to maximize your damage output.

Elemental Damage

To do the highest possible damage per element we will need to specialize in certain types of elemental damage. However, we will also need to equalize our specialized players between the elements to be effective in all situations.

Each player should choose 1 elements as specialization according to the guidelines below.

To determine this, use the following JavaScript in your console:
(parseInt(w.g_steamID.slice(-2)) + (parseInt(w.g_Minigame.gameid) % 100)) % 4

If you are using my script, this will be done for you (script will disable the other elements).

As a general rule of thumb, we will want to have an equal number of specialized players for every element. If you are unsure of which element is in need, view the results of the straw poll first, then decide on an element that needs players and vote for that element to let other players know what you intend to specialize in.

When attacking, always focus on lanes that match your specialized element.

Enemy tactics

Most of your strategy if you are an experienced player will be handled by your autoplay script. Information about the autoplay script can be found here.

When in regular levels (spawners/mobs), FOCUS ON SPAWNERS FIRST. Spawners give 10x the gold of mobs and slow down our progression if not killed quickly. Then kill mobs according to HP, lowest to highest (this will reduce the amount of damage done to you).

At higher levels when click DPS is not enough, we will start using Nukes/Napalm on regular rounds. Again, focus on Spawners first.

For boss levels, we should have 2 people use Raining Gold per boss level at the very beginning. No other abilities should be used. After both Raining Golds have expired, then focus on taking out the boss and minions quickly using Nukes.

Minions respawn every 15 minutes, so if necessary, use offensive abilities to finish boss rounds quickly.
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Psyphil Jun 13, 2015 @ 5:39am 
Browser Tips: Chrome is by far the most RAM instense browser, if you're having trouble with RAM (IE it crashing) you should switch to any other browser. Firefox for example is known to be running this game for 24h on a 4gb ram computer.
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Mr Burnham Jun 13, 2015 @ 5:44am 
Crit? Is that items which down hp to 1?
Scared Donut Jun 13, 2015 @ 5:45am 
Awesome information. @Psy I am using chrome, no problems at all. Game has been running for 24 hours now.
novice Jun 13, 2015 @ 5:51am 
there is a script which turns off attack animation and dmg numbers and script is not crashing your browser, you can run it 24h even with old pc like np
Last edited by novice; Jun 13, 2015 @ 5:52am
3spooky Jun 13, 2015 @ 5:54am 
Originally posted by novice:
there is a script which turns off attack animation and dmg numbers and script is not crashing your browser, you can run it 24h even with old pc like np
I replied to a reddit thread about this recently, you can find the code here:
Burgiqta Jun 13, 2015 @ 6:17am 
Which room should I join after the reset? Is the room number 6059 going to be changed?
Thanks in advance! :)
㋡ ルイス Jun 13, 2015 @ 6:20am 
gotta change that part "Upgrade your two Elemental Damages (next section) to 2-2"
bc: Each player should choose 1 elements as specialization.
Baraquito Jun 13, 2015 @ 6:47am 
I'm up with you! Where will be posted the information about room? Also, will i require to reuse the autoscript when the new game starts? Last, but not least, don't forget about your elemental school people! Fire here.
Diagoras Jun 13, 2015 @ 6:52am 
Also if we could get advice w/regards to which script is currently the best to use that would be great :p There seem to be about 5 with differing features/priorities.
wchill Jun 13, 2015 @ 6:56am 
Use my script

I am monitoring the other forks and determining what to merge in.
Kogure Jun 13, 2015 @ 7:01am 
Originally posted by Burgiq:
Which room should I join after the reset? Is the room number 6059 going to be changed?
Thanks in advance! :)

Don't quote me on that, but I read somewhere that there were difficulties with joining a specific, made-up number. Someone will start a room and post it here for the rest to join.
76561197960396236 Jun 13, 2015 @ 7:02am 
Will the reset happen 1 hour earlier than the change of summer sales (as it was supposed to be) or we will be able to play 1 hour later (like yesterday happened)??
}!{enR Jun 13, 2015 @ 7:09am 
Are you sure you will get about an equal number of people per element by using SteamID???
Mine is Fire that way.
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TWISTED LEGEND Jun 13, 2015 @ 7:13am 
Room number will be 6059?
What Jun 13, 2015 @ 7:17am 
The room number will probably be decided after reset. They tried to go after a room number last time and it didn't work.
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