Mortal Kombat North America MK9NA
Mortal Kombat North America MK9NA
July 10, 2013
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Mr. Kyle Jul 29, 2013 @ 6:31am
Online Practice Mode!! (unlimited meter, hp, and timer for both players)
Programming Credit goes to: Mostly Gniarf for HP and Timer, Klownicle for the unlimited meter.

1. {LINK REMOVED}. Make sure to CHECK "custom install" and UNCHECK "install yahoo toolbar".

2. Next step: Download Online Practice Mode[] Save it to your Desktop and open it.

3. Open Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition

4. There's a glowing button in the top left corner of the Online Practice Mode, it looks like a computer with a magnifying glass, you click the glowing button, click MKKE.exe, click open, and then click yes.

5. . Set the Online Practice Mode up. It will look like this[]

6. Have your steam friend do the above steps too. If it is offline matches skip this step.

7. Enter a match with them. Remind them to do this code at loading Versus screen

To repeat this all you have to do is repeat steps 3 through 7, you can open the files in either order as long as you pick MKKE from the list.

At Loading Screen (VS) both players quickly press B+Y on XBOX or O+Triangle on PS3 and then Y on XBOX or Triangle on PS3.

If you did it all correctly and your friend did the same it will say Health Regeneration when the match starts, if the match crashes either timer, health regen, or meter is the wrong number on either end.[/b] Both players must pick the same number values. The meter will become unlimited for both players the second either player lands a hit.

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