December 17, 2008
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Please note: group description, name and the text below will be rewritten to include multiple issues to be handled. Currently, the text below as it stands is a response to things that have been happening, that shouldn't have been ignored. Things will return to state resembling the former one soon.

This group was started as a protest against what was seen as harmful business practices towards end users on the Steam-platform. Do not be mistaken - this is still something we care about. However - it is now time to broaden the scope to things that matter (shitty things in the industry) and remove focus on things that do not matter (OMG LOOK AT THESE OFFERS AND FREE GAAAMES).

As it stands now, things are much better than they were (at least on average) and some prices are actually lower in Europe than in the US. We would still rather see the option to choose currency and let some regions have somewhat lower prices to match their substantially lower average incomes.

Long story short, this is about trying to help out the game industry - and especially vulnerable indie devs - just a little bit. G2A and similar sites facilitating large-scale fraud where people who have obtained illegitimate credits card information have purchased games from Indie developers and then resold those keys on these key reseller sites.

G2A has been shown to be a reseller that lies about the things they do, make things as convoluted as possible, and outright scam people. I urge everyone to take a look at this exchange between the G2A crew and a redditor as well as the other discussions happening in the thread:
G2A shield is a disaster and should be a huge warning sign as well.

This hurts developers in many ways:

  • When the fraud is uncovered, the developers will be hit by chargeback fees if they can’t figure out which purchases were fraudulent.
  • The developers have to spend time and money on making systems that track purchases - resources that could be spent on developing games.
  • Keys sold this way hurt the developer as they are effectively competing against someone who has a production cost of zero on the exact same product.
  • If the developer chooses to deactivate keys sold this way, they will most likely get punished with a negative reputation.

This hurts us, the consumers in the following ways:

  • Game prices go up due to the points mentioned above.
  • Our favourite indie devs may go bankrupt.

If you find any links that you think should be removed from this group as it furthers ethically doubtful interests of administrators or others, please let us know.
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Cleanup - group rebranding
  • Changed logo and group description.
  • Links to the "official website" have been scrubbed.
  • The person who runs that site has been removed from the group due to this disagreement.
  • Links to grey market key resellers are gone.
  • Curated games are gone.

The reason for this is that we believe that G2A and other key reseller sites are hurting an industry that is dear to us and we did not want to see this group that was about making this easier on the consumer instead be used to hurt developers (and especially indie developers!)

Viva la revolución!

Edit: If you find any links that you think should be removed from this group as it furthers ethically doubtful interests of administrators or others, please let me know.

Edit #2: I see that there's a loooong list of announcements. I'll see what I can do about it.

Edit #3: regarding demotions - this wouldn't have been possible without Sharky and I do not have administrative rights over who is an admin etc. It'll be discussed asap when we're both online at the same time.

The European Commission will examine the legality of regional blocks on Steam
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europe fuckin sucks
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yeah i agree
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I don't see how this is supposed to be a hijack. Reading up on this I feel bad for having joined this group BEFORE the G2A bullshit was gotten rid of.
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This isn't the group I once joined. There is no reason to stay here.
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December 17, 2008