K&L2 Weekend Warriors! K&L2 W W
K&L2 Weekend Warriors! K&L2 W W
September 7, 2011
United States 
ABOUT K&L2 Weekend Warriors!

We love to play Kane and Lynch 2: Dog days/Dead men!

Hey there, and welcome to the K&L2 Weekend Warriors. We play Kane and Lynch 2 every single weekend (Every gamemode if we can, mostly Fragile Alliance though) and host events every now and then.

We are planning to host Friday night competitions soon! 3 matches on 3 differnt maps will be played. Whoever has the most money accumulated throughout all three of those matches will win the Steam Gift prize!

Info and rules about the competition events:
Live2brightous, Man_Demon, and Mr. Necros will be hosting/watching/playing in the entire competition! The rules are...

1. No teaming whats so ever. Play Fragile Alliance the way it's supposed to be played, free for all style!

2. Quitting during a match will get you disqualified. Make sure you can attend all three matches!

And that's about it, I look forward to further matches with you guys!

Special thanks to NavajoWarrior-]NK[- and PitViper401 for donating a game to our competition events... as well as Summertime (AKA Fun Ghoul) for creating our new logo![/h1]

Memorable Dudes to Remember:
RIP DOOMJESUS. He couldn't take the gay jokes and became one himself. He will be remembered.
RIP Queen Tao. Long live the Queen of Fragile Alliance.
RIP Spec Ops. He always told us when Man_demon was looking. Thanks for saving us!
RIP Wigglybad. He was a good man until he turned racist and complained about everything. May he rest in peace.
RIP Alexander Delarge. He died showing off
RIP Silouette. His mormon duties took over.
RIP David. He died without joining on the mic and became a one match leaving pussup. May he once play 2 matches again.
RIP Mr. Necros.He died like he lived; playing sound clips of GTA IV
He is now a true angel of bowling.
RIP AngryGlove. He died boning Man_Demon in the pooper. He wll be missed <3
RIP NavajoWarrior. Lost his life to Payday: The Heist on Oct 20, 2011.
RIP Maxoess. The american lag finally caught up to him.
RIP JS_LYNCH. He unfortunately ended his own life after seeing his wife Xui raped and tortured
RIP Fisher. He died by playing too many shooter games
RIP Man_Demon, when he was too busy doing his movies as matt damon.
RIP Wojtek. He never really could finish his sentences.
RIP Flava Flav. Got shot down by The Man, KFC in one hand and a mac 10 in the other.
RIP [DaC]alexace210. The maddest underage girl ever
RIP ☭Ashkey☭ who died taking a BBC up her pooter

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anyone up for FA now?
4 horny men, join more dudes
chainsaw_george Sep 12 @ 6:08am 
guys sorry to do that but create my own page to play kane and lynch to play that awesome multiplayer game because that group is dead :steamsad: feel free to join to my group
chainsaw_george Aug 8 @ 3:49am 
add me for multi :SmokingGlock:
NavajoWarrior-]NK[- Aug 5 @ 4:44pm 
me and david deleted that bullshit
ZoMbIeKiLl523 Feb 23 @ 11:32am 
anyone who need a extra man im here and ready to play #LONGLIVE kane&lynce
SöuL_Jah Jan 20 @ 11:04am 
hey guys, anyone for multiplayer? we are 3
chainsaw_george Nov 24, 2018 @ 1:53pm 
anyone want some multiplayer or coop ????:mrb_ivan::mrb_ivan:
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