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August 4, 2014
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The Messenger + Free DLC (Epic)

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Euphoria Nov 15 @ 7:31am 
@X-C-V -- This is why I post that every time:

TL;DR - I'm merely balancing the trolls and hate-train passengers so the people in this group don't completely look like a bunch of whining nuck-fuggets.
Oh and of course to make 100% sure that eVEryOnE KNowS hOW i FeELs... like everyone else seems to feel the overwhelming need to do in these threads instead of just ignoring something they aren't interested in, or saying "Thank you" to GrabFreeGames for the post.
rustyesh Nov 15 @ 5:43am 
@klew it wasnt even there yesterday. Thanks!

@All others: Why dont Epic's free games haters just ignore the post? They know the timings of epic's giveaway notification, yet they come and hate. You dont want, just ignore the post? We appreciate free games.
vadalus Nov 15 @ 4:24am 
This game looks excellent, great reviews on Steam too. Thank you :LoveTalia:
Wool God Nov 15 @ 3:45am 
EPIC BEST LAUNCHER POGGERS :lunar2019piginablanket:
klew Nov 15 @ 1:03am 
Note the DLC is also free (I don't know if that is normal or not).
Supreme D0NG Nov 14 @ 6:12pm 
gotta love that epic spyware:steamhappy:
Chweszczuk Nov 14 @ 5:36pm 
Also... Clears throat
Chweszczuk Nov 14 @ 5:36pm 
Yes! Epic, such an awesome store. And what can i say about Tim. What a magnificent person. :cleanseal:
X-C-V Nov 14 @ 5:28pm 
"*clears throat... Thank you, Epic, for all these incredible free games. Huge respect and appreciation from every PC gamer.
Such an awesome company and a fantastic games store."
Gotta love the ass kissing in every damn post of a free game on EGS, lol, you do know Epic doesn't read posts on here.
I appreciate free games, but Epic doesn't deserve any of our respect until they stop their anti consumer and anti indie developer tactics.
Ben Nov 14 @ 2:28pm 
Epic is the best :steamhappy: