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August 4, 2014
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Ruiner and Nuclear Throne - Epic Games

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gay ass mill Nov 9 @ 3:38am 
at this point just mute the people who are spamming epic games insults and stuff lol
Euphoria Nov 9 @ 3:06am 
I started a thread in the discussions section about the Epic giveaways, I won't copy n' paste the whole thing here as it's a big post but for anyone interested here's the link:

As the one who started the - "*clears throat... Thank you, Epic..." - I want to explain why
Igor Dot Ninja Nov 9 @ 12:44am 
yeah :) i agree
🐉 Chesmu ☠ Nov 8 @ 3:59pm 
Igor I think the fight between Epic and Steam between users is now in an overteaction state; Almost a meme, and very silly. There is no point on targeting a single company/business and downtalking them; If we look carefully, they all use the same techniques at some point, since it's what makes them a business.

It's very childish an annoying to spam "Epic bad!" / "Steam bad!" everywhere for more than a day, IMO. :)
Chweszczuk Nov 8 @ 2:58pm 
Igor The real MVP
Igor Dot Ninja Nov 8 @ 2:39pm 
i will continue posting epic giveaways, because they are giving quality games, that i think people should own/play. and taking the game is super easy.
Igor Dot Ninja Nov 8 @ 2:38pm 
What if i told you that there are special messages, made just for you, targeted directly at you, to force you to change your opinion on something. :) its called marketing, everyone is doing it. people, companies, governments

Epic spends cash to advertise their platform, and we get free games in return.

Steam does the exact same thing. During the steam events, they giveaway games by other developers. to get people into steam during the sale.

and nobody is giving games for free, they usually get something in return, a customer, your info so that they can send you stuff, or some other thing.
justified Nov 7 @ 10:14pm 
*clears throat... Thank you, Epic, for all these incredible unnecessary fights . Huge boo-hoo and hate from some PC gamers.
Such an awesome company and a fantastic games store.
I n s a n E Nov 7 @ 10:12pm 
"A lot of people dislike epic, lets hear about it in the comments :beatmeat:" haha Igor :tonguecheek: :tonguecheek:
ThaDaLinkWent Nov 7 @ 8:46pm 
That's hilarious for someone apparently "not raging" you come off super hostile and confrontational calling people tools and retards but I guess that's just your thing feeling tough on the internet and all. Me asking the rhetorical question of what's the point of complaining about non mandatory things is not "bitchin" FYI. If you call what you just spewed as "calmly" stating your opinion then you truly must be extremely devoid of actual human contact because you have the social skills of a rabid dog. Jesus Christ!