Glubbable's Servers Glubs
Glubbable's Servers Glubs
September 2, 2013
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Server Rules
These rules apply to all servers unless stated otherwise.

1. This is an English Speaking Server
It is required that you speak English, you will be asked by Staff to speak English if you do not. Failure to speak English may or will result in a mute/gag/silence!

2. Do not grief, troll or insult other players
Please, do not go out of your way to cause grievance towards other players. Either be it through trolling or purposely insulting other players. (This includes making loud noises to annoy others)

Failure to comply might result in punishments such as being muted or gagged/silenced or could go to kicks/bans depending if the behaviour is via chat or in-game abuse of mechanics.

3. Do not advertise other server groups or websites
Please do not attempt to advertise a server that either belongs to yourself or to another community. Tags, Names and Logo's are allowed however, as long as you do not advertise an URL or IP or both within your messages, name, spray, profile picture or objector decals.

Failure to do so might result in being gagged/muted or having your sprays/objector rights revoked.

The next sites are fine to use within your nickname:

4. No propaganda or offensive imagery/text
This includes but not limited to, any imagery or messages related to Nazism, Racism, Communism, Terrorism and other imagery that might be unacceptable in nature such as gore and pornographic or explicit material of any kind, such as censored nudity, ahegao, suggestive poses, body fluids or excessive blushing accompanied with questionable expressions.

Failure to follow this, will result in your spray and objector rights to be revoked, or in the case of having a profile picture, you will be kicked if you don't change it. And it might lead to further punishments if persisted via text chat as well.

5. Do not engulf the server in immature conversations
No one wants to hear someone talk about sex all day. Unless, you are one of those people. In which case, failure to keep these kinds of conversations to private channels will result in mute/gag.

6. Do not use cheats or hacks
This is pretty much common sense in most games, only a handful of people like cheaters.
But we certainly don't, so it will result in an instant permanent ban.

7. Do not use exploits unless you are reporting them
No one likes it when someone purposely breaks a game for others. If you see any exploits, please report them! Failure to do so might result in all forms of punishments.

8. Sprays are restricted to Donators & Above
Due to frequent abuse and exploits over the years, sprays are restricted to donators and above. We just can't have nice things because people ruin them... (Currently disabled for everyone, until a new system for easier handling is set up.)

9. Chat is restricted to non-F2P only
Due to issues with bot spam and consistent mute/gag evasion attempts, F2Ps are not allowed to use chat. Yes, again, people ruin things, which is why we can't have nice things.

10. Mic-spam is not allowed on our servers
Unless it is stated otherwise or special permission (from an Owner) has been given.

Voice changers are allowed only if a member of Staff approves it. Any rule exploits, be it masking you being underage or not asking for permission, are punishable.

11. Trading is allowed under certain conditions
Do not pester players over what you are selling, we saw it the first time, we don't want to see it a second time. However, if the server is on an actual trade map, Chillout server, then this does not apply.

12. Being a Donator, Supporter or VIP does not make you immune to rules
Unless, you're like f- the system. Then by all means... flip that coin.

13. Respect the Server Administration
Even if you disagree with them on a decision that has been made, please do not go out of your way to make things personal. After all, it's just business! 'member? ye I 'member.

14. No friendlies unless !friendly is available
No one likes to deal with friendlies when they're playing serious, especially in SF2s PvP.
So unless !friendly is available, don't attempt to be friendly.

15. No Children/Kids on the mic
Anyone who sounds to be below the age of 15 - 16 in the terms of "Has puberty hit them yet". Will be prone to being muted if heard, we advise to either stay quiet or just... flip that coin.

16. Do not stalk other players
This... really should be a no brainer... please don't be creepy... pleaseeee?
But seriously, if you are found to be following other players and refuse to stop, it might result in punishments.

17. Staff cannot make up their own rules
Unless, the rule is listed here, staff cannot enforce their own personal rules upon you!

18. SF2/VSH - Do not avoid your turn by disconnecting
No one likes this, which is why we have anti-reconnect for a reason. If you wish to skip your turn, remember to change your queue points with their respective commands!

19. SF2/VSH - Do not rejoin during your round
Again, this is why we have anti-reconnect! If you don't want to play, reset your points!
If you rejoin mid-round while it's your turn, can result in punishments if you do it constantly.

20. SF2 - Do not camp or exit camp
No one likes having a teammate that sits or walks around in circles being useless all game and not contributing to the objectives.
If you are seen doing this, it might result in punishments!

Exit camping does not apply for the next map types:
- Survival
- Elimination
- Proxy Survival
- Raid
- Escape

21. Do not spam re-spawn via item load-out changes
No one wants to constantly hear you spam the voice lines of a class over and over.
This can result in being kicked from the server if you keep doing it.

22. Do not openly brag or inform others that you are recording
Unless you're a somebody, which in most cases, none of us are.
No one cares if you are recording this server, we don't want to see you seeking attention with this. If you are recording for YouTube then please do so in silence, if you really want people to do commentary with you then get some friends together on Steam VC/Skype/Discord/TS.

23. Do not impersonate/pretend to be a member of staff
Please, do not impersonate or pretend to be a member of our staff here. It is generally not accepted across the TF2 Community in general and can result in punishments if caught.

24. SF2 - Do not hold the PvP Arena Hostage
The PvP is meant for everyone, please do not see it as your own personal stomping ground for you and your friends. This will result in possible punishments!

25. If you have been punished, please do not evade it
If you feel you've been wrongly punished, you are free to appeal the punishment over on our steam group!
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