Glubbable's Servers Glubs
Glubbable's Servers Glubs
September 2, 2013
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Donation Information
As of the 1st of Feb 2016, in order to donate, please head over to our Patreon Page.[]

Please keep in mind that this is a thing where you only have to pay for the first month, afterwards you can end your pledge or continue it in order to support the servers, we are always working on producing new content for Slender Fortress and sometimes other things on the side.

Patreon Supports will recieve these perks, between $10 & $20 donations.

Please note, that if you are caught abusing the spray system, it may result in you losing your status on the servers, you've been warned.
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Glubbable~ ❥ Feb 1, 2016 @ 7:29am 
Chat Tag Name changes are only available to Tier 2 Supporters. Old Donator Tiers are now legacy statuses and are no longer upgradable or changable.

If you wish to change your chat tag as Tier 2 Supporter, please make a new claim over on the Patreon Claims thread. You are limited to one change per month and as long as you are an active supporter. (Min is $1, after claiming Tier 2)

Ability to claim and change connect/disconnect messages are coming soon!
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Glubbable~ ❥ Jul 30, 2016 @ 7:21pm 
This is only an alternative donation method, you will not recieve all of the available perks from this, in order to recieve all of the possible perks, please consider donating via Patreon instead!

Also, if you've been marked as a scammer on steamrep, your donation will be declined.
I will also decline donations coming from anyone that tries to donate on your behalf.

Plus, sometimes steam will glitch and will claim the donation items are either missing or invalid, which'll appear with a grey background, if this happens, you will need to resubmit the trade to me.

Now that Escrow is in effect, if the trade ends up being suspended I will still grant the donation status before the items arrive, however, if you decide to cancel the trade afterwards, I will revoke the donation status.

To donate
Make sure you provide the right amount of keys.

If you are also donating for someone else you will need to tell me who you are donating for, which will require a link to their steam profile so that I can aquire their steam ID.

Current currency being accepted
Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys

Please note that donations are perm, not monthly.
Please only make one trade offer at a time, also please wait between 24-48 hours for it to be accepted, your donator status will be applied once it is accepted, it'll also take a map change after it has been accepted for it to fully apply.
No upgrades available

Tier 1: Standard perks is 5 keys (5)

The standard perks goes as follows.

- Reserved slot
If the server is full, you'll be able connect via console to the server.

- Bunny Skin for Demoman & Hazmat Skin for Sniper
Additional custom player models to make your appearance on the server more unique.

- Colorable buildings
Make your buildings stand out among the crowd.

- Joinsounds
People will know when someone has joined with a wide selection of join sounds that play only when you connect.

- End of round immunity
Tired of humilation? Well then, you'll no longer have to worry about dying.

- Hats for Engineer buildings
Your buildings gain a form of fashion sense beyond our own and start wearing hats!

- Bumper Cars (Only on SF2/Chillout)
Ride around within the waiting room of SF2 with a bumper car! Beep beep!

- VIP Teleport (Only on Chillout)

- TF2 Pets! (Only on SF2 & Chillout)
Have a cute pet follow you around on your adventures that jumps and makes noises!

- Halloween Footsteps

- Resize yourself
Resize your player model while waiting for your turn, also keeps your torso, head and hands settings while on Red. At least, it should do anyway.

- Spray Access
Have the ability to spray on the server!

- Alternate Spawn/Respawn Effect
Spawn with a particle effect that's different to the default one that everyone spawns with

- Paintable Player Models
Be able to change the color of certain player models in our PvE based gamemodes

- Engineer Pads
Provide speed or jump boosts to yourself or teammates on SF2 & Chillout!

- Food Menu (SF2)
Get served some delicious food while waiting for your turn!

- SF2 Escape Sounds!
Have a custom sound play when you escape the map, so people know you're coming!

- TF2 Emotes!
Express yourself with an emote, selected from a menu to be spawned on demand!

Donator commands
You can access donator commands in-game by saying !menu
Or you can take note of their direct commands here.

- /colorme (Colours your player model, accepts most colours)
- /buildingcolors (Same as above but affects your dispenser)
- /joinsound_change (Sound that plays when you join by connecting)
- /footsteps (Adds halloween footprints to your feet)
- /em (Allows you to equip the donator models for Sniper & Demoman)
- /buildinghats (Allows you to enable or disable hats on your buildings)
- /car (Allows you to use a bumper car while on blue)
- /warp (Teleports you to a preset location!)
- /pets (Spawns a pet of your choice)
- /resizeme (For Resize Player)
- /resizemytorso (For Resize Player)
- /resizemyhands (For Resize Player)
- /resizemyhead (For Resize Player)
- /mc (Paints your player model)
- /pad or /pads (Changes your teleports for speed/jump pads)
- /givefood (Gives you a selection of food to eat as Heavy)
- /sf2_escapesound (Opens a menu to select a custom escape sound)
- /pickemote (Opens a menu that allows you to select your emote)
- /emote (Spawns the emote that you have selected with /pickemote)

There's currently no offers going on.
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