Ghost Hippies Elite G.H.E.
Ghost Hippies Elite G.H.E.
January 20, 2015
ABOUT Ghost Hippies Elite

Clans come and go...but Ghosts never die!

Hello and welcome to the Ghost Hippies Steam Group ! We are a cheat-free, passionate and teamwork-oriented online gaming collective based primarily on steam and in North America. We are seeking dedicated, like-minded and mature individuals to be a part of our journey and have a great time with us in the process. We do what we can to bring out the best in each other and to lend our combined knowledge and abilities as players toward a common cause. A few year's ago in 2015, we invested our efforts in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and had participated in the Clan Wars were through many hours of steadfast cooperation, determination, execution and a dash or two of luck we achieved rank #1 in the world for Clan Wars Diamond Division on PC! This year, our current main focus has mostly revolved around Battlegrounds PUBG and Battlefield 1 Though there are no Clan Wars or such equivalent planned this time around, we are open to the consideration of potentially contacting other clans or groups and setting up some friendly competition in the future

Although Battlegrounds PUBG is our main game as a group, we additionally play other FPS games such as Ghost Recon and Battlefield 1 as well as a good number of other games in a variety of genres. Now, many of you who play multiplayer titles, particularly competitive ones, are already well aware of how divisive and toxic their respective communities can become. We desire to combat and counter this unfortunate condition by being as congenial, inclusive and supportive as possible and we value the feedback of everyone with regard to developing ideas, making decisions and helping us grow as a team. Whether celebrating our successes or learning from our failures, we give each match our all, always expecting that our competition will do the same. We do not impose our egos or cast a belittling gaze down upon any fellow legit player and if you treat us with dignity and respect, we will definitely reciprocate in kind. It is our hope that, together, we can serve as an exceptional example of what the good side of pride and a substantial amount of time and effort invested in something you love can accomplish.

If you are interested in joining Ghost Hippies, please contact one of our officers or members for further information, including the rules and guidelines of our Discord server and any other pertinent particulars, and we will help you get started. And feel free to check out our websites listed both below and to the right of this page.

Click the link to get in to our Discord :

Thank you for your time and we look forward to shooting (and being shot by) you soon! -------- Apply to join our group at
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hi cyneward,
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welcome ArkCyneward
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Hello Everyone!
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