#Genoslide #Genoslide
#Genoslide #Genoslide
September 1, 2013
ABOUT #Genoslide

1000s of children a day aren't boiling in a vat of acid. For only pennies a day, you too can help fund the Genoslide. #Genoslide #Splaushwitz

Unholy lawl-spawn of Gothalion/Bahroo/etc.
More to come once I can get Goth and crew in and mod'd

The official puppy of #Genoslide: Sir Krieg von Gibbingston

Technical Specs for the GenoSlide

Gothalion Streaming Schedule:
Sunday Starting Between 8:30 & 10PM EST
Monday Starting Between 8:30 & 10PM EST
Wednesday is Duo night with Bahroo Startion between 8:30 and 10PM EST
Thursday Starting Between 8:30 & 10PM EST. Thursday is also Subscriber Game Night!

Bahroo Streaming Schedule:
*Whenever he gets it figured out
New Raid Boss!

First stage: Wash Cycle
Socks starts off in a giant washing machine(Wash Armor), bouncing around the arena. Each bounce has a chance to cause a "hydro-nova", which soaks the arena in soapy water. Once the arena is wet, shock attacks get reflected back at VH's.
The water can either be allowed to dissipate, or can be dried faster by blowing open the clogged drain.
Soap bubbles can spawn from the Wash Armor, which can trap and damage a VH unless destroyed(also potential source of SecondWind).
Paint can be knocked off of the Wash Armor with explosive weapons, making the armor weak to corrosive

Resistant To: Fire, Shock.
Immune To: Shock while arena is wet
Weak To: Explosive, Corrosive if paint has been chipped.
Absorbs: None

Second Stage: Dry Cycle
Socks jumps to his Dryer Armor and can be damaged during the transfer. During this stage, any fire based attacks will be absorbed and will heal Socks. Attacks consist of jumping around the arena, attempting to crush VH's, as well as a heat beam which requires a bit of charging.
Similar to Wash Armor, Dryer Armor is weak to explosive which can induce corrosive weakness as paint is chipped off.
Fabric Softener Sheets also hang from various spots in the arena. These sheets can be added to the Dryer Armor if Socks is properly positioned when the sheets are knocked loose. This has the effect of negating Static Cling in Stage 3

Resistant To: Shock
Immune To: Fire
Weak To: Explosive, Corrosive if paint is chipped.
Absorbs: Fire

Third Stage: Dryer Cycle over
Socks is on the field. Shock attacks have a chance to cause Socks to generate Static Cling, which can deflect bullets or draw VH's in. This status can be negated if Fabric Softener Sheets were added during Dry Cycle.
Socks is weak to fire during this stage, but if ignited, can cause Socks to launch flaming fuzzballs at VH's.

Resistant To: Shock, Corrosive
Immune To: None
Weak To: Explosive, Fire
Absorbs: None

The Official Pants of #GenoSlide
Hope you got atd, Im breakin in Aug 6, 2018 @ 11:37pm 
donw worry about it
lim Nov 24, 2015 @ 2:04pm 
I will fund at least 5million toward this.
Braff Zacklin Dec 22, 2014 @ 7:59am 
People hate Gaige?
TorcherCharlie_ACS Feb 2, 2014 @ 7:40pm 
Why do people hate Gaige?
Anal Fissure Feb 1, 2014 @ 10:50am 
What do you guys use to record/stream? My Avermedia isn't working and I'm open to suggestions.
TheCorrupterX Dec 25, 2013 @ 8:33pm 
I love the technical spec, a very nice touch.