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September 17, 2014
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List of devs Pro, Neutral & Anti #GamerGate
If you have any evidence to prove that a dev (or publisher) is for or against #GamerGate, please pass it along to me. I sometimes pop into the chat, or you can send me a screengrab or archive on Twitter (@agelatinouscube).

Group mods are welcome to update the list, as I am not always readily available.

You are, of course, encouraged to purchase from or avoid doing so by your own thoughts, but knowing a dev's stance can help with such a decision. Up to you. Do as you will.

For myself, I know some devs I won't be likely to buy games from in the future.

Moderator UPDATE: Check the comments for evidence if your skeptical at all & I'm sorry that there's 300+ comments but there was no way for me + the few others on this thread to share information.

Group Officer UPDATE: Please remember not to harass anyone on this list if it's obvious enough for everyone to understand.

First up, we have the devs who have come out in favor of ethical standards in games journalism. These devs want reporting to be merit based and for journos to have to disclose any conflicts of interest, as well as refusing to reign in their creativity for the whims of journos. They want devs to be free to create as they wish without a journo insisting that they can't do something.

Alexaroth (Game Programmer for Rockstar Games & former software dev at Xbox)

Andrew Sampson (Former game dev for The Forest & came out as Pro-GG)

Autobotika (They released their 1st game called Afterlife Empire & they also participated in The Fine Young Capitalist's female game dev contest)

Crowned Daemon Studios (Released a game with an autistic protagonist)

Daniel Vavra (Former Lead writer for Mafia & Mafia 2)

Dapper Swine (Helped FaeryShivers with Seedscape & creator of Blasted Fortress)

Eero Turkia (Finnish indie game dev that released a game called Observer at his studio Eeronaut)

FaeryShivers (Seedscape & Illutia creator)

Geremy Walker (Creator of Bastard Bonds on steam)

Gods and Idols

GravTech Games (released a game called NORA)

Happy UFO Studios (FaeryShiver's Studio)

HardDisk Productions (Keen Dreams & Abrams Tank creators who have recently been criticized by Youtuber SidAlpha for being unethical towards consumers)

HuniePot (Creators of Huniepop & have been GamerGate supporters for a while)

James Desborough a.k.a Grimachu

Jamie Schneider (QA)

Janet Mars (amateur trans game dev)

Jay Truman (Game designer for the Operation: Flashpoint series)

Jesse Hopkins (Composer for a lot of games like the Mount And Blade series for example)

Jforce Games (Wrote a blog post back in 2014 calling out censorship & hypocrisy from the games media)

Joshua Spinell (Director at Hailstorm Games a.k.a the Claire creators & he's supported GamerGate's goals for a while after dealing with Anti-GG death threats towards his employees)

KMDES (Creator of Super Oppressed PPL on newgrounds)

Kyle McConaughey (released a game called Project Assembly)

Maciej Miąsik (Beat Cop creator)

Matt Rozsak (Creator of the flash series Epic Battle Fantasy)

Matthew Mitchum (Game designer for Brunelleschi: Age of Architects)

Michael Hartman (CEO of FrogDice Studios)

Michael Lawson (Maxis employee who helped with the production & programming/engineering for The Sims series)

Neotl Empire (Army men creators)

Ollie Barder (Forbes journalist & worked on a lot of games like Gears Of War: Judgement for example)

Ondrej Malota (Warhorse Studio game dev)

Paolo Munoz a.k.a GameDiviner (Indie game dev with 14 years of experience & has supported GamerGate since the beginning)

Patrick Kelly (Called out the GG autoblocker when he was blocked just for following Mark Kern on twitter & he's making a game called NCG-19: Gravitus)

Pekka Kallioniemi (Prisonscape dev)

PixelMetal (Made a platformer called Sombrero)

Rasam Concept (Out Quest & Gear Gut creators)

Rogue Star Games (Dealt with a lot of twitter censorship/suspensions, Served in the army, no longer works as a game dev & he has a failed game called FleetCOMM on steam)

Running With Scissors (Been fighting for gamers since the late 90s & are best known for the Postal series)

Screampunk Arts (a.k.a. Rin Satsu)

Shaun Gustafson (Employee at Vigilant Addiction Studios a.k.a the Adventurer Manager creators)

Snazzlebot Games (Indie app devs)

Spiral Game Studios (ORION creators)

Stardock (Made a lot of great RTS & strategy games)

Stephane Hockenhull (Former employee at Paragon 5 & Wayforward)

Stephen Ashby (Creator of Dragon's Wake on steam)

Stew Heckenberg (An indie dev that made a post apocalyptic FPS called Recovery)

Studio Work3 (Told a story on twitter about how terrible the IGF is)

Swiebel Kuchen (Quarantine Zero lead game developer)

Trek Industries (Game publisher for ORION, has a history of mistreating employees, has a history of stealing & are just shady scumbags in general)

Troy Leavitt (Veteran game developer that currently works at Disney)

Vincent Leong (Malaysian indie game dev that has been supporting GamerGate since the beginning)

Vox Day

Warhorse Studios (Daniel Vavra's new studio & created their 1st game called Kingdom Come: Deliverance)

William Raymer (Made a survival horror game called Broken Minds & he called out the GG autoblocker as a blacklisting tool)

Wolfshead Online (Mentioned his support for GamerGate & The Honey Badgers in a blog post)

Xbro (Anonymous Micro$oft developer who supports GamerGate)

Adrian Chmielarz (Former Creative Director from People Can Fly & he now runs new game studio The Astronauts)

Allistair Pinsof (Exposed corruption in the indie scene in a three part TechRaptor interview)

American Mcgee (Called out Anita Sarkeesian's BS in a Facebook post, speaks up against SJWs in a Facebook post & is the founder of Spicy Horse Games)

Andre Elijah (Founder of VR game studio Viewport Interactive & thinks both sides of GamerGate are stupid)

Bandai Namco

Becky Taylor (Former Marketing Director at 3D Realms who now works at Nkidu Games & Reboot Magazine)

BigNic (One of the few indie devs that criticize cancel culture & stand up for the falsely accused)

Chris Roberts (Creator of the best selling Wing Commander series, he doesn't support either side of GamerGate but believes ethics are very important in games journalism & he now runs an indie studio called Cloud Imperium)

Christian Allen (Veteran game dev & marine that worked on a lot of triple A titles like Halo: Reach for example)

Daniel Borgmann (Left Wing Libertarian & worked on a game called Fearless Fantasy)

David Jaffe (Created a lot of games like God Of War for example, was originally Pro-GG but now he thinks GamerGate is a waste of time, he can be a thickheaded hypocrite sometimes & he calls out bullshit from games journalists who write hit pieces about gamers)

David Szymanski (Creator of The Moon Sliver + other games, was originally Pro-GG until David Gallant encouraged his cronies to boycott his game & now he's neutral)

Denis Dyack (Professional game dev that was the director for amazing games like Eternal Darkness for example & in the NicheGamer interview he was a victim of yellow journalism just like Brad Wardell was)

Derek Smart (Lead developer at indie studio 3000AD, spoke at SPJ Airplay as a panelist & has doxxed someone from GamerGate on the Something Awful forums)

Doug TenNapel (Creator of Earthworm Jim, offered his voice to #NotYourShield & he wants to remain neutral)

Edmund Mcmillen (Made some awesome games like Super Meat Boy for example, was featured in Indie Game: The Movie, on Twitch him & his wife Danielle talked about how bad the games industry has become in their view & they also mentioned on Twitch that the SJW clique in the indie scene are pathetic)

Ethan Petty (Watch Dogs: Bad Blood lead writer, sympathizes with GamerGate because of the amount of lies told about the consumer revolt & he wants GamerGate to end peacefully)

Garry Newman (Garry's Mod creator, before the Facepunch forums went defunct he allowed GamerGate discussion & is anti-consumer)

George Broussard (One of the creators of Duke Nukem & called out Sarkeesian's BS on twitter)

Hideki Kamiya (Former Capcom & Clover Studio employee, game director for PlatinumGames, has had beef with Kotaku before in tweets & he wants nothing to do with both sides of GamerGate)

Hideki Naganuma (Jet Set Radio, Super Monkey Ball, Super Smash Bros & Sonic Rush musician)

James Covenant (Made two viral videos on youtube, Is working on a game called Black-White & he wants everyone to get along)

Jeff Vogel (Founder of Spiderweb Soft, is a big believer of not putting current political events in his games & has been fair to both sides)

Joey Andrews (The developer has a game on Steam Greenlight called B.LAST & he wants nothing to do with both sides of GamerGate)

Josh Olin (Former Call Of Duty community manager, former head of community & eSports at Turtle Rock Studios, former program manager for Riot Games & he currently works as the vice president of communications at 3D Realms)

Justin Xiong (Works On Game Design & Business at an indie studio called Gattai Games)

Mark Morris (One of the Introversion Software founders)

Matt MirrorFish (Screencaster at Unity Tech)

Notch (Minecraft creator & he thinks both sides of GamerGate are stupid)

Patryk Kowalik (Lead Artist for Elysian Shadows)

Paul Hart (Never talked about Gamergate but he was added to the GG autoblocker because of following Pro-GG people on twitter & is the creator of A Fistful Of Gun)

Paul Hubans a.k.a Phubans

Paul Walker (QA Analyst For Disney Infinity, Epic Mickey, Uncharted 3, God of War 3, God Of War Collection & he made his own game called Ruins of Rydos)

Rhianna Pratchett (Daughter of Terry Pratchett, Never talked about GamerGate much except for linking the Guardian articles, writer of amazing games like the Overlord series for example, supports Tauriq Moosa & questioned Jonathan Mcintosh's criticism of Tomb Raider on twitter)

Ryan Green (That Dragon Cancer creator & has mentioned on twitter that GamerGate never harassed him)

Sam Hulick (Mass Effect composer, originally wrote a racist tweet about #NotYourShield but apologized for it & he thinks both sides of GamerGate are stupid)

Scott Umble

Shawn Elliot (Game dev for Arkane Studios, former Irrational Games employee, was apart of Gone Home in the special thanks section, Called out Arthur Gies on twitter, Called out Anita Sarkeesian on twitter & was a former games journalist for 1UP)

Shawn Layden (Retired CEO & president of Sony Computer Entertainment America)

Simon Chylinski (Former Subnautica musician that got fired for wrongthink from Unknown Worlds Entertainment)

Spooky Fish Games (Never talked about GamerGate but the studio was added on the GG autoblocker because of following Pro-GG people on twitter)

Tim Soret (Director of The Last Night, was harassed by SJWs for his past opinions on GamerGate & in a VICE Waypoint interview has went into great detail on why he stopped following GamerGate)

Tom Coxon (Worked on Starbound, Wargroove, Stardew Valley & Lenna's Inception)

Tynan Sylvester (Former BioShock Infinite developer & he recently worked on a game called RimWorld)

Windy Hill Studio (Released a platformer called Orphan)

Zack Bell (His 1st game INK is on steam)

Here, we get to the list of devs who oppose ethical standards in games journalism. These are the ones who want their personal contact with journos to grant them favorable coverage in lieu of actual merit, and they want journos to be able to limit the creative power of devs.

2HitStudios (Asked to be on the list & encouraged most consumers from GamerGate to not buy their games)

Adam Pino (Programmer at Bungie, former 343 industries employee & former Pandemic Studios employee)

Adam Atomic (Creator of Canabalt, is extremely Anti-GG & uses the GG autoblocker)

Adriel Wallick (Former Rock Band dev turned indie & one of Legobutt's clients)

Alan Hazelden (Sokobond developer & one of Legobutt's clients)

Alan Sizzler (Bandai Namco writer that participated in a witchhunt to fire Marvel's Jon Malin over his opposition to SJWs)

Alexander Bruce (Antichamber creator & one of Legobutt's clients)

Alexander Zacherl (Founder of an indie studio called Fairytale Distillery & is currently working on a game called Das Tal)

Alex Darby (DJ Hero Co-Creator now turned indie)

Alex Harvey (Working on a stealth, horror game called Tangiers)

Alison Rapp (Former Product Marketing Specialist for Nintendo Of America, radical feminist, pedo apologist, prostitute & uses the GG autoblocker)

Andi McClure (Jumpman developer, Super Hexagon game tester & uses the GG autoblocker)

Andrew Gleeson (Attacked Total Biscuit for having an opinion about the game Titan Souls on twitter, can't handle criticism, Phil Fish wannabe & hypocrite)

Andrew Weldon (Senior Multiplayer Designer at Bungie)

Andrii “Gua” Vintsevych (One of the sheep that promoted the SocJus movie Gameloading & is founder of one man indie studio Creashock)

Andy Bastable (Lead programmer at Rare)

Anna Anthropy (Mighty Jill Off creator, is extremely Anti-GG, uses the GG autoblocker & is friends with a lot of games journalists)

Anna Megill (Has worked at a lot of places including Nintendo, Airtight Games/Square Enix & Ubisoft)

Asher Vollmer (THREES developer & one of Legobutt's clients)

Austin Ivansmith (Game director at Wayforward)

Bart Heijltjes (Creative director at indie studio Wispfire)

Beamdog (They're a digital distribution platform that alters classic games like Baldur's Gate for example & the devs working there are SJWs)

Ben Britten (Game Director at Mighty Games Group, Wears the GDC SJW badge & uses the GG autoblocker)

Ben Johnson (Worked at a lot of game studios including EA, THQ & Gameloft but now works as an organizer for Babycastles)

Bennett Foddy (Creator of the popular flash game QWOP)

Benson Russell (Works at Infinity Ward)

Bioware (Most of the employees are Anti-GG & Neutral)

Brace Yourself Games (Owned by Silverstring Media)

Brandon Justice (Member of GameJournoPros and Game designer/producer at KBJ Games)

Brandon Sheffield (Necrosoft game director & Gamasutra editor)

Brendon Chung (Thirty Flights Of Loving developer & one of Legobutt's clients)

Brian McDonald (Game designer for Call Of Duty)

Brian Upton (Co-founder of Red Storm Entertainment & currently works at Sony's Santa Monica Studio)

C418 (Minecraft musician & has been against GamerGate since the beginning)

Cam Banks (RPG Director at ATLAS Games which sell mostly card games, board games & roleplaying game books)

Cameron Suey (Writer/Narrative Designer at Crystal Dynamics & former 4chan user)

Camp Santo (Individuals that used to work for Klei, Double Fine, Telltale & so on are openly Anti-GG + the studio was recently purchased by Valve)

Capybara Games (Nathan Vella was one of the Fez investors that judged the game in the IGF + corrupt in general & most of the employees are Anti-GG)

Caroline Gingles (Game programmer for Retrograde Games & is a pedophile apologist)

Casey Malone (Former Bioshock & Rockband developer who currently worked on Marvel Puzzle Quest)

Chase Pettit (He made his own game called Drift Stage & he also works as a moderator at Giant Bomb)

Choice Of Games

Ciro Continisio (Technical Evangelist for Unity)

Colin Chang (Employee at Ninja Theory & uses the GG autoblocker)

Chris Dahlen (Member of GameJournoPros, former EIC at Killscreen, game dev & uses the GG autoblocker)

Chris Furniss (Employee at Popcap Games)

Chris Payne (Employee at Traveller's Tales)

Chris Priestly (Harassed Felicia Day, Used to work at Bioware, compared GamerGate to the KKK but he apologized for that comparison & he currently works at CD Projekt RED as a community manager)

Chris Totten (Pie For Breakfast Game Studio founder & was in public support for bomb threats towards GamerGate when most of the members met at DC)

Chris Triolo (Animator for indie studio Gaslamp Games)

Christian Divine (Life Is Strange writer for DONTNOD Entertainment & is an SJW)

Christine Love (One of Legobutt's clients, is pro-corruption, uses the GG autoblocker & is apart of the SocJus movie Gameloading)

Christopher Reeves (Works at 4J Studios & uses the GG autoblocker)

Comcept (Besides the community barring entry to anyone Pro-GamerGate the studio is bungled & former community manager Dina Karam is a pedophile apologist)

Corey Cole (He's mostly well known for creating the Quest For Glory series & has compared Jordan Owen's criticism of Sarkeesian worse than actual tragedies like rape for example)

Damion Schubert (Former Bioware employee that runs website/blog ZenOfDesign)

Dan Marshall (Owner of Size Five Games)

Dan Pearce (10 second Ninja creator)

Daniel Carneiro (A hipster that makes movies about videogames)

Danny Baranowsky (Defends unprofessional behaviour from other game devs, is pro-corruption & made music for games like Super Meat Boy for example)

Danny Day (Creator of Desktop Dungeons)

Danny Wadeson a.k.a Mad Quills (The Last Night writer)

Dave Chan (The Long Dark musician & uses the GG autoblocker)

Davey Wreden (Stanley Parable writer, participated in sabotaging a $400,000 Game Jam along side Zoe Quinn + Bossa Studio's employee Tom Jackson & is one of Legobutt's clients)

David Ellis (343 Industry employee, former games journalist from 1UP, created a dumb controversy around 2013 over the design of Metal Gear Solid 5's female sniper Quiet while calling gamers man babies & the hypocrite 2 years later downloaded the game he attacked)

David Gallant (Extremely Anti-GG, is pro-corruption & defends pedophilia)

David Goldfarb (Game director for Payday 2, lead game designer for Battlefield 3's single player campaign, supports Tauriq Moosa & so on)

David Hellman (Braid artist)

David Kalina (Waking Mars developer & one of Legobutt's clients)

David Rusak (Employee at Drinkbox Studios)

Daz Watford (Concept artist for Mike Bithell's game Volume)

Dean Tate (Former Bioshock & Dance Central developer who now runs his own indie studio making a game called Captain Forever Remix)

Delaney King (Freelance Character/Tech artist that worked on Unreal Tournament 2004, Dragon Age: Origins, Civilization IV & so on)

Deirdra "Squinky" Kiai

Derek Carroll‏ (PvP lead for Destiny Series)

Derek Rumpler (Founder of one man studio Alkterios Games & is an SJW who publicly hates gamers)

Disparity Games (The married couple who own the indie studio have some history with Triple A game development & their recent game is called Ninja Pizza Girl)

Dominic Davies (Content Editor at Bethesda)

Doseone (musician that made soundtracks for videogames like Heavy Bullets for example)

DoubleBear Productions (Pro-Censorship & anti-consumer)

Double Fine (Tim Schafer's company)

Douglas Wilson (Co-owner of Die Gute Fabrik a.k.a the creators of Sportsfriends & Where Is My Heart?)

Ed Key (Proteus creator)

Ed Stern (Splash Damage employee a.k.a the creators of a lot of Triple A games like Brink for example)

Electronic Arts & EA Dice (Most of the employees are Anti-GG & Neutral)

Eli Cymet (Community manager for East Side Games & he uses the GG autoblocker)

Eline Muijres (One of the sheep that promoted the SocJus movie GameLoading, Former employee of an indie studio called Game Oven & now works as PR for a Dutch Studio called Monogon)

Elisabeth Beinke-Schwartz (Employee at Certain Affinity, Level designer for the XBLA version of Shoot Many Robots & former Irrational Games employee)

Elizabeth Zelle (Associate User Researcher at Deep Silver Volition)

Enichan (Founder of one woman studio Kitsune Games)

Eric Neustadter (Supports Corruption, he used to work as the Xbox Live Operations Manager & he currently works as the VP of Technology at The Pokémon Company)

Ernest Adams (Founder Of The IGDA, compared busty women in videogames worse than Blackface, threatened the future of game developers if they spoke up supporting GamerGate & has been in the games industry for a long time starting at Electronic Arts in the early 90s)

Frank Cifaldi (Former Editor for Gamasutra, former senior editor for 1UP, works at Other Ocean Group & he is currently the Head of Restoration for Digital Eclipse a.k.a the Mega Man Legacy Collection developers)

Frank Lantz (Has worked at a lot of places like Popcap for example where he created games for Cartoon Network, Lifetime TV and VH1. He also has taught game design at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program & is close friends with Stephen Colbert's writer Rob Dubbin)

Frank Washburn (Blood Alloy developer & SJW)

FreakZone Games (Die hard fan of radical feminist & sex educator Laci Green. I should also mention that Sam Beddoes funds Indiehaven's Laura Kate on patreon & the journalist makes sure to never disclose anything)

Free Lives (Creators of Broforce & have forced a political agenda in Genital Jousting using every ist & ism in their explanation why)

Future Proof Games (Ossuary developers, the devs are SJWs & one of the co-founders of the studio thinks A Hat In Time would be a better game if JonTron was censored or removed from the game)

Game Builder Club and Building 3d Game Birds Gameapp Maker Co. (Very long name & the company asked to be on the list)

Gearbox Software (Notably, it has been a few individuals, but ranking and uncontested)

Gemma Thomson (Funds IndieHaven's Laura Kate on patreon while the journalist makes sure not to disclose anything at all, has made some games like Mimic for example & is the co-founder of Ladycade)

Giant Spacekat (Brianna Wu's company & the owner of the studio is a pedophile apologist)

Grant Shonkwiler (Producer at Epic Games & Fortnite)


Greg Costikyan

Happy Volcano (Defends Leigh Alexander even if she has an extreme anti-gamer opinion)

Harebrained Schemes (Battletech developers that were recently purchased by Paradox, forced SJW nonsense in their game & have attacked gamers on social media/forums)

Harvey Smith (Game designer for the original Deus Ex, helped with the original System Shock, never mentioned GamerGate but he shares a lot of Anti-GG related stuff on his twitter account, Anita Sarkeesian supporter & he currently works at Arkane Studios)

Hawke Bassignani (Unprofessional employee at Blizzard that thinks it's high school again)

Hayden Scott-Baron (One of the SJWs that attempted to start a controversy on A Hat In Time over Jontron's opinions & has worked on many games like Thrillville for example)

Headless Chicken Games (The founder of the studio is an ignoramus)

Holden Shearer (Former White Wolf designer/writer, has been accused of covering up sexual assault, sends death threats to people he disagrees with politically, uses the GG autoblocker & is extremely Anti-GG)

Hugh Myrone (Composer for Drift Stage)

Hugo Moraleida (Junior Programmer at Klei Entertainment)

Ian Wexler (Did some animations for WayForward)

Image & Form Games (The CEO of the studio spoke out against GamerGate in one of Polygon's articles)


Initial Games (They don't allow Pro-GG game devs to work for them, they use the blockbot & they shill their games)

Innes "Hazel" McKendrick (Transsexual Programmer at Hello Games, defends anti-consumer behaviour & defends pedo apologist Alison Rapp)

Jack de Quidt (Employee for William Pugh's new game studio Crows Crows Crows, uses the GG autoblocker & he has a close relationship with Legobutts)

Jaime Cross (Game dev for indie studio Team JunkFish)

Jake Gaskill  (Member of GameJournoPros, former G4 editor, works at Blindlight & does freelance voice production)

James Heslin (Employee at Demonware & uses the GG autoblocker)

Jan David Hassel (Former Yager developer, Founder of indie studio InBetweenGames, Creator of the GameJobsBot & uses the GG autoblocker)

Jan Kaluza (An SJW that works for Deep Silver Fishlabs)

Jason Kapalka (Popcap co-founder & uses the GG autoblocker)

Jason Oda (Had one level praising Anita Sarkeesian's radical gender ideology in his game Continue?9876543210)

Jeep Barnett (One of the sheep that promoted the SocJus movie GameLoading & is an employee at Valve)

Jennifer Scheurle (QA tester for The Night of the Rabbit, works mostly on smaller games & participates in witch hunts against other developers that wrongthink)

Jessica Price (A thinskinned SJW that has a history of attacking gamers on social media with the consequence of getting fired at Paizo Publishing & recently ArenaNet)

Jim Ryan (President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe)

Jo Lammert (God Of Blades developer, one of Legobutt's clients & the other employees at White Whale Games are friends with Nathan Grayson)

Joe Wintergreen (Director at Impromptu Games, supports Anita Sarkeesian, is close friends with Zoe Quinn & he personally blacklists any employees that are Pro-GG)

John Hardin (PR manager for Atlus USA)

John Lethbridge (Employee for Blue Isle Studios & he runs his own company called Archaic Studios)

John Mathis (Producer and Artist on #IDARB)

John Morke (White Wolf designer/writer, accused of sexual assault & is extremely Anti-GG)

John Murphy (Co-founder & game designer for The Young Horses a.k.a the Octodad creators)

John Ryan (Had a contract with Bungie to be a copy editor, used to work as an Associate Producer for Xbox Live & has contributed articles with MSNBC in the past)

John Sylvester (Former employee at Bungie, Marketing/Community Manager for clothing store Treehouse Brand & Social Media Manager for charity organization Take This)

Jonathan Blow (Creator of Braid & The Witness + he wanted Pro-GG game devs blacklisted)

Jonathan Burroughs (Former employee from DeepMind Technologies, Relentless Software, Rare, Headstrong Games and Electronic Arts)

Jonathan Cooper (Uncharted 4 animator at Naughty Dog, Animation director on Assassin's Creed 3 & Lead animator on 2 Mass Effect games)

Johnnemann Nordhagen (Former Gone Home dev that trusted the SJW games media too much to the point where his own game Water Tastes Like Wine failed & has attacked constructive criticism from gamers on how to improve his future games)

Jón Kristinsson (Worked on a poster for Peter Moorhead's game Stranded, makes illustrations mostly & made one game called Tiny Tires)

Jordan Fehr (Sound designer that worked on a lot of games like Super Meat Boy for example)

Jörg Reisig (Yager employee)

Jurie Horneman (He has worked on videogames since 1991, has worked for multiple studios in the past, is friends with John Scalzi & he uses the GG autoblocker)

Jose Abalos (Associate level designer + community manager for Avalanche Software & uses the GG autoblocker)

Josh Scherr (Worked on Uncharted 4)

Josh Sutphin (Owner of indie studio Kickbomb & has worked on big games like PS3 exclusive Starhawk for example in the past)

Kain Shin (Former Arkane Studios employee, Former Harmonix employee & he now works at an indie studio called Question)

Kaitlyn Burnell (GTA V game dev & GamerGhazi member)

Karyl Gilbertson (Lead developer for Arkaia & uses the GG autoblocker)

Kerberos Productions (Sword of the Stars developers)

Kevin Dent (Game dev veteran for 14 years, former chair of the IGDA Mobile Group & his latest game is called Rekoil)

Kevin Knight (Programmer at Iron Galaxy Studios)

Kevin Wong

Killer Robots

Kim McAuliffe (Lead game designer at John & Brenda Romero's indie studio Lootdrop)

Kitsunami Lupo (Community Manager at Cup Of Tea Games)

Kyle Horner (Member of GameJournoPros & is an employee for WB Games)

Laconic Lelex (Dungeon Dive creator)

Laralyn McWilliams (Veteran game dev that did a lot of things like being the creative director for Free Realms for example)

Larry Hyrb (Director of Programming for Xbox Live & supports corruption)

Lauren Careccia (Employee at Disney Interactive)

Leah B. Jackson (Member of GameJournoPros, Is the eSports web content coordinator for Riot Games & Former games journalist)

Leigh Harris (Was apart of ABC Australia's slanted GamerGate coverage, former journalist, former PR employee for Rockstar Games & he now runs his own indie studio called Flat Earth Games)

Lewis Lambeth (Level designer at King Games)

Livio De La Cruz (Program Manager at Micro$oft)

Liz England (Former Insomniac Games employee who currently works at Ubisoft Toronto)

Lorenzo Pilia

Lunar Ray Games (Indie studio that is currently making a metroidvania platformer called Timespinner)


Majdi Badri (Former employee for The Young Horses a.k.a The Octodad creators)

Marcelo Careaga (Lead producer at & ex-Executive Producer At Zynga China)

Mariel Cartwright (Lead animator for Skullgirls, worked on some Shantae remakes for Wayforward & she doesn't like Anita Sarkeesian)

Mark Alexander (Technical Writer at YoYo Games & owns one man indie studio Nocturne Games)

Martin Pichlmair (Helped with 2 games at indie studio Broken Rules & is currently Assistant Professor at ITU Copenhagen)

Matthias Worch (Design director for Mafia 3)

Mathieu Dugon (Community Liaison for Gaslamp Games)

Mattia Traverso (FRU developer)

Matt Glanville (Worked on Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty & Luminesca)

Matt Kerr (Xbox employee that uses the GG Autoblocker, encourages boycotts towards other companies that aren't Micro$oft & compared the Xbox Live trolls to GamerGate)

Matt Thorson (TowerFall Ascension developer, Anti-discussion, Anita Sarkeesian supporter & one of Legobutt's clients)

Matthew Downham (Former Disney Interactive & Zynga employee)

Matthew Dyet (Producer for Stirfire Studios)

Matthew Klinck (3D Environment Art Intern at Gameloft & uses the GG autoblocker)

Matthew Schnee (Web Engineer at Blizzard Entertainment & he wanted the GG autoblocker to be an employment blacklist tool but backpedalled like a coward when he was criticized from both sides)

Maxime Lebled (Animator and Modeler for Rust, Garry's Mod, Wrack & most recently for the System Shock 1 remake)

Maya Kramer a.k.a Legobutts (Silverstring Media employee & pedophile apologist)

Megan Fox (Transsexual game developer who used to work on LEGO Universe as the Senior Graphics Programmer & now runs indie studio Glass Bottom Games)

Michael Carriere (One of the sheep that promoted the SocJus movie Gameloading & is a Zapdot game dev that is partners with indie studio Owlchemy Labs)

Michael Condrey (Chief operating & development officer + co-founder of Sledgehammer Games, supports Anita Sarkessian & he defended the gaming community on BBC Newsbeat)

Michael Gill (Game producer for the Unravel series)

Michael “Kayin” O’Reilly (I Wanna Be The Guy creator & feminist)

Michael Zenke (Member of GameJournoPros, Was the Senior Content Designer for Elder Scrolls Online, former employee from Sony Online Entertainment & former journalist for Slashdot)

Michelle Clough (Co-founder of IGDA Romance & Sexuality, QA for Mass Effect 3 & Associate Partner for Talespinners)

Midboss (One of the sheep that promoted the SocJus movie GameLoading, made a movie called Gaming In Color which was directed by some radical SJW & they're apart of GaymerX)

Mika Porspakka (Executive Producer at Rovio Entertainment)

Mike Bithell (One of Legobutt's clients, extremely Anti-GG, he's well known for a game called Thomas Was Alone & his recent game is called Volume)

Mike Henry (Twisted Pixel employee)

Mike Rose (Former Gamasutra journalist, former TinyBuild employee & currently released an Anti-Brexit game called Not Tonight)

Minor Key Games (Creators of Eldritch & You Have To Win The Game)

Mitu Khandaker-Kokoris (Redshirt creator & is pro-corruption)

Molle Industria

MPRart (Male feminist, anita sarkeesian supporter & wants attention for his games)

Naomi Clark (Friends with Leigh Alexander who wrote articles about her games without disclosing the friendship at all, Creator of SissyFight & Creator of card game Consentacle)

Neil Druckmann (Lead writer for The Last Of Us & supports Anita Sarkeesian)

Nich Maragos (Former video games journalist, former Atlus USA employee, Nintendo Treehouse employee, uses the GG autoblocker & is an SJW that loves censorship)

Nicholas Vining (Technical director and lead programmer at Gaslamp Games)

Nick Chester (Member of GameJournoPros, Former EIC at Destructoid & works as PR for Harmonix)

Nicky Case (Creator of :The Game: series on Newgrounds & uses the GG autoblocker)

Nina Freeman (Didn't mention any friendship at all with journalist Cara Ellison to her customers & is an SJW)

N'Gai Croal (Member Of GameJournoPros, Founder of videogame consultant company Hit Detection & former journalist for NewsWeek)

Nonadecimal (Most notable for working on Black Ice & he thinks any consumer who criticized his game Social Justice Warriors is a "troll" & is friends with SJW cronies)

Northway Games (Asked to be on the list & have created a few games like Incredipede for example)

Obsidian Entertainment (Caved in to radical SJWs, Chris Avellone is friends with SJW cronies, Avellone also participated in the SocJus movie Gameloading & Josh Sawyer is a member of Something Awful)

One Upper Games (E-Line Media)

Paul Kilduff-Taylor (Co-founder of Mode 7 Games & denounced GamerGate + Sargon running as a politician in a twitter thread)

Paradox Interactive (Most employees are Anti-GG & neutral)

Peter Moorhead (Stranded creator)

Phil Fish (Social Media crybaby, Made FEZ but proof from small media outlets like TechRaptor show his true colors, defends pathological liars & is pro-corruption)

Phil Tibitoski (CEO & community manager for The Young Horses a.k.a the Octodad creators)

Prismatic Games (One of the members is a feminist & former artist for a game called The Bridge)

PuppyGames (Made a bunch of blog posts calling everyone cockroaches/ants including consumers, Uses the GG autoblocker & has made games like Droid Assault for example)

Qwiboo (Indie IOS game dev & has admitted on twitter that he's anti-consumer)

Raph Koster (He has worked on a lot of games in the past including Ultima Online, has stated in the KotakuInAction AMA that he's not a radical feminist, he signed the #Gamers4Her BS & for the most part he's willing to have discussion with both sides even though he is friends with the SJW clique)

Rawfury Games (Game publisher for Kingdom, The Last Night & a few other indie games that has sided with the corrupt games media while criticizing Tim Soret's opinions)

Red Hook Studios (Creators of Darkest Dungeon, censor criticism, have a lot of connections with SJWs & are very shady)

Retora Games

Richard Cobbett (Helped with the game Sunless Sea, one of the game journos that accepted funds from the Senscape founder on Patreon, used to write for websites like PC Gamer for example & he does freelance games journalism currently)

Richard Flanagan and Quynh Nguyen (Fract OSC developers & one of Legobutt's clients)

Richard Hofmeier (Cart Life creator & is anti-consumer)

Ricky Haggett (Loot Rascals dev)

Riot Games (Most employees are Anti-GG & neutral but a few anonymous game devs are Pro-GG)

Robin Arnott (Soundself creator & is pro-corruption)

Robin Clarke (Producer At Appynation)

Rod Boyd (Former software engineer for Rare and Soho Productions, former employee at Double Eleven & he now runs his own indie studio called Impossible Boss)

Rogue Moon Studios

Ron Carmel & Kyle Gabler (World Of Goo creators, invested money to Fez & were both IGF judges in 2011)

Ron Gilbert (Anita Sarkeesian Supporter, talked about the dangers of self-censorship on Kotaku & has created a lot of games including Monkey Island)

Ross Manthorp (QA Technician at YoYo Games & he also works at Giant Bomb as a moderator)

Russ Petersen (Lead Rewards Designer for World of Warcraft & defends pedo apologist Alison Rapp)

Ryan Benno (Environment Artist at Insomniac Games)

Ryan Simpson (Employee at Hardlight Studios)

Sam Bass (Game designer at Three One Zero)

Samantha Kalman (Sentris creator & one of Legobutt's clients)

Saria Cecilia (Unity 3D community manager & Anita Sarkeesian supporter)

Scott Benson (Night In The Woods developer & one of Legobutt's clients)

Scott Nichols (Digital Spy journalist & story consultant for a game called Ray's The Dead)

Sean Barton (Game programmer for Epic Mickey 1 & 2)

Sebastian Haley (Member of GameJournoPros, Founder/Creative Director for a games studio called Downward Viral & former games journalist for VentureBeat)

Secret Lab (One of the devs uses the GG autoblocker but it's mostly an Anti-GG game studio)

Sela Davis (Software engineer at the Xbox Team)

Senscape (The founder of the studio financially supports 2 games journalists while the journalists make sure not to disclose anything, the studio is best known for the horror game Scratches & when most of GamerGate's diggers found out he had the "I don't care you're still a toxic group" attitude)

Shawn Allen (Founder of indie studio Nuchallenger & can't stand humor)

Sibyl Moon Games (Former Harmonix employee Carolyn VanEseltine runs the studio & she asked to be on the list)

Simon Ferrari (Member of GameJournoPros, Adjunct professor for NYU Game Center & Multiplayer specialist for IndieCade)

Simon Roth (Maia creator)

SpookySquid (Compared GamerGate worse than Jack Thompson & made a game called They Bleed Pixels)

Stephen Toulouse (Former Director of Xbox LIVE Policy & Enforcement + signed that #Gamers4Her BS)

Steve Ince (Broken Sword writer & despises hatred from both sides)

Steve Jaros (Lead writer for the Saints Row series, praises Anita Sarkeesian & works at Valve now)

Studio Bento (Film Makers that made a game development documentary featuring hipsters & SJWs)

Sundae Month (Most of the employees from the indie studio are SJWs & have only released 2 games on steam)

Sven Wohl (Author/writer at Ogardonix Studios & he uses the GG autoblocker)

Symantha Reagor (Writer/Associate Producer at 343 Industries)

Syrenne McNulty (Founder of one woman studio Four Corner Games, uses the GG autoblocker & has funded Jonathan Holmes on kickstarter for his webseries Sup Holmes?)

Tale Of Tales (Defunct game studio that made games with zero gameplay in them & were extremely anti-consumer)

Tarsier Studios (The CEO spoke out against GamerGate in one of Polygon's article and they're well known for the LittleBigPlanet series)

Taylor Cocke (Member of GameJournoPros, Web coordinator at Riot Games/Lolesports & former games journalist at places like IGN for example)

Teddy Diefenbach (Hyper Light Drifter developer & one of Legobutt's clients)

Terry Cavanagh (Gave money to games journalist Chris Priestman, games journalist Jenn Frank & journalist Cara Ellison on patreon while the journalists make sure to never disclose anything at all)

ThatGameCompany's Kellee Santiago (Fez investor & an IGF judge in 2011 + corrupt in general)

The Chinese Room (Accused CD Projekt RED for having sexism in their games, One of their employees compared sexy women in videogames just as bad as Nazi Propaganda & they mostly make walking simulator games)

TheCodingMonkeys (Replied to an e-mail from a concerned consumer saying that the company despises GamerGate & they think that everyone supporting the movement are "toxic")

The Fullbright Company (Former Bioshock developers teamed up to create Gone Home, all the devs working in the studio are radical SJWs & they are also pro-corruption)

The Future Of Videogames (The owner of the studio uses the GG autoblocker & is extremely Anti-GG)

Tim Borrelli (Lead animator at 5th Cell & former employee at Volition)

Tom Curtis (Member of GameJournoPros, Associate Digital Marketing Manager at Ubisoft & former Gamasutra News Editor)

Tom Francis (Former game journo known for a game called Gunpoint forces a smaller dev to self-censor their game)

Tomm Hulett (Director at WayForward & former Associate Producer of the Silent Hill franchise)

Travis Pfenning a.k.a Vallisca (Paranautical Activity developer & Blamed GamerGate for Mike Maulbeck's death threats towards Gabe Newell)

Trent Kusters (Founder & Director of League of Geeks a.k.a the Armello creators + thinks scamming gamers on kickstarter is ok)

Tripwire Interactive (Pro-censorship & Anti-discussion)

Tyler Doak (Aces Wild developer)

Ubisoft (Most employees are Anti-GG & Neutral but some anonymous employees are Pro-GG)

Unknown World Entertainment (Subnautica & Natural Selection 2 developers, fired one of their own employees over wrongthink & have censored their Steam forums criticizing the decision)

Vic DeLeon (Former Halo developer, currently works at Highwire Games & is an SJW)

Vlambeer (Rami Ismail is one of Legobutt's clients, defends anti-consumer behavior & is openly Anti-GG)

WadJetEye's Bastard Keith & Sarah Elmaleh (Dave Gilbert & Ben Chandler financially support a few games journalists + Mr. Gilbert stays ignorant by listening to the media's bias against gamers)

Will Maiden (Helped with Triple A games Driveclub, MotorStorm: RC and Apocalypse)

Will Powers (Employee at Deep Silver, defends anti-consumer behavior & uses the GG autoblocker)

Will Tuttle (Member Of GameJournoPros,  Sr. Communications Manager for Xbox, Editorial Overseer of Xbox Wire & is a former games journalist for IGN)

William O’Neal (Member of GameJournoPros, EIC at Softonic & former EIC at TechRader)

William Pugh (Stanley Parable level designer & he has recently created a new game studio called Crows Crows Crows)

Wizards Of The Coast (A subsidiary of Hasbro responsible for creating the Magic: The Gathering series, own other tabletop games like D&D for example, most of their employees are SJWs, take no action to serious issues like pedophilia for example & have used their overreach to police wrongthink online)

Wolfire Games (David Rosen's brother Jeff owns the Humble Bundle & the owner of the studio despises TotalBiscuit in his view "unethical")

Worthless Bums (The only game the studio made is called Steam Marines & the owner is extremely Anti-GG)

Zack Fowler (Terrain artist for Offworld Trading Company, former Blizzard employee, former Firaxis employee, Anita Sarkeesian Sheep & Leigh Alexander sheep)

Zak McClendon (Former Design Director at 2K Marin & Harmonix)

Zoe Quinn (Pathological liar, Depression Quest creator, Is friends with U.S. Congresswoman Katherine Clark, drove a developer to suicide, participated in doxxing, sabotaged a $400,000 Game Jam along side Davey Wreden + Bossa Studio's employee Tom Jackson & helped with other indie games like FEZ's steam port for example)

Zordix (The CEO of the studio spoke out against GamerGate in one of Polygon's articles)

Like the above, but fail to grasp the basic concept of data collection and provision, are anti-GG, but don't want to be on a list as anti-GG because of said inability to grasp basic concepts.

Utterly Daft aGG
Rex Mundane (not a dev, mind - a composer of some sort)
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Otrauma Nov 2, 2014 @ 1:04am 
What about Comcept?
What's their alignment?
coronamorph Nov 2, 2014 @ 3:08pm 
How about DICE since Anita works for them?
Can you confirm that?
I was given a long list of data to comb through. It will take me time to sort through it. (Thank you, anonymous source.)
FuriousGamer87 Nov 4, 2014 @ 8:29pm 
Someone already doing something like this last I recalled, at least for pro-gamergate devs. Talk with these people @DevsOfGamerGate
Good to know. Mostly, though, I'm looking to identify antis more than anything. I'd only include pro devs if they want to be publicly identified as such. If they want to remain privately pro, I'm not going to out them.
myfist0 Nov 5, 2014 @ 7:53am 
Larry Hryb supports Polygon and is Pro Corruption.
If you own an Xbox 360 or Xbox One you've probably seen me in a few videos. I work at Microsoft on the Xbox team and I am part of the team that created Xbox, Xbox Live, Xbox 360, Kinect and Xbox One.

Also Eric Neustadter from XBox
A lot of people are finally fed up with Gamergate's dumb crusade against women:
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Might be why XBro and pals are remaining anonymous.
Can anyone remind me what games Rogue Star Games has made in previous years or so? I'm not familiar with most of these devs besides Double Fine, Comcept, Jonathan Blow, and Warhorse Studios and I obviously keep track of Giant Spacekat.
Don't see any release info for Rogue Star Games, but they've been developing some title named FleetCOMM.

Here's what they've shown so far on Youtube.
myfist0 Nov 6, 2014 @ 10:33am 
Saints Row 4 developer says Anita Sarkeesian "is right" in latest Tropes vs.
ai_killer Nov 7, 2014 @ 4:15pm 
I think people should keep in mind that these are large companies and that they potentially have very diverse views among the developers. Also a company buying Sarkeesian's silence by letting her "consult" is making a shitty move but isn't necessarily part of the anti-GG character assassination machine.
Originally posted by mbruck:
I think people should keep in mind that these are large companies and that they potentially have very diverse views among the developers. Also a company buying Sarkeesian's silence by letting her "consult" is making a shitty move but isn't necessarily part of the anti-GG character assassination machine.
This is why I'm hesitant to add a dev unless someone high up the food chain in the company says that it is their stance.

Also not looking to add groups just for paying lip service.
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