GameSave Manager .GSM.
GameSave Manager .GSM.
March 11, 2012
United Kingdom (Great Britain) 
This tool is dangerous. Newcomers beware.
The backup feature seems to work without a problem but it's the "sync & link" feature that should come with a warning. This happened a while ago but from what I remember, I followed the automatic backup sync & link guide. Once I got the sync feature to work (and it was pretty simple), I didn't really like it and decided I was just going to use the manual backup feature instead. That didn't work out because very soon I figured out that I couldn't reverse what I did with the whole "symbolic links" thing.

Now? My steam seems to be completely broken. When I go into my library and try to sort all my most played games as "favorites", it resets every time when I close steam.

Also, games that rely on your local saves don't save anymore. For example, In call of duty black ops 2, I'll play the game and once I close out of it and open it up again, steam will notify me that the local and cloud saves do not match. I then have to choose which save to overwrite.

How do I reverse this? I have games that don't save and I can't organize my library.
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Gekz Apr 25, 2015 @ 1:22pm 

Do the symbolic links still exist for the files in question? Do the links and the linked files still exist?

I agree with you with newcomers should beware, That is a very fair and valid warning. I don't trust it myself and think it should be handled in a much safer way. It should either be locked out into some sort of "Advanced mode" section or have some warnings like you stated with a hefty guide on various outcomes and resolutions on problems like yours.

I don't use the Sync feature but I noticed a lock out with my library when I used "Depressurizer" I can't even remember how I resolved it, Think I just deleted some files responsible for catergory organisation and forced depressurizer to undo the changes or something to that effect.

I've gave Matt a heads up so just have to wait until he gets the message to respond to this post.
South Side Slav Apr 25, 2015 @ 3:35pm 
Thanks @Gekz

Yes to both questions. The links and files still exist.

I know the first thing I did was use the Google Drive sync feature to save my games to the cloud. After that I copied the cloud saves back into where they used to be. I'm guessing steam is trying to access the cloud location instead of the local one.

I will wait for Matt. Thanks.
InsaneMatt Apr 26, 2015 @ 1:17am 
Hi there,

You can "undo" the Sync & Link task via the "Unlink" button on it's feature page within GameSave Manager. Have you tried this?
South Side Slav Apr 26, 2015 @ 11:02pm 
Yea I did that. What about the steam sorting not being saved?
InsaneMatt Apr 27, 2015 @ 1:23am 
Steam's Categories are stored in a Steam Cloud entry (%STEAM_CLOUD%\7 - if I'm not mistaken).
If your categories aren't being remembered, try deleting that directory (while Steam is closed) and try again.

Steam is known to sometimes freak out and reset your categories, it's likely not related to GameSave Manager.
InsaneMatt Oct 9, 2016 @ 11:10am 
Easy there blessedwhitney, calm down and stop jumping to conclusions.
I can guide you through the process if you wish. Easiest way would be via real-time messaging (i.e Steam Chat). So with that said, please accept my Friend Request and I'll help you (you seem impaitent, so 'forum' style responding would be too slow).

EDIT: All resolved.
blessedwhitney had tried to undo the Sync & Link process manually before attempting to do so within GameSave Manager.
Ontop of that, gs_mngr_3.cdd was somehow removed and thus prevented the uninstall process of the tool.
Last edited by InsaneMatt; Oct 9, 2016 @ 11:27am
Lorena Caillay Oct 9, 2016 @ 12:49pm 

The unsync did not work initially, after no changes to the program except the initial set up. After this, I tried to manually unsync and this was the first successful time the symlink was broken. Dev (InsaneMatt) explained that this somehow meant that the original unsync function was my fault (??? I didn't ask for clarification though). Then, the system continually recreated the symlinks with no option to stop it from recreating that I could find.

Dev was extremely fast to respond, though blamed the user for attempting to solve things manually when the software did not work on its own. Rather, especially for small programs like this, I actually think the polite and right thing to do is attempt to solve things themselves.

That being said, it would have taken me 10 minutes to set up a sync to cloud directly through a service that allows you to choose particular programs (like Weiyun). Even manually backing up isn't that big of a deal (Especially with windows task manager)

Without the ability to reliably unsync (which did not work out of the box), this sync function could well result in the loss of all of your game files (I happened to have made a recent manual backup).

The actual backup function of this software worked great, it just didn't have the option to stop it from syncing (and that setting could have been in the backup file itself, so inherently apart of the restore).

For syncing, I suggest looking at services like Weiyun or rsync based services.

Regarding the uninstalling, the only files deleted were the symlinks that had been created in my dropbox folder, thus, something inherent in the program (maybe the installation?) didn't have the installer.
Gekz Oct 9, 2016 @ 1:53pm 
You don't have to delete your previous posts, its okay to be transparent.

Without me typing up an essay, I agree that S&L is awful, and always open for suggestions on ways to improve it that feels safe and has redundancies for mistakes that can occur.
Lorena Caillay Oct 9, 2016 @ 1:56pm 
The biggest thing that can be done is simply to label as beta, not as "easy."

I deleted my posts because, though accurate to what was going on and not disrespectful to the dev, they were written in rage mode. No personal attacking was done so I don't regret the posts, per-say, but I think they would be misleading about the software to others who read it. The backup part of it does work fine (though I'm choosing not to reinstall it, and to instead use more established backup methods).
Jarod997 Nov 16, 2017 @ 11:32am 
There needs to be a clear warning/description of what Sync & Link is doing/going to do. I just got caught by this myself (more than two years after the original post), only I'm able to manually fix the problems. I'm surprised there's still no warning or description of what this feature does, nor any real clear method of undoing its actions.

So what if, I did Sync & Link, then uninstalled the program? I suppose the symbolic links would still point to the data collection, but what if I thought that was a backup file and nerfed it? There should probably also be a warning when you uninstall prompting the user if they want to undo the Sync & Link process (automatically).
What's happening? :D
I don't get it...Im a newbie and I don't wanna screw my games :D
d0x360 Apr 7 @ 1:55pm 
This tool is amazing... Literally been using it for years
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