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2012년 10월 5일
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Theater for Everyone!

Welcome to GCinema!
Invite your friends! :D

No matter who you are or what you're a fan of, we're friendly and welcome you!
GCinema is a Garry's Mod virtual theater server, brought straight to you with our unique code and map.

Choose from YouTube, Soundcloud, Moetube and more ~ and even join us for movie events as well!

That's not all, either! You can now join us to play Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT) as well!
See the links below to check it out!

GCinema isn't your normal theater server ~ We're passionate about our community and we strive to offer our players a unique experience. We pride ourselves in friendliness, uniqueness, and epicness! We work hard to provide our players and troll-free server and we believe in quality over quantity. We do allow reasonable mature language and content; swearing is allowed, but we do not however allow disrespect among players. Our community isn't just in Garry's Mod either! Join us on our community forum as well ~ to talk, discuss, and suggest more ways we can be awesome!

GCinema Website (Forums & Store)

Discord -

GCinema Server

GCinema TTT

GCinema Starbound


Report a...
Bug (see applicable server issues link)[]
Need to appeal your ban? Go Here[]

Support the GCinema community!
Donors play an important role in this community ~ your donations and generosity ensure that we can provide you with the best server experience possible.

Network Wide Perks
  • Fancy purple player name, in-game, forums, and Discord!
  • Donator tag in-game and on our forums!
  • Knowing you helped keep us online!
  • In-Game Currency bonuses w/ donation

Cinema Donator Perks:
  • 50% off all items in our in-game store!
  • Unlimited VIP access!
  • Double vote-skip power in-game!
  • Potential in-game coin bonuses!
  • Ability to queue Twitch and Hitbox streams (in rented rooms)!
  • Use of our custom spray system with extra features!
  • Use of our custom Universal Character Creator (UCC)! (Currently pony models are possible; human and more to come!)

TTT Donation Perks:
  • Get promoted to Detective when you kill a Traitor.
  • 90% off in the shop when using premium points.
  • Unique models and weapons.
  • Better boosters.
  • Double vote power.
  • Access to the custom spray system.
Donate today at

~ GCinema is also an and HumbleBundle[] Affiliate ~
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Free Game! - and Humble Bundle stats
Free Game:
Grid 2 + Bathurst & Spa DLC included.

Current Deals:

Self Plug
also twitch plug :lunar2019piginablanket:. I have a twitch and been playing games with people. Not sure who is all familiar with Extra Life, but its a charity that most people do the 24 hour event in November, but I do mine all year due to my work schedule makes it hard to participate around that time of year. Recently last November I affiliated with twitch, and have promised to split my payouts 50/50 with ExtraLife. I have a personal goal to raise $300 for Children's Miracle Network.

MADMAN32395 -

Hope to see yall around, and thanks for being with us.

A New Affiliate Has Appeared! - Humble Bundle
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"Various fun or interesting games that the GCinema community recommends"
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RVK 2019년 3월 31일 오후 5시 16분 
@MADMAN32395 Thanks for the info. Sorry I'm a out of the loop on these things.
MADMAN32395 2019년 3월 31일 오후 3시 21분 
@RVK, movie nights are kinda on pause until Team Garry figures things out. There is a beta branch on gmod that restores most of the Cinema. We do have a few other servers launched up on other games as well. Discord is pretty active if you want to check that out. Myself and a few others are also streaming, which pops up in the discord as well.
RVK 2019년 3월 31일 오전 2시 18분 
Is the group or the server still active?
DJDoctor 2019년 1월 6일 오전 8시 17분 
Comentarinformal-MPP 2018년 4월 29일 오후 12시 07분 
How so?
💛Flutterbat💛 2018년 4월 29일 오전 9시 31분 
I’m having an issue
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