-Good Looking Gamers- GLG_
-Good Looking Gamers- GLG_
December 16, 2013
ABOUT -Good Looking Gamers-

Welcome to Good Looking Gamers!


I’m “Honor”, I’m going to define some of the GLG Characteristics and Traits, I feel that clarity is key here.

First and foremost, GLG -IS NOT- a competitive gaming team; sorry to burst some peoples bubbles. It is however an “Open-Gaming Community” or if it helps a “Guild” of sorts. Our goal is to be a collective of good-willed, fun spirited and social gamers from all walks of life; as well as to establish a safe-haven of sorts from the hyper aggressive or elitist environment that some forms of gaming has become. Recently we started streaming (most notable is GLG_Thor) and through this we have gathered a sizeable influx of members looking for such an environment as ours but also and most importantly; they have a will to learn the game and its basic mechanics. GLG’s main focus as a community is to help each other grow within any given gaming setting. This doesn’t apply just to Dawn-Gate but to the many other games we participate in so to those reading wishing to learn more hit up one of our Admins (We will have a website up “Shortly”. We are currently running out of Facebook and Steam) Secondly, as stated before we started off as basically a group of about 8 friends. We have now grown into a group of roughly 120~ members spanning over many different countries and continents; of which we have maintained a constant level of camaraderie. For lack of a better term these guys have become family and I feel that is something very important for a group to offer its fellow members; so at the very least if your reading this post and looking for someplace to hangout after classes or blow off steam after work with like-minded people please feel free to drop us a PM or Email.

We have pretty laxed requirements for joining GLG; quite simply don’t be a douche/elitist/bully. DO be a respectable member of the community and mature.
Thank you all for your time and consideration, GLG.


GLG as a multi-game community isn't 100% focused on any singular set of games or genres; however, our current focus is MOBAs because they fit our current model (Both in community and for growth).
In no particular order of importance-
League of Legends, Gigantic, DotA 2, Smite
GLG's Finest! (Patch notes 21.65)
Gigantic Streams!
Locksmith here with a small update. The NDA for Gigantic[] has finally dropped as far as talking about it goes and a select few have been given the opportunity to make videos and stream the game! And because GLG is always up to date on what's coolest, a few of our streamers have been selected and will be streaming Gigantic regularly! Here are the cool people you should follow :steamhappy:.

Here is the full list of Gigantic approved streamers if you just can't get enough Gigantic gameplay.
Don't forget you can watch Thor over at the Gigantic Twitch channel (

Now for some community shake-up!

We are switching from GameVox to Discord. I know, I know, "Why are we changing again? What are you guys doing?". Quite simply, we prefer Discord. You can use it in your browser if you want, so you don't have to download anything (or ask anyone to download anything). You don't need to create an account. And it has mobile apps so you can chat all day, wherever you are! Also, lets be honest, people weren't really using GameVox so I don't think we are losing much by switching. Try it or don't, but this is where we will be from now on.
Discord (

Facebook Group
We are opening the flood gates again! You can now invite all of your friends to the group if you want. Community rules still apply (
Additionally, I have 4 Gigantic keys to give out to whoever wants one. Just send me a message on Discord and if you are quick enough, you can get one for very little effort! :)

Signed, Locksmith

Spellweaver TCG Keys!
Locksmith Sep 26, 2015 @ 6:46pm 
We've just been in a bit of hibernation @Klondike Joel. I'm bringing everything active again though ;)
Klondike Joel Aug 28, 2015 @ 1:43pm 
GLG kids! Hola! I'm a buddy of Pyro's and looking to join, but haven't seen anything from you guys in a while. Is GLG still active?
Locksmith Feb 6, 2015 @ 10:51pm 
Whenever you want! We don't restrict people from using the GLG tag.
illawgical. Jan 22, 2015 @ 7:18pm 
At what point could I earn the honor of placing GLG in front of my name?
KingTanner Dec 5, 2014 @ 5:05pm 
Hai People \o/
WellOiledMachine Nov 25, 2014 @ 11:54am 
o/ hello friends
Enter chat room
December 16, 2013