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E.S.S. Gaming E_S_S
June 22, 2016
ABOUT E.S.S. Gaming

Welcome to E.S.S. Gaming

We are a Worldwide Multi-Platform Gaming Organization that focuses on creating a mature and social environment for all our members. We welcome all friendly gamers from all around the world who want a place to relax and chat or get help. We have an active Community that is full of friendly and dedicated people!

We are also a global hub for clans, guilds and teams, as a hubbed member of the ESS Gaming Hub you get a section on our website dedicated to your clan, guild, team, you also get your own Teamspeak channels, hub awards, reviews + lots more.

What E.S.S. Gaming has to Offer

● Community Website/Forum
● Dedicated Gaming Servers
● Premium Services Programme
● Community Teamspeak/Discord
● Awesome Community Giveaways
● The E.S.S. Hub [For Clans/Guilds/Teams]
● A Friendly Community of active and mature members
● Social Media accessibility via Facebook, Twitter, Steam & YouTube
● Community Twitch Channel members are eligible to use for streaming
● Steam Group [For Updates, News, Chat Room Key Drops, SteamGifts]
● Also a chance for you to be a part of a growing sponsored Organization

Intrested in joining E.S.S. Gaming?

We are always looking for new members, clans, guilds, teams to join our Organization, head over to our website and submit an application. Feel free to join us on Teamspeak and Discord, links on our website.[]

Officially Sponsored By

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🎮 Digital Games Hub 'Save on the latest Games, Deals and Bundles'

* E.S.S. Gaming supports many developers/greenlight developers and their games, for developers, if you want your game promoted or beta tested. Please contact *

'Joining our Steam group does not permit you to represent E.S.S. Gaming Organization. If you wish to be a part of us, Please visit our website and submit an application!'
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Johnboy8078 Sep 23, 2016 @ 3:00pm 
Possibly favouritism. :steamhappy:
Asimov Sep 23, 2016 @ 5:27am 
Making Brutal player of the week!!! Must clearly be a mistake, since i dont see Pokemon Go on the list of games ;-)