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13. lokakuuta 2012
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10 Years With DFS

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Das Boote 17.10.2022 klo 19.48 
Was a regular member around 2015-2016. Thank you guys for some damn good memories from then and happy 10!
spade 14.10.2022 klo 15.25 
i might come visit again soon during these events. i loved every moment i've been on this server, for as long as i can remember lol. cheers! :HatHealth::HatHealth:
Relaxed Stuntman 13.10.2022 klo 13.25 
I may not be an avid TF2 player anymore, let alone an ex-regular on the server, but I'm so bloody glad that this server is still going strong and reached a decade! It warms my heart actually, I'll have to visit again at some point.
Happy 10th anniversary, DFS!
Axl™ (Christmas Special) 13.10.2022 klo 12.28 
btw can yall optimize tm_stadium, since I have a low-end PC that cannot handle that map and it crashes every time I try to join, can yall fix that? :(
Axl™ (Christmas Special) 13.10.2022 klo 12.24 
Sheeeeesh they back
sas boi succer 13.10.2022 klo 12.03 
Oh man I've not been in a while on the DFS server as of 2016 or 2017, loved hanging out will you all. Might visit again soon.
Disp 13.10.2022 klo 9.53 
Really nice to see old faces around again, hope you've all been doing well!
Rotanim 13.10.2022 klo 9.40 
Happy 10th Anniversary everyone. Hope you are all doing well.

pooploser69 13.10.2022 klo 9.31 
I've been playing on these servers for such a long time now, it's always nice to see that this community is still alive and kicking. Here's to another 10 years of DFS!

- HatlessMann
Igor 13.10.2022 klo 9.11 
winner winner chicken dinner