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Dispenz0r's Fun Server
October 13, 2012
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DFS: The Finale

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Marteun Mar 10 @ 4:31pm 
late but thanks for memories
I was not munch active in DFS
Thanks for all the memories.
chief mani Feb 2 @ 1:54pm 
god server :')
Pixel Feb 2 @ 12:35pm 
[DFS] Derpy Sponge Feb 2 @ 10:50am 
oh no, I just reentered the server after years...
Worst of all, I never got to make Reasons to play in DFS 666 due to computer problems and interesting things not happeing...
But hey, at least I got to be with you guys one final time. I'll just have to find another server with my favorite abstract maps. somewhere...

Thank you for all such great memories, Dispenz0r.
_tb Feb 2 @ 5:22am 
Lune Feb 1 @ 11:07pm 
aw man, sad to see DFS go. Been here since 2013 and had the greatest times in my TF2 playtime, thanks for the memories. hope to make it on the event
Madness Feb 1 @ 12:30pm 
I wasn't a frequent visitor, yet it breaks my heart to see another TF2 community come to an end. Fully understandable on your end though. Cherish the memories yall and support those lunatics still putting effort into active projects you might know and enjoy! :cozytf2mug:
folded bamhurger style Feb 1 @ 11:05am 
been here for about a decade, watching the server grow and evolve. man... this is truly the end of an era :(
Frautix Feb 1 @ 8:51am 
Im glad i got to experience the golden age of the server, some of the best times i've had in tf2. Rest in peace DFS